How to Get Unlimited Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon Go

Remote raid pass is one of the features of the popular game Pokémon Go. This game uses your mobile’s GPS and clock to locate the player and the surrounding Pokémon. It enables the trainer to walk around in the real world to catch the Pokémon in the game. A Remote Raid Pass allows the players to come together and participate in 5-star battles. A Remote raid pass was included initially in 2020 to extend the existing Raid feature. Unlike the other features, this Remote Raid Pass is not easily available in PokéStops or Gifts. What if you can get Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass for free? Therefore, in this article, you will also find out how to get unlimited Remote Raid Passes. Also, you will learn how to get free Remote Raid Pass Pokemon Go and get Remote Raid Pass free.

How to Get Unlimited Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon Go

How to Get Unlimited Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is an adventurous role-playing game in augmented reality. The game is developed by Niantic Labs and has over 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store. It is meant for the 12+ age group. The game uses GPS tracking to allow the player to catch Pokémon and train them in real-life locations. The Pokémon appear when they are nearby and are captured when thrown a Pokéball at them. Also, you can play the game on your PC.

Pokemon Go on Google Play Store

What is Remote Raid Pass in Pokémon Go?

A Remote Raid Pass is a nifty product that enables you to take part in the raid. This feature allows the player to join the raid on the nearby screen from anywhere without the need to travel. Remote Raid Passes were put in place during the pandemic when people could not move out and meet others in groups. Five trainers can use a Remote Raid Pass to be in the same raid simultaneously.

You can make the best out of the Remote Raid Passes by joining the raid anywhere in the world when invited by a trainer. However, you can only join the raid when you are a friend of the trainer. A Pokémon’s power reduces when a Remote Raid Pass is used in one way. Further in the article, you will learn more about how to get free Remote Raid Pass Pokemon Go.

There are various types of raid passes available to you:

  • Premium Battle Pass
  • Remote Raid Pass
  • Free Raid Pass
  • EX Raid Pass

Note: You can have multiple Premium Battle Passes, unlike Free Raid Pass.

How to Get a Remote Raid Pass

Here are the following ways to get remote Remote Raid Pass free from the Pokémon Go Shop.

  • Four Remote Raid Passes are available by purchasing the Great box worth 1,400 PokéCoins.
  • One Remote Raid Pass is available by purchasing the Raid Box worth 699 PokéCoins.
  • You can also buy one Remote Raid Pass for 100 PokéCoins or a bunch of 3 for 300 PokéCoins.
  • You need to make an in-game purchase of a Boo Bundle using 2000 PokéCoins. The Boo Bundle can be used to obtain 3 Remote Raid Passes.
  • You get Pokémon Go Remote Raid Pass for free by completing specific quests or research tasks.
  • You can also use real-life money to purchase PokéCoins.
  • Another method to get Remote Raid Pass free is to go to the Event option in the in-game store. This allows you to purchase an Event Box for 1 Poke-Coin. The Event Box you purchase will give you some valuable items, and sometimes they will contain a free Remote Raid Pass.

Note: This method might not always be effective since the chance of you getting a free Remote Raid Pass can be quite low.

Now, we will see how to get unlimited Remote Raid Passes.

How to Get Unlimited Remote Raid Passes for Free

There are occasions when Pokémon Go trainers receive free event boxes. This requires the trainers to keep an eye on the game shop to see if the Remote Raid Pass is available with the other items. However, another way to get a free Remote Raid Pass is to purchase it with the PokéCoins you got for free. Let’s see how to get Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass for free.

  • You can take control of all the Gyms in your area.
  • Once you take control of the Gym, let a Pokémon stay there to defend.
  • Each hour the Pokémon fights earn you 6 PokéCoins.
  • Although this method is relatively slow for earning PokéCoins, saving over some time can help you trade Remote Raid Passes with PokéCoins earned for free.

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How to Use Remote Raid Pass

To begin with the process to get Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass for free, you will need to find access to the nearby screen on your mobile phone. The steps to get the pass are mentioned below:

1. Open the Pokémon Go game app on your mobile phone.

Open the Pokemon Go game app on your mobile phone

2. Tap on the silhouetted Pokémon on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Tap on the silhouetted Pokemon

3. Tap on the RAID option on the tab.

Tap on the RAID option on the tab

4. Tap on any of the ongoing raids to join.

5. Tap on the pink Battle option, which will display the number of passes you own.

Once you have completed this process, you can participate in the Remote Raid Battle and capture the Pokémon.

Note: The trainers should make sure they can quickly use the existing passes so that the free one does not get replaced if one becomes available, as you can only hold three passes at a time.

Why Should You Play Pokémon Go?

Here is why you shouldn’t miss playing Pokémon Go:

  • Pokémon Go is one of the most successful and popular games.
  • It has broken the record for fastest earning and the most downloaded gaming app.
  • It is a creative and award-winning game that works on augmented reality to come up with virtual creations in real-life scenarios.
  • The game is said to be good for the players as it exposes players to sunlight, makes them physically active, lets them explore nature, enhances social interactions, and provides training for the brain by improving cognitive skills like memory.


We hope our doc has guided you extremely well in learning how to get unlimited Remote Raid Passes on Pokémon Go for free and how to use them. Leave your queries or suggestions, if any, in the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

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