How to Fix 0x0000001A Error on Windows 10

There are several errors that may occur when there are problems with interaction between hardware and software in a PC. One of these issues leads us to question how to fix 0x0000001A error. Another probable reason for this error is when we try and install a new Windows OS irrespective of it being Windows 7/8/10/11. Memory Management is the link, problems with which can cause this error leading us to fix memory management 0x0000001A error.

How to Fix 0x0000001A Error on Windows 10

How to Fix 0x0000001A Error on Windows 10

Here, we have explained about the solutions to fix 0x0000001A error on Windows 10 PC in detail.

What Causes 0x0000001A Error in Windows?

Memory Management is the root of most of the errors encountered in Windows PC. These errors can be caused due to variety of reasons including corrupt system files, outdated or incompatible device drivers, viruses, lack of storage, etc. As memory management is the link between the software and hardware parts of PC, therefore any minor issue can have drastic effects on the usual working of the computer.

Before starting out with the listed methods it is only necessary to confirm the underlying issue that is causing the error. For this Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool is one of the best choices. Follow below given steps to scan issues using this tool:

1. Press the Windows key, type Windows Memory Diagnostic, and click on Open.

Open windows memory diagnostic

2. Click on Restart now and check for problems.

Note: After restart, it will perform a system check to detect any issues with RAM. In case there is no issue with RAM, the system will boot normally. Otherwise, you will receive details about faulty RAM.

Click on Restart now and check for problems

Here are the ways to fix memory management 0x0000001A error in Windows 10.

Method 1: Remove Viruses

Clearing out viruses From PC can do wonders to fix memory management 0x0000001A error. To resolve this issue, you can use any antivirus software that can detect as well as remove viruses from the device. If you do not have dedicated antivirus software on your PC, then an alternative is to Remove Malware from your PC manually.

Scan your System for Viruses

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Method 2: Clear Storage Space

Unavailability of space on a PC may lead you to question how to fix 0x0000001A error. But due to lethargic attitude and little knowledge about the role of storage space one may overlook this task. If your PC is low on disk space one way is to add a new drive according to the need. Other way is creating disk space by removing and deleting all the unimportant data or applications on the system. Follow our guide to free up hard disk space on Windows 10.

Select Storage and scroll down to Storage Sense. How to Fix 0x0000001A Error on Windows 10 

Method 3: Uninstall/Remove New Software and Devices

If this error was followed by an addition of a new hardware to PC like an HDD, SSD, or Internal chip then you should try and remove those. Similarly, a newly installed software could cause the same error.

Option I: Remove Hardware Devices

1. Shut Down your PC and disconnect the main power source.

Choose Shut Down from the selection menu and click on OK

2. Wait a few seconds, then remove the new added device.

3. Restore the power and try switching on the PC to see if error is fixed.

Option II: Uninstall Software

1. Press the Windows key, type Control Panel and click on Open

open control panel

2. From the menu, click on Uninstall a Program under the Program section.

click on Uninstall a program option under the Programs menu. How to Fix 0x0000001A Error on Windows 10 

3. Right click on the latest installed program on your PC and click on Uninstall/change and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

uninstall program sample

This method might be an answer to how to fix 0x0000001A error.

Method 4: Repair System Files

Hurry to shutdown PC without closing the open programs still running on PC can land a user in such a situation. Also, malware and virus attacks are the possible reason that makes PC files corrupt. These corrupt files can later cause errors that are hard to resolve. But Windows does have some built-in programs like SFC Scan and DISM scan that can identify, and repair corrupt files thereby fix memory management 0x0000001A error.

SFC Scannow. How to Fix 0x0000001A Error on Windows 10 

Method 5: Run Chkdsk Command

It is a Windows utility software that can scan out errors within the hard disk of a PC and give answer and for how to fix 0x0000001A error. The basic feature of chkdsk is to identify bad sectors and failing HDD or SSD which might be causing major issues. Moreover, it is often recommended by experts to run this command once in a while if you are facing random system crashes or screen freeze to find the causes early on. Read our guide on How to Check Disk for Errors Using chkdsk.

Scan hard disk using chkdsk GUI

Method 6: Update Device Drivers

0x0000001A error could be brought on by an outdated or incompatible GPU driver. Process to update your driver is not a complicated one. Moreover Windows 10 and Windows 11 have the capability to update driver automatically. You can follow our guide to easily Update driver to fix memory management 0x0000001A error.

Update Driver. How to Fix 0x0000001A Error on Windows 10 

Method 7: Rollback Driver Updates

In some cases, you even need to rollback driver which is not able to coordinate with your computer software for some reason, as well as Rollback drivers on Windows 10.

Rollback Driver update

Method 8: Reinstall Device Drivers

If update and rollback driver does not work then uninstall and reinstall driver is the only option left in the basket. This will delete the current driver and reinstall a new updated driver which may fix the current 0x0000001A error.

Uninstall Driver. How to Fix 0x0000001A Error on Windows 10 

Method 9: Perform System Restore

A recovery technique known as System Restore enables users to back up a system to a specific earlier moment in time. In order to assist users in resolving various operating system issues that can be resolved by effectively travelling backward in time relative to the computer system, users build a restore point that resides in a certain setting. Follow our guide on How to use System Restore on Windows 10.

System Restore

Method 10: Reset Windows

While you should always avoid using this method as there is a chance to lose all your data if you do not do it the right way. Resetting a PC restores it to factory settings and thereby removing any error or issue that you may be facing. Follow our guide on How to Reset Windows 10 Without Losing Data.

reset this PC. How to Fix 0x0000001A Error on Windows 10 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the importance of Memory Management in Operating System?

Ans. Memory management is the practice of dividing the memory across many processes. We are aware that the software capacity to access data from the main memory directly affects how quickly it can complete a task. As a result, an operating system’s memory management must be carried out in a way that ensures the main memory always contains the necessary information.

Q2. What is the function of Memory Management?

Ans. Memory Management functions include the simultaneous operation of numerous processes within a computer system and enhancing the performance of the computer system. Also, it is responsible for taking decisions on how space on a disk is to be utilized.

Q3. What is Virtual Memory Management in OS?

Ans. With the help of the memory management technology known as virtual memory, secondary memory can be used as if it were a component of the main memory. Virtual Memory is used in place of actual memory which temporarily moves data from random access memory (RAM) to disc storage.


We hope the above article on how to Fix 0x0000001A Error was helpful, and you were able to fix the issue. Let us know which one of the above methods worked for you in resolving this issue. Also, don’t forget to comment if you have any queries and/or suggestions.

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