Can Two Friends Get Spotify Duo?

Find out if two friends can share the benefits of Spotify Duo's discounted premium accounts.

Music has a special way of uniting people, and Spotify Duo enhances the joy of sharing a musical journey. But can friends benefit from this membership created for couples? This guide will explore the eligibility criteria to get Spotify Duo for two friends.

Can Two Friends Get Spotify Duo?

Can Two Friends Get Spotify Duo?

Yes. Duo is only available to two individuals who share an address. If you live with your friend and share the same address, only then can you get the Spotify Duo subscription.

Do You Have to be Under the Same Roof for Spotify Duo?

Yes, both users must live at the same address to subscribe to Spotify Duo. Spotify confirms that both users live at the same address using GPS location data and other verification methods. This condition exists to prevent the Duo plan from being abused and to ensure that it is only utilized by those who share a single account with someone they live with, such as a husband, partner, family member, or roommate.

Spotify Duo subscription website

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How Many Users Can Use Spotify Premium at Once?

Only one person can stream songs at a time with a normal Spotify Premium subscription. But, with the Spotify Family plan, up to six people can access Spotify Premium on various devices at the same time.

What are the Rules of Spotify Duo?

Here are some of the Duo rules and requirements:

  • A Spotify Duo subscription can only be shared by two family members or friends who live at the same address.
  • Both users must each have their own Spotify account.
  • Every user will have their own playlists, stored music, and listening history.
  • Duo users will be charged on the same billing date.
  • Only Duo subscribers have access to Duo Mix, a shared playlist based on both users’ listening preferences.
  • Both users will lose access to the Duo plan if any user cancels their subscription.
  • If the users’ addresses have changed, they must convert to separate Spotify Premium plans.
  • Users can upgrade from a Premium or Family plan to Duo, but they must first meet the qualifying requirements.
  • Customers can switch to Duo once every 12 months.

It’s important to remember that these rules may differ depending on your location, and the entire terms and conditions of the Spotify Duo plan can be seen on Spotify’s website.

Spotify Duo terms and conditions webpage

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From this guide about whether can two friends get Spotify Duo, you’ve learned that they can only enjoy the benefits of the subscription when they live at the same address. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section and remember to visit our website for more informative articles in the future.

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