How to Find Email Address of YouTube Channel

Find the door that takes you from YouTube to creator's inbox!

Be it a makeup & styling tutorial or a gameplay strategic video, sometimes you stumble upon content that piques the desire to connect directly with the creator. It may be to express your appreciation or to collaborate. Email is an effective and professional way to reach out to the person. However, the question arises how to find someone’s email address from a YouTube channel or comments. We’ll guide you through the process to help you connect with your favorite YouTubers.

How to Find YouTube Channel Email

How to Find YouTube Channel Email Address

As generally YouTube creators promote their handles in their videos, you can easily find their social media accounts and reach out to them. However, an email makes the process appear more organized, especially when it comes to collaborations and paid partnerships. So, let’s send one.

Method 1: Check the Channel’s About Section 

On a YouTube channel, the About section is where the creator provides information about themselves, the type of content they create, and their other channels. Many YouTubers also include their content details such as their email address for collaboration or business inquiries. So you can easily find the same there.

1. Open YouTube on your PC and navigate to the targeted channel.

2. While on the channel’s Home page, click on the right-pointing arrow next to the description of their channel.

3. In the About pop-up window, click on View email address under Channel details.

In the About pop-up window, click on View email address under Channel details.

4. Verify the captcha and Submit to see the email address.

Method 2: Check Channel Description

While not all creators add their email addresses in the channel’s description itself and make them publicly available, many do. Now the best part is, you can access it from your smartphone itself. 

1. Open YouTube and navigate to the channel whose email address you want to find.

2. Once you are on their channel’s home page, tap on the right-pointing arrow usually located below the channel’s name.

tap on the right-pointing arrow usually located below the channel's name

3. Check for their email address written in the description.

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Method 3: Check Video Description

Often creators add their social media profiles and Email addresses in the description of their videos. So, you can easily find the same there. 

1. Play any video of the YouTube creator whose email address you want.

2. Scroll down, expand the Description box, and look for the embedded Email address.

Method 4: Check Pinned Comment

You can also find a YouTube creator’s email address from the pinned comment on their video if they have one. Just play any video and move to the comments section and you’ll find the Pinned by [channel name] at the top. 

Method 5: Join Their Mailing List

Many YouTube creators have an email list and employ mass email service providers using which they send emails to all their subscribers for marketing, promotion, updates, offers, and more. You can often find a link to join their email list in their channel or video descriptions. If the creator has provided such links, click on them to sign up. Once done, you can receive a reply from them.

Method 6: Search on Other Platforms

Many creators maintain handles on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Just navigate to their official profile and browse through their contact information. See they might have provided their email address for collaboration opportunities or business inquiries.

Email address of a YouTube creator on Instagram

You can also tap on their link in the bio as often creators create a portal and add all their contact details accessible via one link.

Method 7: Use Email Finder Tools

With Email Finder tools, you can effectively find the email address associated with a YouTube channel. One such tool is VoilaNorbert which offers 50 free verified leads. 

1. Visit the VoilaNorbert website and SIGN UP.


2. Once signed up, you can enter the channel name or creator’s full name and the tool will generate potential email addresses associated with it.

Method 8: Use Email Permutation Methods

Email permutation allows you to find possible email addresses based on the username or company name you have entered. You can try it out to generate the email address of your desired YouTube channel.  

1. Visit the Email Permutator website and in the given field enter the channel name or creator’s username and expected domain.

2. Once filled, tap on the GENERATE EMAIL ADDRESSES option.


Now, you will see a list of possible email addresses that could be used or associated with the input data.

Is Every YouTuber’s Email Address Available to the Public?

No, not every YouTuber makes their email address publicly available and creators don’t need to reveal their contact information. Many YouTubes choose not to reveal their social media handles due to concerns about their privacy.

How to Get Email from YouTube Comments

You can get their email address from the pinned comment in any of their video. Also, check comments from other viewers as there is a possibility that they might have replied about the same to anyone or you can request them directly for their email address. Make sure to provide valid reasons for your requirement and tag them in the comment. 

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What are the Reasons to Find Someone’s Email from their YouTube Channel?

Here are some of the reasons one might want to know the email ID of their favorite YouTube creator:

  • Collaborations, partnerships, or sponsorships
  • Professional inquiries, influencer marketing campaigns, or interview requests
  • Fans may want the email address of their favorite YouTube creators to offer support and engagement
  • Some organizers find emails of popular YouTubers to formally invite them to an event.

We hope our guide helped you find the email address of a YouTube channel. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, drop them in the comments section below. Don’t forget to visit Techcult for such tips and tricks.

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