How to Turn Up Volume on Roku TV Without Using A Remote

Make your streaming experience better than before!

Did your Roku TV remote suddenly stop working just when you needed to turn up the volume on Roku TV for your favorite show? There’s no need to worry because your Roku TV comes with smart features without the need to even touch the volume button on Roku TV. Yes, you heard that right! Learn how to turn up volume on Roku TV without using a remote and make sure you get the best streaming experience. Let’s binge-watch like a pro!

How to Turn Up Volume on Roku TV Without Using A Remote

How to Turn up the Volume on Roku TV Without Using A Remote

Now, grab some popcorn and watch your shows uninterrupted with the options we have showcased below!

Method 1: Use Volume Buttons on Roku TV

Roku TV also has volume buttons on either side of the power button. So simply inspect your TV and locate these buttons to easily adjust the volume on your Roku TV.

Method 2: Via Roku Mobile App

Roku TV has developed its official app to enhance the experience of its users. If your remote ever stops working, you can easily download the app and can operate your TV using the Roku Mobile app.

Before using the mobile app, make sure your smartphone and Roku TV are connected with the same Wi-Fi connection, and then follow these easy steps to turn up the volume using the App:

1. Open the Roku Mobile App.

2. Tap the Devices Icon present at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap on the Name of your Roku TV.

4. Tap the Remote Icon at the top of the screen.

tap on remote

5. Use the volume up and down buttons to adjust the volume of your Roku TV.

tap on volume up and down buttons

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Method 3: Via Voice-Command

If you are too lazy to come off your bed to use physical buttons on Roku TV and looking for some other solution, Roku TV has got its users covered with the voice command feature. Enable the voice command feature on your Roku TV and give a command to your Roku TV by saying, Hey, please turn up the volume.

How Can You Enable Voice-Command On Your Roku TV?

Before using the voice-command feature, you have to set up a few things to operate your TV using voice commands. First, get a Roku remote with a voice command option. If this option is missing on your Roku remote, then you can use the Roku App to do the same. 

Note: Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on Roku TV and the hands-free button on remote is toggled on.

1. Press and hold the Bluetooth button at the back of the remote for 5 seconds.

2. Select I understand and choose Continue on Roku TV screen.

choose Continue

3. Choose Finish.

choose Finish

Once you enable voice control on your Roku TV, you can operate your Roku TV without a remote anytime. Also, you can disable this feature by just toggling off the hands-free button on the side of the remote.

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We hope you’re feeling relieved now about how you can turn up the volume on your Roku TV without a remote. While there are various methods to operate your TV, we still recommend you take care of your physical remote and keep extra batteries at home so you won’t need to search for alternative ways to operate your TV.

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