How to Find Email from Snapchat Username

Unlock the mystery of finding an email from a Snapchat username!

Finding an email from a Snapchat username seems to be a puzzle many users want to solve. It could be to reconnect to a lost contact or to initiate new conversations. This article will give you a complete guide on how to find email from Snapchat username and vice-versa. 

How to Find Email from Snapchat Username

How to Find Email from Snapchat Username

In this digital era, getting information on someone has become much easier than one could think. However, there is no direct way of getting someone’s email from their Snapchat username. But there are several walkarounds you can give a try.

Quick Answer

To find someone’s email from Snapchat username, you can Google search the using the Dork method or check their public profile.

The workaround methods to see the email address are listed below. So, keep reading!

Method 1: Check their Snapchat Bio 

If a person has a public profile on Snapchat, then you can open their profile and check if they have given their email address in their bio. This is the easiest way to get some information on them. However, it can only work if they have added your desired information or mentioned their email.

snapchat bio

Method 2: Ask Mutual Friends 

The first thing you should do is to search for a person who is mutual with both of you. Then you can try asking them if they know or have the email of that user and then request them to give it to you. 

Method 3: Visit Their Website 

Some people generally mention their website’s name on Snapchat or other platforms to increase their reach. So, if they have a website, then you can visit it and check whether they have mentioned it or there is a about us or contact us column.

Method 4: Explore Other Social Platforms

If you know their username on other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you can try visiting these platforms as people mostly mention their email IDs for contact purposes. 

Method 5: Use Google Search 

You can also run a Google search by entering their Snapchat username in the search bar. You can look through the searches to see if you can get an email address connected to the username.

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Method 6: Use Google Dork Method 

You can use some Google dork patterns to search for the email like. When combined with standard search queries, these terms can lead us to undiscovered Google-crawled resources. Let’s see some examples:

  • (Snapchat username)
  • (Snapchat username) +@companydomain
  • (Snapchat username) + @jobrole
  • (Snapchat username) + @schoolname

For example, User123 +

Method 7: Use Swordfish AI Extension

Follow the steps mentioned below to find an email from a Snapchat username using the Swordfish AI extension:

1. Search for the Swordfish Chrome extension on your browser search bar.

2. Click on Add to Chrome.

3. Select SOCIAL and enter the information asked.

4. Click on Search.

Click on Search.

Swordfish will give you any information available on that username including email address.

Can People Find Email from Snapchat Username?

According to Snapchat’s Terms of Service, it doesn’t give access to other users’ personal information. Therefore, it isn’t easy to see someone’s email from a Snapchat username unless a public profile has mentioned it in their bio.

How to Directly See Someone’s Email on their Snapchat Profile

If the user has a public profile, then you can see the email on their profile. On their profile page, tap on their public display name below Public Profile to check their bio for any information related to email.

tap on public profile | see someone’s email on their Snapchat profile

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How to Find a Snapchat Username by Email

Let’s burst the bubble directly! You can’t find a Snapchat username by email of a person. 

We hope this article helped you find how to find email from Snapchat username and vice-versa. Keep reading our blogs for more information. Leave your suggestions and queries below in the comment section. 

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