How Does Spotify Know If You’re at the Same Address?

Discover how address verification upholds Spotify's Family Plan eligibility criteria.

Spotify has transformed the way we enjoy our favorite songs through its vast music collection and personalized playlists. Additionally, the platform can determine if multiple users are located at the same address. But how does it accomplish this? If you’re unsure, don’t worry! Let’s explore the algorithm behind Spotify, which provides it with the ability to know if you’re residing at or sharing the same address with other Family members under the same plan.

How Does Spotify Know If You’re at the Same Address?

How Does Spotify Know If You’re at the Same Address?

Spotify uses address verification and tracks user IP addresses to determine if users are accessing the service from the same address as the Plan Manager. When a user accesses Spotify from a device, the platform identifies the device’s IP address. By analyzing the IP address, Spotify can approximate the user’s location, including details such as the country, state, and city associated with that IP address. This enables Spotify to infer whether users are accessing the service from the same physical location or address.

What Does Living Under One Roof Mean on Spotify?

Living Under One Roof is not a specific term or feature on Spotify, although it could potentially refer to a playlist or album exploring themes of community or cohabitation. However, in the context of Spotify’s Premium Family plan, it signifies family members residing together in the same household.

With Spotify Premium Family, up to six individual accounts can be created for family members living under one roof, allowing them to maintain their personal playlists and saved songs. This subscription plan, priced at $15.99 per month, grants each family member the benefits of Spotify Premium on their respective accounts.

Spotify's Premium Family plan

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How Does Spotify Check If You Live Together?

Spotify verifies if you live together by implementing a process that involves two steps.

  • Firstly, when joining a family plan or when the Plan Manager changes their address, Spotify asks members to verify their residence by providing their full address.
  • Secondly, Spotify may request users on the plan to provide a home address using Google Maps as an additional measure.

Each person added to the plan must go through this verification process or enable location services for Spotify on their devices. This ensures that Spotify can confirm if individuals on a family plan are indeed residing together.

Does Spotify Enforce Under One Roof?

Yes, Spotify enforces the under-one-roof policy for its family plan. This means that to qualify for the family discount price, all members of the family plan must physically reside in the same household. Spotify may verify this by occasionally checking the location of subscribers using services like Google Maps.

Can You Use Spotify Family If You Don’t Live Together?

No, you cannot use Spotify Family if you don’t live together. The $15.99 shared family plan, which allows up to six users to access Spotify Premium, is officially intended for members of the same household. During the sign-up process, new accounts are required to use Google Maps to confirm their address and occasional address verifications may be requested by Spotify.

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We hope you have gained an understanding of how Spotify knows if you’re at the same address residing with other family plan members. Let us know your queries or suggestions in the comments below.

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