How to Update Graphics Drivers in Windows 11

Find out how you can update GPU drivers and keep your computer up to date.

A graphic driver serves as a hardware component responsible for facilitating communication between your operating system and the graphics processing unit (GPU). Keeping your graphic driver up to date is crucial, as it not only optimizes hardware performance but also resolves potential issues such as screen crashes, blackouts, or flickering during graphic-intensive tasks. In this guide, we will explain how to update the graphics driver in your Windows 11 computer.

How to Update Graphics Drivers in Windows 11

How to Update Graphics Drivers in Windows 11

You can update the graphic drivers on your Windows 11 computer through three different methods, we have explained all of them in detail:

Method 1: Using the Device Manager

You can follow these simple steps to update graphics drivers from the device manager on Windows 11.

1. Press Windows + X keys simultaneously. In the pop-up menu, click on Device Manager.

2. Double-click on Display adapters. In the drop-down list right-click on the driver you want to update.

Double click on Display adapters to open the drop list.

3. Click on Update driver.

Click on Update driver in the side menu | How to Update Graphics Drivers in Windows 11

4. Click on Search automatically for drivers. If the updater utility finds a better driver, it will install it.

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Method 2: Using Windows Settings

You can also update drivers from Windows Settings, follow these steps to do so:

1. Click on Start, and then click on Settings.

2. In the Navigation panel, click on Windows Update.

Go to Windows update panel.

3. Click on Advanced options.

4. Click on Optional updates. If any graphic driver is listed, select its checkbox and then click on Download & install.

Click on Optional updates.

Method 3: From Manufacturer’s Website

Many graphic card manufacturers include a dedicated app for changing settings and updating drivers. For example, Nvidia has the Nvidia GeForce Experience. You can update your graphics driver through these apps too.

1. Click on the Search bar in the toolbar, search for Nvidia GeForce Experience, and open it.

2. Click on the DRIVERS tab.

Go to drivers tab | How to Update Graphics Drivers in Windows 11

3. If the update is available, click on Download. GeForce Experience will automatically download and install the latest graphic driver available.

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We hope that this guide was helpful and you now know how to update graphics drivers in Windows 11. If you have any queries, please feel free to share in the comment section. Also, tell us which method you prefer for updating graphics drivers.

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