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How to Turn Off Direct Share on Android

The Direct Share feature, enabled on your Android phone, scans for devices and apps to share with. But it can drain your device’s battery and increase vulnerability to attacks. Additionally, it can annoy you by frequently popping up whenever you select the Share option. This article aims to help you turn off the Direct Share option on your Android phone, allowing you to share content according to your preference.

How to Turn Off Direct Share on Android

How to Turn Off Direct Share on Android

You may have a long list of Direct Share recipients if you often share media or other content from your phone. As it is convenient, it can also cause you to send the desired content to the wrong people. So, let’s see how to avoid this by disabling the Direct Share option.

Quick Answer

You can turn off the Direct Share feature on your Samsung phone by accessing the Settings > Advanced features menu and toggling off the Direct share option.

What is Direct Share on My Android?

Direct Share is a feature on Android that allows you to share content with specific contacts without opening a separate app. When you see something interesting on social media, you can share it easily via Direct Share. You can select the photos, videos, and other files as a Direct Share target, and the photos, videos, or other files will be shared automatically with them. This content can be shared privately or publicly, depending on the platform. When you share something, you will see a list of contacts and apps they can share directly with.

The Direct Share feature can be easily accessed on Samsung and LG phones. Samsung users have one more feature for sharing photos, videos, etc., directly via Quick Share. However, if you compare both features, Quick Share is less convenient than Direct Share. Direct sharing will be helpful if a user wants to quickly and easily share content with a specific person or group. It will not be helpful for those users who want more flexibility regarding whom they can share content.

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How to Turn Off Direct Share on Android?

Direct Share is a feature of Android that helps you to share it quickly with the desired person. But when the Direct Share feature is turned on, it makes it easier for hackers to hack your Android device as they can scan through all of the apps on your device that can be shared with others.

So, you can turn off Direct Share option to prevent that by following these given steps:

Note 1: The Direct Share feature might not be available on all Android devices. It can only be accessed easily through phone settings on Samsung Galaxy and LG phone devices.

Note 2: Since Android smartphones do not have the same Settings options, they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Hence, ensure the correct settings before changing any on your device. These steps were performed on Samsung phone, as shown in the illustrations below.

1. Open the Settings of your Samsung phone.

2. Now, tap on the Advanced features option.

Now, tap on the Advanced features.

3. Then, turn off the toggle for the Direct share option for your Android phone.

turn off the toggle for the Direct share optionturn off the toggle for the Direct share option


In this article, we have given you complete detail and information on how to turn off Direct Share Android. If you still have any queries or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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