How to Find Out Who Made a Fake Facebook Account

Discover how to identify fake accounts on Facebook before reporting them for further investigation.

Fake Facebook accounts are a cause for concern, as they raise questions about the identity and intentions of the person behind them. Unfortunately, such accounts are often used for cyberbullying, impersonation, and other malicious activities. If you come across an account that appears to be unauthentic, it becomes increasingly important to be able to learn to recognize it. In this article, we will discuss with you how to find out who made a fake Facebook account.

How To Find Out Who Made a Fake Facebook Account

How to Find Out Who Made a Fake Facebook Account

Dealing with a fake account is an annoying experience. As Facebook takes user privacy seriously and doesn’t readily disclose personal information, it is hard to find out the person who created it. The only possible way that can help is to find out their IP address, which only lets you get their location.

Method 1: Analyze the Profile Picture

Often the first thing that catches one’s attention when they come across any Facebook account is the profile picture and it is the most significant indicator of a fake account. Analyze it thoroughly. If it seems to be taken from a stock photo website or impersonates a public figure, or a celebrity, or seems anything but fishy, it’s possible that the account holder is trying to hide their true identity. 

If you find that the profile picture resembles someone you know, reach out to them directly and ask if they have created the account. If they haven’t, then be sure that this is a fake account. In such cases, report it on Facebook.

Facebook Profile Picture | How To Find Out Who Made a Fake Facebook Account

Method 2: Compare Profile Link and Profile Name

Facebook does not allow a person to frequently change their username in a specific period of time. In case you come across an account that visited your profile and you find that their profile name doesn’t match the profile link, it is highly likely that the account is fake. 

Facebook Profile Link and Profile Name

Method 3: Go Through the About Section

Generally, a genuine Facebook profile does have detailed information about the person, such as where they studied, their employment history, and other personal details. However, if the profile is blank, incomplete, or has inaccurate information, it’s likely that the account is fake.

Moreover, take time to keep a check on the provided details, if any. If they seem inconsistent over time, it could be a clear red flag that the account is fake.

Facebook About Page | How To Find Out Who Made a Fake Facebook Account

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Method 4: Friends List

It is essential to scrutinize the Friends list of the fake account. If the majority of the account’s friends appear to be fake accounts themselves, or if they have no mutual friends with you, it could be a sign. On the other hand, if they have a lot of mutual friends, reach out to them and ask if they know whose account is this. 

Method 5: Posts and Timeline

Either fake accounts often have low activity levels, or they only post or share content that seems spammy or irrelevant. Take a look through the posts of the account. It could be a fake account if their timeline is filled with promotional posts, links, or advertisements. It is possible that the account may have been created for the sole purpose of promoting a scam or spreading false information.

Facebook Posts and Timeline page

Method 6: Photos and Tags

One of the most appropriate signs of a fake account is the absence of any photo alums or tagged posts. You see in general, users on Facebook post photos and videos, and connect to each other. Users often tag or get tagged by their friends and family in group photos, birthday celebrations, events, or anything in general. 

If you do not find any of it or the profile consists of pictures of random people or stock images, it is highly possible that it is a fake account. You can also run a reverse image search to find out some information if you see any identical or nearly identical images.

Facebook Photos Page | How To Find Out Who Made a Fake Facebook Account

Method 7: Check-ins Analysis

Usually, when people visit restaurants, cafes, shops, or other public places, they often add a check-in on Facebook to let their friends know where they are and what they are doing. If you come across a profile with a history of no or suspicious check-ins, it could be a sign that the account is fake. 

Facebook Checkins page

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Even though there is no surefire way to find out who made a Fake Facebook account, we believe the methods outlined in this article can help you protect yourself from suspicious accounts and activities. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments. 

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