How to Find a Gmail Account by Name

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Emails play an important role in connecting users professionally and personally and Gmail is one of the most popular services. Sometimes you may want to find someone’s Gmail account, whether to contact a friend or colleague or for networking purposes. This article will show you how to find someone’s Gmail account by name.

How to Find a Gmail Account by Name

Find a Gmail Account by Name

Each user holds a unique Gmail account. Revealing this just by having the name might not be easy, and hence, it is always better to directly ask the individual for the email address. However, if that does not seem to work for you, there are certain ways that we will explain in this article.

Method 1: Search on Gmail

Gmail offers built-in search functionality for users. If you have ever sent an email from the account to the user and are not able to find it now, search for their name or any keyword you remember from the last email. This will help you easily navigate their email addresses.

Method 2: Use Social Media

Users often add their email addresses to their social media accounts. If you have the user handle of the person on any platform, you can look for their Gmail address directly from there.

Method 3: Search on Google

Well, it’s again a hit-or-miss method but sometimes it may work, especially whenever you are looking for the email address of a notable personality, brand, or acquaintance. All you need to do is search by entering the:

  • Full name +
  • Full name + company + email address
  • Full name + contact

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Method 4: Search Using People Search Engines

People Search Websites such as BeenVerified contain publicly available information such as social media, public records, and online directories to provide contact information and other details of an individual. You can use them as well. 

1. Launch the BeenVerified website on the PC.

2. Enter the FIRST NAME and LAST NAME of the person and click on SEARCH.

Enter the First and last name of the person and click on SEARCH. | How to Find a Gmail Account by Name

3. Enter the CITY and STATE of the person and click on Continue.

Enter the city and state of the person and click on Continue.

4. Enter the person’s AGE, and MIDDLE NAME, and click on Continue.

5. Select the Contact Info option and click on Continue.
Select the Contact Info option and click on Continue. | How to Find a Gmail Account by Name

6. Wait for the results. Download it on the PC and view it.

Method 5: Search Using Name2Email Chrome Extension

This extension can also help you give email address suggestions for the user you have been looking for.

Note: Make sure you are logged into your Gmail account.

1. Visit the Name2Email Chrome extension and click on Add to Chrome.

2. Click on Add Extension to add it to the browser.

3. Now, open Gmail on the PC and click on Compose option.

4. In the recipient’s section, type in the person’s <First Name> space <Last Name> space For example, john anderson

In the recipient’s section, type in the person’s name space last name space at the rate symbol (john Anderson at the rate symbol

5. You will see the suggestions for email addresses under it. 

Under the entered name, you will see email results.

6. Click and check the profile pictures of these email ids to verify the one you want.

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We hope with the methods outlined above, you were able to find the Gmail account by the name of the user. If you have any queries or suggestions about the article, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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