How to Remotely Control an Android Phone

Android is popular for its user-friendly, customizable, and versatile features. One of the amazing features of an Android smartphone is that you can remotely control it using a PC or another Android device. This is a great feature as its benefits are manifold. Imagine your Android smartphone runs into some trouble and you need professional assistance to fix it. Now instead of taking your device down to a service center or struggling to follow instructions over a call, you can just grant remote access to the technician and he will fix it for you. Apart from that, business professionals who use multiple mobiles, find this feature very convenient as it allows them to manage all devices at the same time.

In addition to that, there are certain instances where you need remote access to someone else’s device. Although doing so without their consent is not right and a breach of their privacy, there are a few exceptions. For example, parents can take the remote access of their kids’ smartphones and tablets to monitor their online activity. It is also better to just take remote access to our grandparent’s devices in order to help them as they are not that tech-savvy.

How to remotely control an Android phone

Now that we have established the need and importance of remotely controlling an Android smartphone, let us look at the various ways to do that. Android supports a number of apps that allow you to take control of mobiles and tablets with the help of a PC or another Android device. All that you need to do is make sure that the PC client of the app is installed on a computer and both the devices are synced and there is a stable internet connection. So, without any further ado, let’s take a deeper look at all these apps and software and see what they are capable of.

How to Remotely Control an Android Phone

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer | Best Apps to Remotely Control Android Phone

When it comes to remotely control any device, there is hardly any software that is more popularly used than TeamViewer. It is supported on all operating systems like Windows, MAC, and Linux and can be easily used to remotely control Android smartphones and tablets. In fact, if a connection is established between any two devices then TeamViewer can be used to remotely control one device with the other one. These devices can be a couple of PCs, a PC and a smartphone or tablet, etc.

The best thing about TeamViewer is its simple interface and ease of use. Setting up and connecting the two devices is pretty simple and direct. The only pre-requisites are that the app/software is installed on both devices and both of them have a fast and stable internet connection. One device assumes the role of the controller and gets complete access to the remote device. Using it via TeamViewer is exactly the same as physically possessing the device. In addition to that, TeamViewer can be used to share files from one device to the other. There is the provision of a chat box to communicate with the other person. You can also take screenshots from the remote Android device and use them for offline analysis.

2. Air Droid


Air Droid by Sand Studio is another popular remote viewing solution for Android devices that is available for free on Google Play Store. It offers a number of remote-control options like viewing notifications, replying to messages, playing mobile games on a larger screen, etc. Additional features like transferring files and folders require you to get the paid premium version of the app. This also allows you to use the Android phone’s camera to remotely monitor the surroundings.

Air Droid can be easily used to remotely control an Android device from a computer. You can either use the desktop app or directly log on to “” to gain remote access to the Android device. The desktop app or the website will generate a QR code that you need to scan using your Android mobile. Once the devices are connected you will be able to remotely control your mobile using a computer.

3. Apower Mirror

Apower Mirror | Best Apps to Remotely Control Android Phone

As the name suggests, this app is essentially a screen-mirroring application that also allows complete control over a remote Android device. You can use a computer, a tablet, or even a projector to remotely control an Android device with the help of Apower Mirror. The app allows you to record whatever is happening on the Android device. Basic remote-control features like reading and replying to SMS or any other internet messaging app is possible with Apower Mirror.

The app is primarily free to use but has a paid premium version as well. The paid version removes the watermark which would otherwise be present in the screen recordings. The connection and set up is also pretty simple. All that you need to do is install the desktop client on a computer and scan the QR code generated on the computer via the Android device. Apower mirror also allows you to connect your phone to a computer or projector via a USB cable in case an internet connection is not available. The Android app can be easily downloaded from the Play Store and you can click on this link to download the desktop client for Apower Mirror.

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4. Mobizen


Mobizen is a fan-favorite. It is a unique set of intriguing features and its uber-cool interface made it an instant hit. It is a free app that allows you to seamlessly control your Android device remotely using a computer. All that you need to do is establish a connection between the Android app and the desktop client. You can also use a web browser to log in to Mobizen’s official website.

This app is best suited for streaming the contents of your Android phone on a bigger screen. Take for example streaming photos, videos, or even your gameplay so that everyone can see them on a bigger screen. In addition to that, you can easily share files from one device to the other using the drag and drop feature. In fact, if you have a touch-screen display on your computer, then the experience is greatly enhanced as you can tap and swipe just like using a normal Android smartphone. Mobizen also allows you to take screenshots and screen-record videos of the remote Android device with a simple click.

5. ISL Light for Android

ISL Light for Android | Best Apps to Remotely Control Android Phone

ISL Light is an ideal alternative for TeamViewer. Just by installing the respective apps on your computer and phone, you can remotely control your phone via a computer. The app is available for free on the Play Store and the web client is known as ISL Always-On and can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

Remote access to any device is permitted in the form of secured sessions that are protected by a unique code. Just like TeamViewer, this code is generated by the device that you wish to control (for e.g. your Android mobile) and needs to be entered on the other device (which is your computer). Now the controller can use the various app on the remote device and also easily access its contents. ISL Light also provides a built-in chat option for better communication. All you need is to have Android 5.0 or higher running on your mobile and you can use this app to live share your screen. At the end of the session, you can revoke admin rights, and then no one will be able to remotely control your mobile.

6. LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue

This app is popular among professionals as it helps them to get complete access to the remote device’s settings as well. The most popular use of this app is to check for problems and run diagnostics on an Android device remotely. The professional can take control of your device remotely and get all the necessary information required to understand the source of the problem and how to fix it. It has a dedicated Click2Fix feature that runs diagnostics tests to retrieve information about bugs, glitches, and errors. This greatly speeds up the process of troubleshooting.

The best thing about the app is that it has a simple interface and it is easy to use. It works on almost all Android smartphones, irrespective of their OEM and also on smartphones with custom Android build. LogMeIn Rescue also comes with a built-in powerful SDK that offers professionals to gain complete control over the device and fix whatever is causing the device to malfunction.

7. BBQScreen

BBQScreen | Best Apps to Remotely Control Android Phone

The primary use of this app is to screencast your device on a bigger screen or to a projector. However, it also doubles down as a remote-control solution that allows you to remotely control your Android device from a computer. It is a smart app that can detect any change in orientation in the remote device’s screen and reflect the same on the computer screen. It automatically adjusts the aspect ratio and orientation accordingly.

One of the greatest qualities of BBQScreen is that the quality of audio and video streams transmitted to the computer is Full HD. This ensures that you get the best experience while screencasting. BBQScreen works flawlessly on all platforms. It supports Windows, MAC, and Linux. Thus, compatibility is never going to be an issue with this app.

8. Scrcpy


This is an open-source screen mirroring app that allows you to remotely control an Android device from a computer. It is compatible with all major operating systems and platforms like Linux, MAC, and Windows. However, what set’s this app apart is that it allows you to control your device secretively. It has dedicated incognito features to hide the fact that you are remotely accessing your phone.

Scrcpy allows you to establish a remote connection over the internet and if that is not possible you can simply use a USB cable. The only pre-requisite to using this app is that you must have Android version 5.0 or higher and USB debugging should be enabled on your device.

9. Netop Mobile

Netop Mobile

Netop Mobile is another popular app for remotely troubleshooting your device. It is frequently used by tech professionals to gain control of your device and see what is causing all the problems. Its advanced set of features makes it a powerful tool in the hand of professionals. For starters, you can seamlessly transfer files from one device to the other in a jiffy.

The app has a built-in chatroom where you can communicate with the other person and vice-versa. This allows the tech support professional to talk to you and understand, exactly what is the nature of the problem while the diagnostics is going on. Netop Mobile has an optimized script scheduling feature that you can use to perform important tasks automatically. It also generates event logs that is nothing but a detailed record of what transpired during the remote access session. This allows the professional to analyze and debug the sources of errors after the session has ended and even if they are offline.

10. Vysor

Vysor | Best Apps to Remotely Control Android Phone

Vysor is essentially a Google Chrome add on or extension that you can use to easily mirror the screen of your Android device on the computer. It grants complete control over the remote device and you can use the apps, games, open files, check and reply to messages all with the help of the computer’s keyboard and mouse.

Vysor is a powerful tool that allows you to remotely access any device no matter how far away it is. It streams the display contents of your Android device is HD and the video quality does not deteriorate or pixelate even when casting on a big screen. This greatly improves the user experience. App developers have been using this app as a debugging tool by emulating various Android devices and running apps on them to see if there is any bug or glitch. Since it is a free app, we would recommend everyone to give it a try.

11. Monitordroid

Next in the list of apps is Monitordroid. It is a premium app that grants complete access to a remote Android device. You can browse through the entire contents of the smartphone and open any file that you want. The app also automatically collects location information and records them in an offline-ready log file. As a result, you can use to track your device as the last known location will be available even when the phone is not connected.

What makes it special is its set of unique and advanced features like remotely activated phone lock. You can lock your device remotely to prevent anyone else from accessing your personal data. In fact, you can even control the volume and camera on the remote device from your computer. Monitordroid grants access to the terminal shell and thus you will be able to trigger system commands as well. In addition to that actions like making calls, sending messages, using the installed apps, etc. are also possible. Finally, the simple and easy to use interface makes it possible for anyone to use this app.

12. MoboRobo

MoboRobo is the best solution if your main goal is to create a backup of your entire Android phone. It is a complete phone Manager that allows you to remotely control the various aspects of your phone using a computer. There is a dedicated one-tap switch that can initiate a complete backup for your phone. All your data files will be transferred to your computer in a matter of no time.

You can also install new apps on the remote Android device with the help of MoboRobo. In addition to that, transferring files to and from the computer is easily possible. You can share media files, upload songs, transfer contacts, etc. using the excellent management interface provided by MoboRobo. The best part about this very useful app is that it is completely free and works perfectly for all Android smartphones.

Now, the set of apps that we are going to discuss is a little different from the ones mentioned above. This is because these apps allow you to remotely control an Android phone using a different Android device. You do not need to use a computer to remotely control an Android phone if you are using one of these apps.

13. Spyzie


The first one on our list is Spyzie. It is a paid app that can be used by parents to monitor phone usage and the online activity of their kids. You can simply use your own Android device to remotely access and control your kid’s Android mobile. It was released quite recently and you will need Android 9.0 or higher to use this app. Spyzie flaunts a ton of new and exciting features like call logs, data exports, instant messaging, etc. The latest version even automatically scans your kid’s device for malicious content and notifies you about the same. It is supported by all major smartphone brands like Oppo, MI, Huawei, Samsung, etc.

14. Screen Share

Screen Share is a simple and convenient app that allows you to remotely view someone else’s screen. Take, for example, someone in your family needs some technical assistance; you can use Screen Share to remotely control their device using your mobile. You can not just view their screen but also communicate with them over voice chat and help them by drawing on their screen to make them understand.

Once the two devices are connected, you can choose to be the helper and the other person will have to choose the distributor option. Now, you will be able to remotely access the other device. Their screen will be visible on your mobile and you can take them through a step by step process and explain whatever doubts they have and help them out.

15. TeamViewer for Mobile

TeamViewer for Mobile | Best Apps to Remotely Control Android Phone

We started our list with TeamViewer and discussed how you can remotely control Android phones from a computer if both devices have TeamViewer. However, after the latest update TeamViewer also supports a remote connection between two mobiles. You can set up a secure remote access session where one Android mobile can be used to control a different Android mobile.

This is an amazing addition as there is hardly any app that beats the popularity of TeamViewer when it comes to remotely control another device. Its brilliant set of features like chat support, HD video streaming, crystal clear sound transmission, intuitive touch, and gesture controls, make TeamViewer an excellent choice to control one Android mobile with another.


We hope that you find this information helpful and you were able to remotely control an Android phone. Remotely controlling an Android device with a computer or another Android phone is a very useful feature. You never know when you might need to operate a device, whether your own or somebody else’s, remotely. This wide range of apps offers the ability to remotely operate an Android device, giving you a vast variety of choices.

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