Does Netflix Know Your IP Address?

Understand the significance of IP addresses in enhancing online privacy and personalized content curation on Netflix.

Netflix has been dealing with the long-standing issue of password-sharing for quite some time. To solve this concern, the company has implemented various measures, including the storage of your location information. This guide will explore whether Netflix knows your exact IP address and, if yes, provide instructions on how to remove the stored location.

Does Netflix Know Your IP Address?

Does Netflix Know Your IP Address?

Yes, Netflix tracks and stores the IP addresses of the previous devices used for streaming. It tracks your IP address when you log in from a new device or location and alerts you over email. It also stores the device details and every other information associated with the device used to stream from your Netflix account.

Note: Netflix stores your IP address to recommend relevant movies and TV shows based on your location and combat password sharing.

Does Netflix Show Exact Location?

No, Netflix does not show the exact location of the devices streaming from your Netflix account. Previously, it showed a broader location, such as the state of the device, but never the exact location. The recent update only shows the device name and the Netflix profile being used in streaming using your account.

device name and the Netflix profile being used

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How Does Netflix Know Who Lives in Your House?

Netflix does not exactly know who lives in your house. Instead, it only knows whether one or multiple devices are streaming from your Netflix account from your house. The devices connected to your home Wi-Fi have the same IP address, and Netflix uses this information to know if you are streaming from your house.

Netflix stores all IP addresses and device IDs of the devices where you are signed in with your account. If multiple device IDs are mapped to the same IP address, Netflix concludes that those devices are in your household, probably being used by your family members.

How Do I Remove My IP Address from Netflix?

There is no proven way of removing your IP address from Netflix.

However, you can remove a device from your Netflix account by signing out. It’s important to note that Netflix retains certain information, such as a device identifier and account details, even after deleting your account, for legal purposes.

Note 1: With the help of these saved devices and their IP address, Netflix determines if the devices are from the same home or different.

Note 2: Make sure you are signed into your Netflix account.

1. Go to your Netflix account and click on the profile icon from the top right corner.

2. Then, click on Account.

3. Scroll down to the SECURITY & PRIVACY section and click on Manage access and devices.

Scroll down and click on Manage access and devices under the Security & Privacy section.

4. From the list of all the devices used in watching Netflix from your account, click on Sign Out next to the device whose location information you want to remove.

If you do not recognize a particular device, you can click Sign out beside it to sign yourself out of that device only.

Note: To know about the data that Netflix has stored about you, like location and devices, you can submit a request to Netflix for providing you with the same through the Netflix Get My Info page.

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Through this article, you must have understood that Netflix does know your IP address as it stores it for content recommendation and to prevent password-sharing. Leave your questions regarding this topic in the comments below, and keep coming back for more informational guides.

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