How to Know Who Deleted a Message on Instagram

Let's trace the identity of the sender who deleted a message on Instagram.

Instagram has not just been a photo and video-sharing platform as it also lets users interact with each other through direct messages. While its convenient messaging feature helps you communicate with your followers on the app globally, have you ever received a notification of a message, only to find that it has mysteriously disappeared? Whether intentional or unintentional, this can leave you bothered about who deleted the message on Instagram and how to know more about out it. Let’s find out if there is a way.

How To Know Who Deleted a Message on Instagram

Find Out Who Deleted a Message on Instagram

Instagram does not technically have a delete message feature, but users can unsend messages. While messaging on the platform is convenient, it does not provide a direct notification or feature to identify who unsent a message. Once a message is unsent, it is permanently removed from the conversation for both the sender and the receiver. The only way to catch them in action is if you have seen the message and the sender unsends it soon after.

Nevertheless, you can somewhat identify the individual who deleted a message if you have logged in to Instagram on your PC through the app or a browser. Follow the steps below: 

1. Press the Windows key + I to launch Settings on the PC.

2. Click on System in the left pane followed by Notifications in the right.

Click on System in the left pane followed by Notifications in the right

3. Scroll down and turn on Notifications for Instagram (via browser).

Scroll down and turn on Notifications for Instagram (via browser)

Now, whenever a message is unsent, the browser sends a notification. Moreover, this feature works for both recent and older messages. 

Instagram notification of unsent message on PC

Note: However, it might be hard to exactly identify who unsent the message until you have seen the notification of receiving it. You can go through all the notifications and check for the sender.

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 Can the Other Person See If You’ve Deleted a Message on Instagram?

No, like we read that Instagram does not send notifications when a message is unsent. Therefore, the other person will not be notified if you have deleted a message. However, if they had previously received a notification for your message and can no longer find it in their inbox, it may become apparent that you have deleted it.

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Lastly, we understand it is tricky and challenging to know who deleted a message on Instagram unless you happen to read the same through the notification upon receiving it. But this is how it is. Let us know your queries and suggestions in the comments box below.

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