How to Set Timer for Hands-free on Instagram

Let the timer count every moment as you excel in the art of hands-free content creation!

Stories take center stage for users to share moments of delight and self-expression with their followers. However, blurry videos usually ruin plans, don’t they? Fortunately, you can now create uninterrupted stories and reels with hands untied, unoccupied. How? This article will explain to you how to set and activate the timer for hands-free on Instagram. Let’s get started!

How to Set Timer For Hands Free on Instagram

How to Activate Timer on Instagram for Hands-Free Mode

Hands-free on Instagram makes it effortless to capture videos without having to keep the record button pressed manually. Hence you can record all your cooking tutorials, GRWM looks, or any other longer video for stories and Reels conveniently.

Sometimes you might need to place the phone ideally or pose well after hitting the record button in the Hands-free mode. In such situations, the Timer proves to be helpful, allowing you a few seconds before the actual recording starts. Let’s see how to set that for both Stories and Reels.

How to Record Stories Hands-Free with Timer on Instagram

Currently, Instagram offers a separate Hands-free mode option for users who want to record and upload video clips on Stories. Even though there is no direct Timer option here, there is a trick you can activate it.

1. Open Instagram on the device.

2. Tap on Your story at the top-left corner, followed by Camera.

3. Tap the downward pointing arrow on the left and select Hands-free.

select Hands-free

4. Tap and hold the record button for a second.

Tap and hold the record button for a second.

That’s it! The default timer for 3 seconds will start. 

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How to Record Reels Hands-Free with Timer on Instagram

Reels by default record hands-free. Currently, Instagram allows users to create a Reel video of lengths up to 90 seconds. Follow the steps to set a timer while creating Reels:

1. Open Instagram and tap on Your story at the top-left corner.

2. Now tap on REEL at the bottom, followed by Camera.

3. Tap on the Length icon on the left to set the duration of the REEL video.

4. Then tap the downward pointing arrow, followed by Timer.

Length icon and Timer for REEL

5. Now you can slide the bar to set the duration of the particular clip.

6. In the Countdown option, choose the duration of the timer. 

As of now, you can only choose 3 seconds or 10 seconds as the countdown period.

7. Tap on Set timer to activate it.

Tap on Set timer to activate it.

That’s it. Now when you start recording the clip, the countdown will start first before the actual recording.

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When to Record Hands-free on Instagram?

Recording hands-free on Instagram can be particularly useful when you want to create content without needing someone else to hold the phone. Additionally, it can be useful if you need to capture footage from a distance or for a prolonged period. Let’s look at some scenarios where the feature is most applicable:

  • Demonstration or Tutorials: Hands-free can be helpful when you’re showcasing a DIY project, cooking recipe, makeup tutorial, or any kind of step-by-step process.
  • Unboxing and Reviewing Products: Tech or beauty influencers and businesses know how helpful it is to record hands-free when they unbox items and provide reviews.
  • Fitness and Workouts: For someone who wants to create and post their workout routines, exercises, yoga poses, or fitness tips, this mode can help maintain proper form without needing to handle the device.
  • Dance or Choreography: Hands-free would help you set the device in such a way that your entire body is in the frame while you perform.
  • Travel Adventures: You can capture your experiences while exploring places without needing to hold the phone or the record button for an extended period.
  • Q&A sessions or Discussions: Hands-free recording lets you gesture naturally while speaking in question-and-answer sessions, explaining and discussing with your audience.

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We hope our guide helped you set the timer in Hands-free mode on Instagram. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, feel free to drop them in the comments box below. Stay connected to TechCult for more such tips and tricks.

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