How to Setup and Use ProBot on Discord

Know everything about ProBot and make your streaming experience better!

Does managing your server prove to be difficult on Discord? It involves multi-tasking and responding to multiple users. While in the process, each user will receive a varied experience on your server that can lead to less interest in interacting with other users. If you are facing these issues, then ProBot is the answer. While being a moderation bot, it is a lightweight bot with simple functions that are powerful. If you want to know how to setup and use ProBot on Discord, then read this article to find out.

How to Use ProBot on Discord

How to Setup and Use ProBot on Discord

ProBot is a multi-purpose discord bot that includes auto-moderation and auto-responding capabilities, it is a recent entry to discord bots, read our article below to know more about the bot. It is easy to set up and use ProBot, follow the steps below to do so:

1. First, visit the official ProBot website.

2. Click on Add To Discord.

Click on Add to Discord button | how to use ProBot discord

3. Now, choose the server to which you want to add the bot and click on Continue.

Now, choose the server to which you want to add the bot to and click on Continue

4. Now, click on Authorize.

Now, click on Authorize

5. Tick I am human and complete the captcha if required.

Complete the captcha if required | how to use ProBot discord

You have successfully added ProBot! If you want more control over ProBot, then you may need commands. Here, we use one command for demonstration. Read the command list heading to learn about all ProBot commands

1. Go to your discord account and go to the server to which you have invited ProBot.

2. Type the command and hit Enter. Here, we used /profile command to see the profile of a user

Here we used /profile command to see the profile of a user

/profile shows a user Lvl, rep, and their credits.

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ProBot Discord Commands

Take a look at these ProBot commands to get even more control over your hands:

I. General Commands

Command Function
credits Shows your or somebody else’s balance
rep Awards someone a reputation point. Can only be used once every 24 hours
moveme Moves you to another voice channel
color Changes your color on the server
colors Lists you all the available colors
short Shortens a URL
roll Rolls dice

II. Leveling Commands

Command Function
profile Views your or someone else’s customizable personal global profile card
rank Lets you view your rank card or someone else’s rankcard in the server
top Displays the top members by text or through voice message
title Changes your profile title
setxp Sets the user’s xp
setlevel Sets the user’s level

III. Info Commands

Command Function
user Shows information about the ID and join date, of a user
avatar Gets a user’s avatar
server Shows information about the server
roles Gets a list of server roles and the member counts

IV. Moderation and ProBot Commands for Music

Command Function
setnick Changes the nickname of a member
ban Bans a member
unban Unbans a member
kick Kicks a member
vkick Kicks a member from one of the voice channel voice channels
mute text Mutes a member in a text channel and disables their text permission
unmute text Unmutes a member
mute voice Mutes a member so they can’t speak in voice channels
unmute voice Unmutes a member from voice channels
timeout Timeouts a member
untimeout Removes a timeout from a member
clear Cleans up channel messages
move Moves a member to another available voice channel
role Adds/removes role(s) for a member
points Points that are based on the server that is awarded by the moderator
warn Warns a member
warn_remove Removes the set warnings for the user or server
warnings Gets the list of warnings for the user or server
lock Disables @everyone to send messages in specific channels
unlock Allows @everyone to send messages in specific channel
setcolor Changes role’s color by hex codes
slowmode Disables or enables slowmode on a specific channel
reset Resets text or voice or invite XP points for all or specific members

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Features of ProBot

ProBot offers various features that make moderation on your server easier. Read below to learn more:

  • The welcome screen is a feature that will welcome each user when they join your server. You can create custom welcome screen images and background images so your users can have a unique welcome.
  • When you want to Embed a message within a channel, ProBot will allow you to do so with an editable feature to edit already written embed messages.
  • Reaction roles let users click on what role they want with a simple click. You can react with simple messages to get a role.
  • Active and engaged members will be rewarded with special privileges by giving them access to new functions within the channel.

What is ProBot Dashboard?

Probot homepage | how to use and setup ProBot discord

The ProBot Dashboard is where your server’s setup resides at its core. For controlling all modules and tasks, it offers a simple user interface. It is easy and simple to access the ProBot Dashboard. You can follow the below steps:

1. To access your account, go to the ProBot website.

2. Click on Login and log in using your credentials.

click on login

Note: If you have logged in to Discord on your browser, click on Dashboard on the ProBot homepage.

click on dashboard

And that’s it, you will be able to use ProBot across your servers!

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Why is ProBot a Powerful Bot?

ProBot qualifies as a lightweight bot but it doesn’t imply that it is without its strengths. Read more to know about this.

  • Unlike many other moderation bots currently in the market, ProBot doesn’t incorporate very detailed functions. In layman’s terms, applying a simplified interface can appeal to moderators for its simplicity.
  • The features offered by ProBot may seem lacking but only the essential features are inserted which can appeal to beginner users.
  • Along with its usual features, ProBot Premium offers enhanced protection to all of your servers.
  • Whenever a user wants to expand their skills, they can try ProBot Premium tier 2 which includes a custom bot to create a bot that personifies your server.

We hope you were able to set ProBot using our article on how to use ProBot on Discord. Keep reading articles like these to gain more knowledge on Discord bots. If you face any issues regarding, setup, use, or other issues, then please drop a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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