How to Get Redbox Receipts

Redbox is America’s entertainment capital. It is an American video rental company that was started by McDonald’s, where one can rent DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, and a lot more through retail kiosks. Generally, Redbox kiosks are red owing to their parent company’s signature and are located near pharmacies, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, etc. In America, no one can imagine his childhood and teenage years without Redbox. You may be well versed with Redbox services, but if you have trouble getting Redbox receipts, you are at the right place. Furthermore, in this article, you will find answers to your questions, like how to get Redbox receipts and return Redbox movie after 25 days. We will also help you with queries like how to buy Redbox movie and check Redbox rental history.

How to Get Redbox Receipts

How to Get Redbox Receipts

Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to get Redbox receipts in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

How Long are Redbox Rentals Online?

You can rent/buy Redbox movie from the Redbox kiosk itself. Apart from that, you can also rent it online. If the rental is a part of on-demand products, it expires after 30 days from the date of purchase. However, you have 48 hours for completion if you start watching the movie. Upon that, you won’t be able to watch it. You can even check your Redbox rental history for the expiry time.

Can You Return Redbox Movie After 25 Days?

Yes, but only after paying additional charges. In general, the maximum rental period for Redbox movies is 17 days or 23 days, depending on the area where you rent/buy Redbox movies. According to the official statement from Redbox, you have to pay the cost of daily rental in addition to the tax charges if you keep the movie with you for more than the rental period. So, you can return Redbox movie after 25 days by paying the additional charges. If you reach the maximum limit of fine, what they consider to be the purchase level (you need to pay the purchase price), you can keep the movie.

Can You Buy a Redbox Movie?

Yes! You can buy Redbox movies from the Redbox kiosks. You can look for the $3.99 titles and buy any pre-rented movie of your choice.

What Happens If You Return a Redbox Movie You Bought?

There is a unique feature in Redbox which allows you to return your movie or game to any Redbox machine in any part of the country. If you return the movie before 9:00 pm, you will be charged till that day. But if you return it after 9:00 pm, you will be charged for the next day too. So, if you return a Redbox movie that you’ve bought, you will have to pay the rent for the movie which is calculated up to the date of submission.

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Does Redbox Give You a Receipt?

Yes! Redbox gives you a receipt when you buy/return a movie or game but these receipts are not hard copies. If you wish to get a receipt for your transaction, you’ll have to enter your e-mail address when prompted. So, it’s entirely your choice to get a Redbox receipt or not. If you are unaware of how to get Redbox receipts, keep reading further to learn more.

How to Get Redbox Receipts?

As discussed earlier, Redbox receipts are not hard copies and can be received via e-mail. Here are the steps to be followed:

1. Browse and select the desired movies from the Redbox kiosk.

2. Buy or Rent the selected movie with the desired payment method.

3. Enter your e-mail address to get the Redbox receipt.

4. Confirm your entered email address.

5. You will receive your Redbox receipt within 48 hours of the transaction at your email address.

receipt | return Redbox movie after 25 Days

How Can You Check Your Redbox Rental History?

To check Redbox rental history, follow the steps given below:

1. Visit the Redbox website on your browser and Sign In to your account.

Visit the Redbox website on your browser and Sign In to your account | check Redbox rental history | return Redbox movie after 25 Days

2. Click on My Account from the left pane.

Click on My Account from the left pane | check Redbox rental history

3. Then, click on Transaction History to see your Redbox transactions.

This way, you can check Redbox rental history for the past 90 days from the date of the transaction.

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How Can You Check Your Redbox History? 

You can check your Redbox history by following the steps mentioned above..

Why Does Redbox Keep Charging Me?

There are some reasons why Redbox charges its users. If you find yourself in a situation where Redbox keeps charging you every day, and you want to find out the reason, you are at the correct place.

First of all, if you do not submit the movie/ game you bought from Redbox within the stipulated time, you will be charged additionally every day until you return it. Therefore, the basic reason is not returning the movie/game that you have rented. Read this article from the start to learn how to get Redbox receipts.

What Happens If You Never Return a Redbox Movie?

If you never return a Redbox movie that you have rented, you will face the consequences. First, there is a time limit for Redbox movies to be submitted that ranges from 17 to 23 days depending on the place where you live. When the deadline is crossed, you will be charged an additional amount as a fine for not returning in time. Even if you try to return it on the due date after 9:00 pm, you will be charged the due of one day as Redbox officially counts it as the next day if returned after 9:00 pm.

Likewise, the longer you keep the movie with you, the longer Redbox charges you. However, after a certain time referred to as the purchase time by Redbox, you will be charged the maximum price and you can keep the movie from here on. So, you basically buy Redbox movie.

How Can You Report a Bad Disc to Redbox?

For every company, customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect. From troubleshooting issues to addressing complaints, companies make everything easier for the customers, which results in greater credibility. Redbox also cares about its customers and hears from them. Officially, Redbox has its customer care support where users can call and report issues. You can complain about any problem that you face concerning Redbox, and their customer care representatives solve all the issues. If you receive a bad disc, you can contact Redbox and file a complaint that might refund the disc you found to be faulty or inoperative. To reach out to Redbox customer care, dial 866-733-2693.

What Can You Do If You Lose a Redbox Movie?

It is very common to forget about a few tasks in your busy life be it returning your favorite novel or one of your Redbook movies. What can you do in such a situation? First of all, you need to be aware of the rental terms and conditions from the confirmation e-mail that Redbox sends when you rent a movie. For your convenience, here are the terms:

  • For each day you keep a rental, you will be charged the nightly fee plus tax.
  • You have 25 days to return the movie before the system automatically charges you the purchase price of the disc ($25 plus tax for standard DVDs and $34.50 plus tax for Blu-ray Discs), and the movie is yours to keep.

This directly implies that you have to be ready to pay the bill calculated by the system as the purchase price. But the best thing you can do is contact the Redbox customer care service at 1-866-REDBOX3 (866-733-2693).


We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to find your Redbox receipts and if can you return Redbox movie after 25 days. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.

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