How to Play GTA 5 RP on PS4

Auto ride your feet into the shoes of the grand cast for a role theft in the city of Los Santos!

As a multiplayer mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto, GTA RP (Grand Theft Auto Roleplay) allows players to soak themselves in this iconic open-world game. Instead of simply controlling one character, you have the opportunity to assume the roles of various personas ranging from criminals and law enforcement officers to ordinary citizens. Ultimately, this adds depth and excitement to the storytelling and role-playing gameplay. But the question that remains to be asked is – can you play GTA RP on PS4 and if yes, then how to? Read more to find out!

How to Play GTA 5 RP on PS4

How to Play GTA RP on PS4

GTA’s player-driven gameplay engages players in unpredictable narratives. GTA RP is noticeably different from the standard version. Players who jump into one of the user-created RP servers get into roleplaying, which directly affects how other players and NPCs operate & behave in the game. 

Grand Theft Auto Roleplay requires the installation of necessary mods such as FiveM and RageMP, which again allow the creation of isolated multiplayer mod-supporting servers. Hence, unfortunately, it is not possible for players to play this on PS4 without using mods and joining a private server. 

Wait, don’t lose your heart. There are some unofficial private servers like United Network Roleplay that allow players to roleplay on PS4. However, do note that they may not offer the same experience as the PC version. 

Let’s go through the steps now.

Note: Make sure you have a Discord account alongside the GTA V app on your PS4 console. Also, ensure your username on Discord matches the one you use on your PS4.

1. Search for a good Discord server such as the United Network Roleplay that allows GTA Roleplay. 

2. Click on Accept Invite and follow the onscreen instructions to join the server.

Click on Accept Invite

3. Click on the 》get started button in the welcome message.

Click on get started in the welcome message | How to play GTA RP on PS4

4. Now click on the green tick button to accept the age requirements.

5. In the WELCOME TO UNITED NETWORK tab, go to the 》server-rules and then to the 》code-of-conduct channels and go through the rules and regulations you need to maintain in the server.

6. Once read, go to the 》gta-roleplay-console channel where you will find an invite to a different server. Click on Join.

Click on Join

7. Click on Complete at the bottom.

8. Tick the checkbox next to I have read and agree to the rules and click on Submit.

Tick the checkbox next to I have read and agree to the rules and click on Submit. | How to play GTA RP on PS4

9. Move to the 》choose-console channel and click on the PS4 icon.

Move to the choose-console channel and click on the PS4 icon.v

10. Then move to the 》choose-deparetment channel and select the department you want to start roleplaying as. 

That’s it! Now you have to keep a check on the 》schedule channel for training sessions. For more details, you can also go through the training-server-announcements channel.

Once trained, you will be able directed to the main PS4 server for roleplay.

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Does GTA RP Work on PS4?

Yes, GTA V RP does work on PS4 platforms. However, the process to get on the game’s interface is different compared to the PC. You need to join a reputable Discord server and apply for roles to see if you get selected. 

Do You Need PS Plus to Play GTA RP on PS4?

Yes, users require PS Plus subscription to play GTA 5 RP on PS4 and PS5. There are a few tiers provided; each one allows you to receive more bonuses. You can get a membership directly through your PlayStation account or can purchase the premium version through prepaid cards.

Buying bundles is a cheaper alternative to directly purchasing through your account, and that too for a longer time. You can also buy download codes available on Amazon. However, occasionally, Sony and Rockstar also collaborate to temporarily cut off the need for PS Plus to play GTA online.

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Can Characters Get Paid in GTA RP?

Characters do get in-game money to purchase other things. However, this currency has no value in the real world. Characters can earn money through several ways. Some methods to acquire clean money include being hired at a workplace or even running a business. Users can also earn through backhanded methods like becoming criminals and robbing banks.

Is There an Age Limit to Play GTA RP?

The game doesn’t place an age limit for users. It does have some mature content such as killing and foul language so it isn’t suggested for children to play. However, servers may put down an age restriction depending on the kind of roles they provide.

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We hope our guide helped you play GTA RP on PS4. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, feel free to leave a comment for us in the box below. Stay tuned to TechCult for more such game-related information, tips, and tricks.

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