Should You Upgrade to Android 14?

Explore the pros and cons before making the leap to upgrade.

Google releases a new version of Android almost every year. So this year 2023, will there be Android 14? If you are an Android user and like technology, especially when it is about smartphones, you might ask this question. And if there will be a new version of Android 14, does it worth the wait? Should you upgrade to Android 14? We will try to answer all these queries. So, let’s dive in!

Should You Upgrade to Android 14?

Should You Upgrade to Android 14?

It depends. If you are talking about the developer preview option, we will advise you to only install it in a spare phone as it comes with bugs.

Will There be Android 14?

The short answer is Yes! However, the question is somewhat wrong because a new version, Android 14, is already in the Developer Preview mode. What is developer preview? It means that this Android version still has some bugs and was only released for the developers. Google released a beta version for every Android before making it live for the normal user.

However, if you have a Google Pixel phone then you can download the developer version now. It is available to download in only selected models. They are,

If you have one of these phones, sure you can have a small bite of the Upside Down Cake.

Android 14 Developer Preview

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Google Will Get Diabetes!

Almost every year, Google releases an Android version. However, do you know what are the similarities between them? They all are given names after a sweet, except the first Android, Android 1.0. It first came in the HTC Dream smartphone and launched in 2008. From version 1.5, also known as Cupcake, naming each version after sweet began.

Actually, Google hasn’t given any official reason for naming the Android version in such a way. The new version of Android is called Upside Down Cake!

Android 14, Does It Worth the Wait?

Yes! Certain features make this Android 14 special. Upside Down Cake can come with the option to delete preinstalled apps which is some of the most awaited features along with:

However, we cannot say for sure that they will certainly include them in the stable version. But hope for the best. So yes, you should wait for the Android 14, and if your device has promised the update, it is worth it.

Expected Release of Android 14?

The expected release of the Android 14 is August 2023. However, we cannot say for sure as there is no official declaration about it from Google.


We hope after reading this article, you are clear on your should you upgrade to Android 14 query. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know. Save our site to your bookmark for future reference. Thank you for reading!

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