How to Get Old Discord Mobile UI Theme Back

It's time to get back to the basics on Discord!

Changes are good, but old is gold for a reason. Being a Discord user, you try different changes like fonts or themes for a new experience but sometimes you want to revert or stick with the default. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to get the old Discord mobile UI theme layout back. 

How to get old Discord mobile UI back

How to Get Old Discord Mobile UI Theme Back

Discord is famous for giving us time-to-time upgrades and new looks. But with the latest UI update, users are left annoyed and longing to get back their old theme. Earlier Discord provided a toggle option to tune back into the default settings but now it has also been removed. However, you can try using third-party sites to get the old Discord Mobile UI theme layout back. 

Note 1: We do not endorse third-party websites as they may expose your device to unwanted malware or viruses. User discretion is advised.

Note 2: Turn off your auto-updates in the Play Store to prevent your app from being updated to the new version.

1. Go to the APKmirror website and download a version of Discord that is no newer than 205.15 by tapping the download icon.

tap on download

2. After the APK is downloaded, tap on Install on the pop-up window.

Now, you can revert and use Discord UI in the old version.

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How to Use Old Discord Font

The Discord theme has currently changed from Whitney to GG Sans. There are different methods to be followed to revert and use the old Discord UI font. So, refer to the section below.

Method 1: From GitHub

Follow the steps mentioned below to use the old Discord Font using GitHub:

1. Open any browser and search Discord old font GitHub.

2. Scroll down and download the theme file on your device.

Note: You can also press Ctrl + Shift + S.

Download the theme file

3. Now, open the Discord app and click on the User Settings.

4. Click on Themes on the left panel and select Open Themes Folder to add your recently downloaded file.

Click on open themes folder

5. Click on Apply.

Discord will go back to the old font.

Method 2: Using Old Text Code

Follow the steps mentioned below to use the old Discord Font using Vencord.

1. Open the Discord > User Settings > Themes.

2. Click on Online Themes and paste the following in the text box: 

Note: If the above link does not work, then you can also try 

Paste theme link

3. Click on Apply.

Your font will be changed.

How to Get Old Discord Icon

The old and new Discord icons are opposite to each other. The platform behind this logo aims to reflect a modern look. The new log reflecting a fresh start is not yet acceptable by many users. So, follow the steps mentioned below to get the old Discord icon:

1. Open any browser on your device.

2. Search for any third-party online tool like GitHub and download the old Discord icon on your device.

3. Now, download it on your device.

4. Right-click on the Discord app on your PC and click on Properties from the drop-down menu.

5. Now, click on Change Icon.

Click on change icon

6. Click on Browse and select the Discord icon you saved. 

7. Click on Open > OK.

Your new icon will be changed. 

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New vs Old Discord: Know the Differences

Discord is a famous app that underwent a significant change in its UI changing its logo, theme, font, etc. The difference between the new and the old Discord is big, with the former being modern. In the section below, we’ll discuss the comparison between the new and old Discord. 

Differences New Discord  Old Discord 
Logo  The logo is more of a geometric design with a light blue background. The logo had a stylized D with a blue-purple background.
Font of logo  It’s less bold than before with no caps. Its font was specifically designed for Discord being bold and in all caps.
Font in app Gg Sans Whitney 
Layout  Everything is shifted to the left in the form of a list.  Everything was on the left side including the servers. There were navigation buttons instead of tabs. 
Tabs  Separate tabs for messages, notifications, and servers are available at the bottom. Navigation buttons were available with few tabs. 
Messages  A separate section of messages with a favorite conversation feature is provided.  It has no separate section for messages. 
Searching  Users can search for messages and pins and locate them within the app. Less searching options are available.

Now, you can get your old Discord mobile UI theme layout back and enjoy it just like you used to in the initial days. Keep reading our blogs for more information. 

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