How to Fix HWID VPN Kick Error in Fortnite

Were you removed from the match while playing Fortnite due to VPN usage or any other reason? HWIP VPN kick error arises particularly in online games with strict-anti cheat measures. Game developers implement HWID bans as a measure to prevent cheaters and hackers from accessing their games.

So, the question arises, what leads to the HWID VPN kick error on Fortnite, and how to fix it? We will discuss all of it in today’s blog and also assess the legitimacy of the Fortnite permanent spoofer, a tool claiming to unban your PC for life.

Without wasting any time,  let’s get rid of the issue and step back into the Battle Royale action.

How to fix HWID VPN kick error in Fortnite

Causes of HWID VPN Kick Error in Fortnite and How to Fix

HWID i.e., Hardware ID is a unique identifier assigned to a device’s hardware components. HWID VPN kick occurs approximately 20-25 seconds after starting the game. Some potential reasons a player may run into the discussed error include:

  • Trying to connect to the game server while using a VPN that alters or hides their HWID
  • Repeated attempts to cheat or violate the game’s terms of service
  • Server-side errors or glitches 

IP ban means even if the player creates a new account or changes their IP address, they will still not be able to play the game. However, such bans are less common due to potential collateral damage caused to the game developers as well.

Method 1: Verify Integrity of Game Files

If the HWID VPN kick error is linked to corrupt files or discrepancies in the game data, verifying their integrity can resolve these issues. 

1. Open the Epic Games Launcher and navigate to the Library section from the left panel.

2. Click on the three dots icon (…) next to Fortnite and choose Manage from the context menu.

3. Click on VERIFY next to Verify Files, wait for the process to complete, and relaunch Fortnite.

click on VERIFY next to Verify Files.

Method 2: Restart Your Router

Network congestion or temporary disruptions within the network can lead to the discussed issue. You can restart your router to resolve temporary connectivity issues.

Just unplug the router’s power cable, wait for about 10 seconds, and then reconnect. Doing so helps refresh the connection and fix the error.

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Method 3: Change VPN Server

Fortnite’s anti-cheat measures may flag certain IP ranges associated with VPNs. Also, some VPN servers may just experience high traffic or connectivity problems, leading to game errors. Experiment with different VPN servers to find a more stable connection.

Method 4: Temporarily Disable the VPN, if Enabled

As we already know apart from cheating, one of the major reasons why you were kicked out of Fortnite is using a VPN, we suggest you disable your VPN temporarily to fix the issue if switching to a new server doesn’t help. 

Method 5: Update Graphics Drivers

Outdated or incompatible graphics drivers in Fortnite can cause performance issues and also lead to the HWID VPN kick error. Update your graphics drivers to resolve them.

Method 6: Update Windows OS

Check and install any available Windows updates to make sure that your PC is up-to-date for better system compatibility with the game.

Method 7: Temporarily Allow Fortnite through Firewall and Windows Defender

Firewalls or Windows Defender may block network traffic between Fortnite and the PC. However, allowing the game through the firewall ensures proper communication with its servers and prevents it from flagging related processes.

1. Open the Windows Security program, and click on Virus & threat protection.

2. Click on Manage Settings under Virus & threat protection settings.

3. Under Exclusions, click on Add or remove exclusions, followed by Add an exclusion, and then select Folder.

Click on Add an exclusion, then select Folder.

4. Browse to the location of the Fortnite installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite) and select it.

5. Click Select Folder to add it as an exclusion.

6. Now, to allow Fortnite through the firewall, follow our guide on Allow or Block Apps through the Windows Firewall.

Method 8: Contact Epic Games Support

If all else fails, reach out to Epic Games Support for more help. Provide them with all the details of your system specifications and wait for their response.

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Method 9: Use Spoofer (Not Recommended)

EAC/BE (Easy Anti-Cheat/BattlEye) spoofers are tools designed to manipulate or change Hardware IDs (HWIDs) to potentially bypass bans imposed by anti-cheat systems like EAC and BattlEye. Read more about what is Easyanticheat.exe and whether is it safe or not.

Here’s how to use the spoofer:

Note: We do not endorse any spoofing method to bypass anti-cheat detection. It is solely for educational purposes. Also, this method may not work for all users.

1. Visit the RagingNation website for the EAC/BE Spoofer and purchase the Spoofer.

RagingNation website

2. Download it using the provided link, install it on your PC, and open the application.

3. Log in with your username and password and then click on SPOOF.

4. Uncheck Enable file/registry cleaning as it is not necessary, then click OK.

5. Wait for a few seconds. Once the process is complete, a popup will appear. Click OK.

Congratulations, you are now set. You can play Fortnite without encountering any detection errors. It ensures that you do not need to change your PC hardware, even if any component is banned.

We hope this guide helped you fix the HWID VPN kick error in Fortnite

If you have any other queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned to TechCult for solutions to more such game-related errors.

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