How to Get NBA League Pass for Free

Unlock the thrill of NBA games without spending a dime.

Are you a passionate basketball enthusiast yearning to watch every NBA game? If that’s the case, you’ve landed in the right place. In this guide, we’ll help you figure out how to get NBA League Pass for free. Continue reading to discover all the steps for the same.

How To Get NBA League Pass for Free

How to Get NBA League Pass for Free

As the new season of the NBA League approaches, basketball enthusiasts might be eager to secure a free pass. Fortunately, you can now obtain a complimentary pass by following a few straightforward methods outlined below.

Method 1: Get Free Trial

Now you can get your regular-season NBA fix with the NBA League Pass, which is available seamlessly through Amazon Prime Video Channels. By becoming an Amazon Prime member, you gain access to exclusive channels and even choose your own as a benefit. 

1. Navigate to Amazon Prime Video Channel.

2. Select All Team Pass $14.99/month option.

Select All Team Pass $14.99/month option | How To Get NBA League Pass for Free

3. Log in to your account and choose a plan.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll need to enter your details to confirm your eligibility and add your payment information.

5. Add NBA League Pass to your channel. No cable is required.

Method 2: Use Third-Party Sites

There are plenty of websites that offer live streaming of NBA games free of charge, so if you’re on the hunt for some hoops action and don’t want to shell out any cash, you’re in luck!

1. Navigate to Streameast.

2. Click NBA/NBA Streams as you like. 

3. Choose the game you want to watch and enjoy.

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Method 3: Buy NBA League Pass at a Cheaper Price

Although NBA League Pass can be obtained for free by taking advantage of promotions or free trials, you can also save money by purchasing it at a discounted price. Coupert is a free tool that helps you find promo codes for websites and automatically apply them during checkout.

Note: We do not endorse or sponsor using third-party apps. Please use these apps at your own risk.

Is NBA League Pass Complimentary for Students?

No. Although Pass for the game is not free for students, they can still enjoy a fantastic student discount that makes the purchase more affordable. Students who qualify can get a 40% discount on the monthly subscription for a whole year.

Is NBA League Pass Free with Amazon Prime?

Although the Pass is available through Amazon Prime Video Channels, your Amazon Prime membership does not automatically grant you access to it. To those who qualify, Amazon offers a seven-day free trial of NBA League Pass. Simply visit the NBA League Pass hub on Prime to subscribe if you want to enjoy the game.

Can I Watch NBA League Pass Without Any Cost?

No, NBA League Pass is a paid service for basketball enthusiasts to see live games, replays, and highlights from any game. It also includes custom streams with home and away coverage and some classic games. Although there are methods to access NBA League Pass without charge, like utilizing free demos or promotions, please note that the service is not entirely complimentary.

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How Long Can I Use Free Trial for NBA League?

Normally, a free trial for the game is seven days long. Before deciding whether to subscribe, new customers can use the streaming service for free. However, please take note that the free trial’s accessibility varies by region and season.

We hope that our tutorial on how to get a free NBA League Pass has been useful to you. Follow the same to enjoy NBA games’ exciting thrill without having to spend a bunch. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries do share them in the comments below.

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