What Does Help Keep Instagram a Supportive Place Mean?

Many people are already aware that Instagram is one of the most popular apps for posting pictures, making reels, and making new friends. But, many are unaware of the dark side of Instagram, including online bullying, harmful posts, and nude content. However, Instagram is making sure that their users feel safe on their platform, so now they giving users the message to help keep Instagram a supportive place. They are also introducing hidden words on Instagram and a change in the DM section for first-time chatters. But, many of these are new to the users, and they don’t know what are these. Thus, today we will give answers to all the questions that you might have.

What Does Help Keep Instagram A Supportive Place Mean?

What Does Help Keep Instagram a Supportive Place Mean?

You will get to know what does help keep Instagram a supportive place mean on IG further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What Does Help Keep Instagram a Supportive Place Mean?

Due to the growing number of users on Instagram and the growing number of comments, Instagram cannot always check for offensive comments. There is a serious increase in the number of offensive comments, so Instagram decided to remind its users not to use curse/hateful words, so that they may not hurt their feelings. This is why before chatting with anyone, a notice appears with the words Help keep Instagram a supportive place to remind you of this and always be respectful when chatting with another person.

Supportive Place message | hidden words on Instagram

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Why am I Getting a Help Keep Instagram a Supportive Place? Why am I Seeing Keep Instagram a Supportive Place?

Cyberbullying is increasing on Instagram at a rapid pace. Some of the cyberbullying victims are young girls, who can develop harmful ideas about themselves from the platform’s content as well as comments from their posts. This feature is rolled out as part of an effort to fight against bullying on Instagram. This feature is introduced to reduce the number of harmful comments you have made. It pops up whenever you write a comment that Instagram sees as harmful and makes you rethink your comment.

Why does Instagram Say Respectful?

Instagram does not want to allow bullying on its platform. So, Meta (Instagram’s Parent Company) has announced that it would nudge a message in its direct messaging section encouraging users to be respectful when messaging each other and when messaging others for the first time. It will also encourage its users to follow Instagram’s community guidelines to keep the community a supportive place.

Why Do I Keep Getting a Warning on Instagram?

You may be getting a warning on Instagram because you may have violated their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. You would have posted content that might have contained

  • Hateful speech or symbols
  • Bullying or Harassing someone mainly comments
  • Nudity or sexual content

If you have done any of the following, Instagram will delete your account, which will include your posts, archive, messages, and followers. You can also get to know what kind of violation you might have done in the warning given to you.

How Many Warnings Until Instagram Bans Your Account?

There is no limit to warnings until Instagram bans your account. It may happen at any time, but they give you a warning about the violation you have made in your account. The given warning will give all the violations you have made in your account for receiving that warning. Keep in mind that

  • The number of Reports doesn’t determine the outcome, as it mainly depends upon the content and how that content violated Instagram’s community guidelines
  • The type of Violation Matters
  • Too many warnings will result in account deletion by Instagram.
  • If multiple users report you, the moderation team of Instagram will place their attention on your account.
  • Accounts are ranked on the basis of the misinformation they are spreading.

However, when you receive a warning that Your Account May Be Deleted warning, your account will get deleted if your account receives even one more violation.

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What Should You Avoid doing on Instagram?

Here are the things that you must avoid doing on Instagram to not get your account deleted by Instagram.

  • Do not post content that violates the copyright: Always try to post unique content or if you are posting someone other’s content, try to inform them of this post.
  • Do not use banned hashtags: There are some hashtags that are banned by Instagram, if you use them, your account will violate community guidelines and may lead to account deletion.
  • Various IP addresses: If you always change your IP address, your account may be at risk of getting banned.
  • Don’t pass the limits: If you are using some bots to increase your likes and followers, pay attention to Instagram limits for them.
  • Like Limits: 350 likes per hour
  • Follow Limits: 20 accounts per hour
  • Don’t Violate community guidelines

Make sure that whatever you post does not violate Instagram’s community guidelines; otherwise, Instagram can delete your account after some time.

What is Hidden Words on Instagram?

Hidden Words are the list of words, phrases, and emojis that are put into the list to hide words as they may appear offensive and inappropriate to other people. According to Instagram, hidden words hide message requests that you don’t want to see in a separate section of your DM requests folder. With Hidden words, the offensive comments will also be hidden so you and your followers won’t see them. You can create a custom list of words, phrases, numbers, and emojis that you might want to hide.


So, we hope that you have understood why does help keep Instagram a supportive place always pop up when you message someone for the first time or comment on something. We also get to know what are hidden words on Instagram as well as why Instagram says respectful is there in your DM when chatting with someone. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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