Does Netflix Work in Incognito Mode?

Explore the effectiveness of hiding your Netflix streaming habits in web browsers.

Would you like to hide your Netflix viewing activity from your friends and family? If so, you may wonder if using a private mode can offer the desired privacy. Let’s find out if Netflix works in incognito mode to keep your binge-watching history confidential.

Does Netflix Work in Incognito Mode?

Does Netflix Work in Incognito Mode?

Yes, Netflix works in incognito mode of any browser, like Google Chrome. However, Netflix does not provide an in-app incognito mode. You can watch Netflix in incognito mode on a browser to hide the usage from your browser history.

However, your Netflix viewing history will be still tracked and can be viewed from any device having access to the same account.

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What is Incognito Mode on Netflix?

Netflix does not provide any private or incognito mode to stream content. If you want to hide your viewing activity from your friends or family using the same account, you must manually hide it. If you choose to hide a particular title from your viewing history, the following will happen:

  • The title will no longer appear in your viewing history on Netflix as a TV show or movie.
  • It will not be used to recommend similar movies or TV shows.
  • It will be removed from the Continue Watching section.

So, due to the absence of incognito mode, you can decide to hide the watched titles on Netflix.

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Can I Watch Netflix Anonymously?

Not really. The anonymity is only restricted to the owner and other users of the same Netflix account. So, what you watch gets immediately added to your viewing history and can be seen by other profile users. To watch anonymously, you first need to remove the title from your watch history, and then continue watching.

Is There an Incognito Mode for Netflix?

No, Netflix does not officially offer an Incognito mode to automatically hide your viewing activity. Whatever you watch on Netflix gets added to the watch history list on your profile. Other people having access to the same Netflix account can view your viewing activity if your profile is not locked with a pin. Even if you watch Netflix using the incognito mode of a browser, your watch history is saved on Netflix.

What Happens If I Watch Netflix on Incognito?

Netflix streams without a problem in browser incognito mode. However, problems may arise if you are using a VPN. Certain shows on Netflix are location specific and are allowed only in specific parts of the world. If you are using a VPN from another country, you might not be able to view the content restricted in that country.

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We hope you have understood whether Netflix does work in incognito mode or not. Currently, Netflix does not have an in-app incognito feature. So, the only way to watch privately is by manually hiding the titles you watch from your viewing history. Leave your doubts or suggestions below, and keep coming back for more informational guides.

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