How to Get Unbanned from Facebook Marketplace

Get back in business and trade once again!

Facebook Marketplace is a hub for individuals and businesses to sell products to a large user base.

Being banned from this platform not only restricts you from engaging with your local community but also impacts your financial well-being.

Fortunately, there are a few potential methods to get unbanned from the Facebook marketplace. So, let’s dive in to regain access to the countless buying and selling opportunities.

How to Get Unbanned From Facebook Marketplace

How to Get Unbanned from Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace allows users to connect with local buyers and sellers. Whether due to a misunderstanding, violation of policies, or any other reason, it can harm your reputation when you get banned from the platform.

Here’s how to get the ban lifted:

Method 1: Review Facebook Commerce Policies and Submit an Appeal

It is important to understand the reason why your account may have been banned. 

Generally, Facebook bans accounts for violating their community guidelines. So, check the Facebook commerce policies and find out the reason. 

If you feel that the ban was made in error, you can appeal to Facebook to review your case and change their decision. Here’s how:

1. Click on the notification you received about the ban or navigate to the Facebook Marketplace.

2. Click on the Request Review option under the ban message.

Click on Request Review

You might need to wait for a few days until Facebook automatically reviews their decision and responds to you.

However, if the ban is still not lifted, here’s how to submit an appeal via Facebook’s appeal form:

3. Follow steps 1 and 2 as mentioned earlier. You may need to click the Request Review button repeatedly.

4. Once you’re redirected to a form, describe the issue in detail.

Be honest and make sure to write up truthfully. Appeal politely mention why you believe the ban was made mistakenly or why it should be removed.

5. Send the form and wait for Facebook to review the appeal. It might take a few days or weeks. However, waiting is the only option from here onwards.

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Method 2: Contact Facebook Support

If you feel that the appeal process is taking too long, you can contact Facebook support for further assistance:

1. Open Facebook, tap on the Menu icon, and then on the Help & support option.

2. Select Report a problem from the menu and then tap on Continue to report a problem.

tap on Continue to report a problem

3. Select either the Include or Don’t include option as preferred, and then choose Marketplace from the Select product page.

4. Describe the issue in the box provided, add attachments if any, and once done, tap on the Send icon.

If none of the above methods helped get your account unbanned on Facebook Marketplace, you might have to create a new account and start fresh. While it can be disadvantageous as you lose all your connections, you have a chance to rebuild your presence on the platform.

Can I Appeal a Permanent Ban from Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, it is possible to appeal against a permanent ban from the Facebook marketplace. However, whether the appeal is successful or not depends on the reason behind being banned and the proof you provided to support your appeal.

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Why Was My Facebook Marketplace Account Banned?

Some reasons why Facebook might have banned your account on Marketplace are:

  • Unusual Traffic: Facebook will suspend or ban your account if they notice unusual traffic on your account. It may suspect the use of bots if there is a sudden and unusual rise in the number of people who view your listed items on the Marketplace.
  • Multiple Reports of Misconduct: If you are selling items that go against Facebook community guidelines, such as guns or other sensitive items, or have been involved in scams, your account may receive negative feedback and reports from users, which can lead to a ban.
  • Violating Facebook Community Standards: Facebook doesn’t allow you to post your items on other pages or groups without permission. And if you engage in this behavior, your account may be banned.

How Long Does It Take to Get Unbanned from Facebook Marketplace

Officially, there is no specific time mentioned by Facebook that it takes to unban an account on Marketplace.

It is difficult to provide an exact idea for it, as their review team receives a huge number of requests daily to unban accounts, which can delay the process.  In most cases, it may take a few days to a week.

What to Do When Facebook Marketplace is Not Working?

If you are experiencing issues with your Facebook marketplace, try out these tips to get it working:

  • Re-login to Facebook to refresh your account settings and resolve any glitches.
  • Clear cache and data for the Facebook app
  • Update the Facebook app 
  • Change the regional settings to be able to access the marketplace and resolve the loading issues.
  • Contact Facebook support 

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How Can I Avoid Getting Banned on Facebook Marketplace in the Future

Here are some useful tips to prevent getting banned on the Facebook marketplace in the future.

  • Avoid selling sensitive items such as drugs, weapons, adult content, or any items that go against Facebook community guidelines
  • Ensure you provide an accurate description of the product you are selling to avoid receiving reports from buyers
  • Do not login to your account from multiple devices
  • Avoid using automatic tools like bots to create fake views or engagement
  • Engage only with potential buyers
  • Avoid any suspicious transaction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can Fixing My Banned Facebook Marketplace Account Increase Sales?

Ans. Yes, as you regain access to the platform and can continue selling your products to a larger audience once again, it can indeed increase sales on your account. 

Q2. How Long Does Facebook Marketplace Ban Last

Ans. The duration of a ban on Facebook marketplace can vary depending on the severity of the violation you committed. Typically, temporary bans last for around 1-14 days. However, if the violation is considered more serious, the ban can be extended for up to 30 days or also a permanent ban.

Q3. If My Appeal is Denied are there Other Steps I Can Take?

Ans. If your appeal to lift a ban on Facebook has been denied, you can try again and again, as there are no limits on the number of times you can request a review. You can also contact Facebook support for help.

We hope our guide helped you successfully get unbanned from Facebook Marketplace.

If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section below. Keep visiting TechCult for more helpful guides.

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