How to Restart Valorant Riot Client in Windows 10

Valorant is a very popular FPS game among the PC gamers. While playing this game you may face error message stating to restart the Valorant game client. This is a common issue when you install the game and try to launch it for the first time. In this article, we bring to you a perfect guide that will teach you how to restart Valorant Riot client in Windows 10. So, continue reading to know how to do so.

How to Restart Valorant Riot Client in Windows 10

How to Restart Valorant Riot Client in Windows 10

One of the best 5 v 5 First Person Shooter (FPS) PC game is Valorant. It is developed by Riot Games. This games has many maps and various guns which is very fun to play with. However, while running the game for the first time or if you have got a game update, you may face error to restart Valorant game client. Riot Client will state that your game requires a system restart to play.

valorant riot games game requires a system restart to play

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Method 1: Force Quit Riot Client

The most basic thing that you can do is close the app. This may be a temporary bug with the game. So, if you close the app and restart the system, then it may solve the problem. Here are the steps to force quit Riot Client on Windows 10.

1. Hit the Alt + F4 keys together to close the Riot client.

2. Then, reboot the PC.

3. After restarting the PC, you can launch the Valorant game as administrator.

Run Valorant games as administator. How to Restart Valorant Riot Client

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Method 2: End Riot Client Process

Another method to restart Riot client is by ending the running processes from Task Manager and rebooting the PC. Following are the steps to end the Riot Client process. After closing the process you can restart Riot client after your restart your system. Following are the steps to do so.

1. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys simultaneously.

2. Select Task Manager option.

click on Task Manager

3. Here, go to the Processes tab.

4. Now, right-click on the Riot Client process.

select riot client in task manager

5. And select the End task option.

Select End task

6. Finally, reboot the PC, then relaunch the game as administrator.

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Method 3: Update Device Drivers

If you are facing any compatibility issue with the Riot Client on your PC, then updating the device drivers will solve this problem. Drivers updates helps to fix bugs and errors with your driver. Follow our guide to update device drivers on Windows 10.

Update the NVIDIA Graphics driver on your PC

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Method 4: Contact Riot Games Support

Lastly, if non of the above methods restart Riot client, then you can visit the Riot Games support page to fix the issue that you are facing with the game.

1. Navigate to Riot Games support page.

Riot Games Support page. How to Restart Valorant Riot Client in Windows 10

2. Select the Valorant game and click on SUBMIT A TICKET option.

click on submit a ticket option in the valorant support page

3. In the Valorant Support page, fill up the form.

valorant support page. How to Restart Valorant Riot Client in Windows 10

4. Here, CHOOSE A REQUEST TYPE from the drop-down menu.

choose a request type in valorant support page

5. Enter the Required details in the form given.

valorant support page submit a request form. How to Restart Valorant Riot Client in Windows 10

6. Finally, click on SUBMIT.

click on submit button to submit a request in valorant support


We hope that this article was helpful and you were able to know how to restart Riot client to launch Valorant. Please feel free to drop your queries and suggestions via the comment section given below. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

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