How to Delete Fake Facebook Account Created by Others

Stop and save yourself from online impersonation!

Fake accounts are problematic as they not only put your personal information at risk but also contribute to online abuse and targeted harassment.

If you think someone has made a fake account using your identity, it’s important to act quickly and get it deleted.

In this guide, we will help you through various effective methods to successfully delete a fake Facebook account created by others.

How to Delete Fake Facebook Account Created by Others

How to Delete or Report Fake Facebook Account Created by Others

Although you cannot delete someone else’s account by yourself, you can report the same and get it deleted. 

Deleting fake Facebook accounts is important to safeguard privacy and maintain a safe and respectful online community.

Method 1: Report the Account

You can directly report the user profile to the Facebook team. Here’s how:

1. Open Facebook and navigate to the profile you want to delete.

2. Once on their profile page, tap on the three dots icon and select Report profile from the menu.

tap on Report profile

3. From the available option, select Fake Account and lastly tap on the Submit option.

Now, the Facebook moderation team review your report and take action.

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Method 2: Contact Facebook Support

If the first method didn’t work. You can try out this effective method to report a fake account:

1. Open Facebook and tap on the hamburger icon at the top right corner.

2. Expand the Help & support menu and select Report a problem.

tap on Report a problem

3. Now follow the on-screen instructions, and once the report has been submitted, wait for Facebook to investiage and delete the account.

Method 3: Report to Cyber Crime Cell

You can reach out to the cyber crime department online and report the fake Facebook account with proper details and evidence to get it deleted.

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How Does Facebook Define Impersonation and What Does It Look Like

According to Facebook, impersonation refers to the act of creating a profile or page that pretends to be someone else.

It can be either by using a brand name that belongs to another individual or by unauthorized usage of personal information.

It is misleading and is a serious issue as it violates the platform’s community guidelines.

On Which Conditions You Can’t Delete a Fake Account?

Deleting a fake account on Facebook can be challenging due to several conditions:

  • Facebook policies: Users themselves cannot directly delete a fake account of others. Instead, they can only report the account to Facebook with evidence of its fraudulent nature.
  • Lack of evidence: If you don’t have evidence to support or report your claim, it becomes challenging to have the account deleted.
  • Privacy settings: Some fake accounts may employ strict privacy settings to avoid detection. In such cases, it becomes difficult to find and identify the creator, and hence to delete the fake account. 
  • Legal issues: If the fake Facebook account is involved in legal issues, you may not have control over the account and therefore you cannot delete it.

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How to Report Trademark Infringement to Facebook for Takedowns

If you believe that there is trademark infringement occurring on Facebook and you want to report it, you can follow these steps:

Note: Make sure to collect evidence of the trademark infringement.

1. Visit the Facebook Trademark Report Form webpage and select the option to Continue with my trademark report.

2. Select the appropriate option to Describe your relationship to the rights owner.

Select the option to Continue with my trademark report and the appropriate option to Describe your relationship to the rights owner

3. Fill out the required information on the form, such as your name, email address, what is the trademark, and other details.

4. Attach supporting evidence such as screenshots & links, and once you have filled in the form, tap on the Submit option.

You will have to wait for their response as this may take some time.

How to Report Facebook Messenger Impersonations for Removal

Impersonation on Facebook Messenger can violate an individual’s privacy. Reporting them helps you prevent further harm and online harassment.

1. Open Facebook Messenger on your conversation with the impersonating account.

2. Tap on their username at the top, scroll down, and tap on the Report option.

tap on Report

3. From the Select a problem to report section, tap on Pretending to be someone.

4. Select who they are pretending to be and tap on the SUBMIT REPORT option.

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How to Identify Fake Facebook Accounts

Several indicators can help you identify a fake account on Facebook. While these might not be foolproof, they can provide valuable insight into the authenticity of the account.

We have a detailed blog on How to Find Out Who Made a Fake Facebook Account that you can read and follow.

What Are the Risks of Keeping a Fake Facebook Account?

There are numerous risks of keeping a fake Facebook account that individuals should be aware of such as Scams, Identity theft, Privacy breaches, Legal consequences, and the Spread of misinformation.

Will Facebook Delete a Fake Account Within 24 Hours?

Facebook doesn’t have a specific timeframe for deleting the fake account as the process involves an investigation to find out whether the account is fake or not which might take some time.

Once the process is completed, Facebook will take appropriate actions and delete the account if it is found to be fake.

We hope our guide helped you delete fake Facebook accounts created by others

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. 

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