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How to Close Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Dismiss the background running apps to enhance your Smart TV performance.

Smart TVs play a crucial role in the modern digital era, allowing us to access various apps for watching shows, playing games, and more. However, with so many applications running simultaneously, it can strain the resources of your TV, leading to sluggishness and reduced functionality. In this article, we will guide you on the steps to close apps on your Samsung Smart TV to refresh its operational efficiency.

How to Close Apps on Samsung Smart TV

How to Close Apps on Samsung Smart TV

You can close apps in different situations with suitable and effective methods. Let’s learn the three methods to close the app on your Samsung TV.

Quick Answer

Let’s see the steps to quit the apps on Samsung Smart TV:

1. Using your Samsung Smart TV remote, press the MENU or SMART HUB button.

2. Select Settings.

3. Navigate to Smart Hub and then go to Apps Settings.

4. Choose the desired app you want to close.

5. Select Force stop and confirm with OK.

Note: Closing an app does not remove it from your Smart TV. The app will still be installed on your TV, and you can open it again at any time by selecting it from the app menu.

Method 1: Exit App using Remote

To close an app on your Samsung Smart TV, you need to follow these steps:

1. While the app is running on your Samsung Smart TV, press the RETURN button from your remote.

2. Confirm the prompt to close the app by selecting the OK option.

Method 2: Force Stop App from Settings

If the app has not been closed properly and still running in the background after exiting, you should force stop the app with the help of the steps mentioned below:

1. Press the MENU or SMART HUB button from your Samsung Smart TV remote.

2. Now, select Settings.

3. Open the Smart Hub > Apps Settings menu.

Open the Smart Hub - Apps Settings menu

4. Select the desired app you want to force close.

5. Choose the Force stop option and confirm it by selecting OK.

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Method 3: Perform Soft Reset

This method is applicable in the situation when you cannot exit the app and force close it from the Settings menu. Let’s see how to perform a soft reset to close the app that will not close:

1. Press and hold the Power button on your remote for 5 seconds and wait for your TV to turn off.

2. After a few seconds, press the Power button again from the remote to switch it back on.

The TV will boot up with all apps closed. You can now launch any desired app you want.

How Do I Refresh Apps on My Samsung TV?

If you’re having trouble with an app on your Samsung Smart TV, you can improve its performance by refreshing it. This process involves clearing the app’s cache, which often leads to better performance. Here are the simple steps to refresh an app on your Samsung Smart TV:

1. Press the SMART HUB button on your Samsung TV remote to open the Smart Hub menu.

2. Here, select Settings.

Settings menu Samsung Smart TV Home Screen

3. Now, navigate to and select the Smart Hub tab.

4. Now, select Apps Settings > desired app.

5. Now, select the Clear Cache option.

6. Finally, choose OK from the popup to confirm the process.

Note: You can check for software updates by navigating to Settings > Support > Software Update on your TV.

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After learning how to close apps on Samsung Smart TV, you can keep your apps running smoothly on your TV and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. Leave your comments or suggestions in the comments below, and come back for more insightful tutorials.

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