How to Reset ViewSonic Monitor

Get your ViewSonic monitor back on track with a quick reset.

Your visual experience can be greatly affected by your display settings. If you’ve made unintended changes to your ViewSonic monitor settings and want to return them to their original state, you might be wondering if you can do it. The good news is that you can indeed reset its settings to their factory defaults. In this article, we will explain how to reset a ViewSonic monitor to its factory settings and enhance your viewing experience.

How to Reset ViewSonic Monitor

How to Reset ViewSonic Monitor to Factory Default Settings

Poor display quality or performance problems may be caused by incorrect or unexpected settings. You can start over and calibrate the monitor to your preferences for the optimum viewing experience if you know how to reset it to its factory defaults. If you wish to reset your ViewSonic monitor to its factory default settings, there are three methods you can use. They are as follows:

Method 1: Button Combination Reset

1. Turn OFF your ViewSonic monitor using the AC power button.

2. Locate the + or Up button on the monitor.

3. Press and hold the Plus/Up and Power buttons simultaneously.

4. While holding the buttons, switch ON the AC power button.

5. Continue holding the buttons until the message All Reset appears on your monitor screen.

6. Release all the buttons and set your ViewSonic settings as desired.

It is how you can reset your ViewSonic monitor.

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Method 2: Use On-Screen Menu on Model with 1, 2 Button Layout

1. Press the 1 button to open the menu on your ViewSonic monitor.

2. Use the Arrow buttons to navigate down and select MEMORY RECALL.

Use the Arrow buttons to navigate down and select MEMORY RECALL

3. Switch ON your monitor and press the Menu/Enter button from the front.

4. Use the + and buttons to enter the Special option followed by Reset.

Your ViewSonic monitor will automatically restore settings to the factory state.

Method 3: Use On-Screen Menu on Monitors with Button Panel on Backside

1. Locate the button panel on the backside of your monitor to get into this method to reset the ViewSonic monitor.

2. Press the second button from the top to open the menu.

3. Use the arrow buttons to switch to the Setup Menu tab in the on-screen menu.

4. Select the Memory Recall option.

Setup Menu - Memory Recall

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We hope that this article has assisted you in understanding how to reset a ViewSonic monitor to factory settings. Now, feel free to apply these steps and enjoy a fresh start with your monitor. If you’re encountering any issues or have additional questions or suggestions, share them in the comments section. We wish you a trouble-free reset process!

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