How to Find My Previous Addresses

Discover your past residences for sentimental or administrative purposes.

Do you need to find your past addresses but don’t know where to look? If so, you may need this information when applying for credit or an apartment. However, it can be challenging to locate the exact details if you’ve moved several times. This article will help you learn how to find the history of your previous addresses both online and offline.

How to Find My Previous Addresses

How to Find My Previous Addresses

Your previous addresses are used by various organizations and agencies for various purposes. These entities, are both private and government, which keep track of all your addresses since you started reporting them.

Quick Answer

To find your previous address history on Truthfinder:

1. Visit the Truthfinder website.

2. Enter your First and Last name and select the state.

3. Click on SEARCH NOW.

4. Choose the gender and click on NEXT.

5. Click on Address to view your previous addresses.

If you haven’t kept detailed records of your own, you may need to acquire information about your past addresses from a variety of sources, such as tax records and credit reports.

Method 1: Contact Your Credit Reporting Agency

You can contact your credit reporting agency and request them for your previously submitted credit report. Once you get your hands on your credit report, on that you can view all your addresses.

Method 2: Find Tax Records Online

You can visit the IRS website online and request your tax records by logging into your IRS account. Within a few days, you will receive your tax records either on your online account or via email. You can then find your addresses in those documents.

official webpage of IRS website

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Method 3: Search Public Records Online

1. Visit the Truthfinder website on your browser.

2. Enter your First and Last name and select the state.

3. Then, click on SEARCH NOW.

Enter the first and last name of the person and select the state, then click on SEARCH NOW.

4. Select the gender and click on NEXT.

Click on either Male or Female to select the gender then click on NEXT.

5. Answer all the asked questions while searching.

6. Once all the records are found, click on the Address option to view your previous address history.

My Previous Address History Is Incorrect. How Can I Fix It?

To fix your incorrect previous address history, you can follow this method:

1. Contact your credit reporting agency via phone call, email, or personal visit.

2. Request a copy of your submitted credit report.

3A. Verify the address if it is correct.

3B. If the address is incorrect, then provide the necessary address verification documents, like your phone bills, rental agreement, etc., to the credit reporting agency.

4. Once your documents are verified, your address will be updated.

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How Do You Write Address History?

You can write your address history in a spreadsheet. So, it will be easy for you to find all your addresses in this sheet in the future. Let’s see how to do so:

Note: Addresses should be entered as per the chronological date, starting from the current date.

1. Visit the Google Sheets website and Sign in to your Google account if not already.

2. Click on Blank to create a new empty spreadsheet and name it Address History on your PC.

3. Create seven columns by naming them:

  • From Date
  • To Date
  • Full Address
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Zip Code

4. Starting from your current address, enter all your addresses of the past years.

Starting from your current address, enter your address details for the past 10 years.

5. Once your Address history spreadsheet is complete, you can upload it to your credit report, public records, or wherever required.

Reasons to Find Your Previous Addresses

The purposes for which your addresses are used are listed below:

  • Most commonly used for identity verification while applying for a driving license or passport, or opening a bank account.
  • For checking your financial situation and whether you are eligible to get loans, credit cards, and other financial products.
  • For background checks to verify your living history.
  • For marketing and advertisement agencies to advertise their product.
  • For legal proceedings, such as a court case or a government investigation.

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After learning how to find your previous addresses, you can now maintain accurate records of your past residences. In case you have any queries or suggestions, share them with us in the comment section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to learn about in our next article.

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