How to See Recently Watched Reels on Facebook

Explore your recent Reels journey on Facebook!

Facebook Reels has become a popular feature for discovering entertaining and engaging short videos.

Whether you stumbled upon a hilarious comedy or an insightful tutorial, remembering the recently watched ones can be challenging.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to see and organize recently watched Reels on Facebook to help you curate your favorite content easily.

how to see recently watched reels on Facebook

How to See Recently Watched Reels on Facebook

If you’ve been wondering whether it’s possible to view the Facebook Reels you recently watched, then you don’t have a specific History option to do so.

However, there are two workarounds under which you can view the reels you recently watched only:

  • If you saved the reel video you were watching
  • If you liked the reel video

Also, before we move on to the methods, remember that the next time you come across engaging, funny, educational, or informative content, consider liking, saving, or commenting on those Reels.

This simple action can save you from the hassle of trying to find a reel video you enjoyed.

Option 1: On Android and iPhone

Follow the below steps to see recently watched Reels on the app:

1. Open the Facebook app on your Android or iPhone.

2. Go to your Profile and tap on Reels.

3. Now, tap on Liked to access the Reels you’ve watched and liked.

Note: If you want to watch the saved Reels, then tap on Saved.

tap on saved or liked

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Option 2: On PC

You can find your recently liked or saved Reels on the Facebook web version.

1. Open Facebook on your PC and log into your account.

2. Go to your account settings and scroll down to select Activity log.

3. Select Videos you’ve watched from the list.

4. Select Videos you’ve watched > Comments and Reactions menu.

5. Now, select Likes and reactions to access all the Reels you’ve liked and watch them again.

Note: If you have commented on the Reels, then you can select Comments to access the history.

select Likes and Reactions

How to Organize Watched Reels on Facebook

Once you’ve located your favorite Facebook Reels, the next step is to organize them for better management.

Whether you’re using your mobile or working on your desktop computer, these guidelines will help you arrange the content you love, making it simpler to find later on.

Option 1: On Android and iPhone

Follow the below steps on the app to organize recently watched Facebook Reels:

1. Tap on Reels on your Facebook profile and access the Liked Reels from there.

2. Now, tap on three dots and choose Save reel to gather these Reels in an organized collection.

chosoe save reel | organize watched reels on Facebook

Now, you’ll find these reels in the Saved section.

Option 2: On PC

You can also add your favorite Facebook Reel to a collection on the web version.

1. Go to the Activity log page.

2. Click on Videos you’ve watched option

3. From there, open a video and tap on three dots in the corner.

4. Select Save Video and finally choose the collection where you want to keep the video.

add reel to collection

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What is the Importance of Tracking Watched Content?

Tracking your watched content on Facebook is important depending on your individual needs and how you use the platform.

Here are some potential benefits of keeping track of your watched content:

  • Rediscover content that you enjoyed but can’t remember its name by checking your history to easily find it again
  • Get insights into the types of content you tend to engage with, which can help you understand your interests and preferences better
  • To personalize recommendations, potentially leading to content you might genuinely enjoy

Can You View a Complete List of Watched Reels on Facebook?

Facebook does not offer a feature that allows you to view a complete list of watched Reels straightforwardly.

However, focusing on Reels you actively interacted with (liked and commented) might be a more manageable and relevant way to revisit content you enjoyed.

How to Clear Recently Watched Reel History on Facebook

Facebook doesn’t offer a specific option to delete your recently watched Reel history directly.

However, you can take a few general steps to clear the videos you’ve watched, which may include recent Reels you’ve watched.

1. Open Facebook on your phone and tap on your profile icon.

2. Scroll down and select Settings & Privacy.

3. Then tap on Privacy Shortcuts.

4. Swipe down and tap on Access your information under Your Facebook Information heading.

5. Tap on Your activity across Facebook and swipe down to select Videos you’ve watched.

6. Now, tap on the three dots near each video and tap on Delete to delete it.

tap on delete | how to see recently watched reels on Facebook

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How to Retrieve Watched Reel History on Facebook

The platform currently doesn’t offer a centralized location where you can see every single Reel you’ve ever watched.

Learning how to see recently watched reels on Facebook can help you understand your content choice and collect important reels easily.

Stay tuned to Techcult for more such feature-related guides.

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