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How to Cancel Xbox Pre Order

Pre-order is an excellent marketing strategy to hype up a new product. Companies offer discounts and bonuses for placing orders for a product that has not even launched yet. Xbox does this same thing to book more sales before the game is launched. But sometimes, in such hype, making a hasty decision and placing the pre-order is pretty easy. If you want to cancel an online order on Xbox for this reason or maybe some other reason, it is possible to do this. If you are someone looking for tips about the same, we bring you a helpful guide that will teach you how to cancel Xbox pre order and check Xbox order history.

How to Cancel Xbox Pre Order

How to Cancel Xbox Pre Order

Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to cancel Xbox pre order in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

How to Check Xbox Order History?

If you have placed an order and realize you want to cancel an online order on Xbox after some time, you must visit the Xbox order history section on your console. All your previous transactions are in reverse chronological order in the Xbox order history. But where do you find this list? Xbox has enabled the user to check Xbox order history in the console, and get there with the help of the following steps:

1. On your Xbox console, select the Profile icon from the top left of the screen and press the A button on the controller.

2. Then, choose the Profile tab > Settings option.

Press the Xbox button and select the Settings option in the Profile and system section

3. Next, go to Account.

4. Select the Payment & billing option.

Select Account - Payment & billing | How to Cancel Xbox Pre Order

5. Now, select the Order history option where all your payment history for the current month will be visible to you.

select the Order history option |

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How to Make Xbox Pre Order Payment?

Xbox pre-order payment can be made through your Xbox console only. You can choose to add your payment before making the purchase or you can also add the payment method to the ongoing purchase. Let us know one by one how you can do that.

Method 1: Add Payment Method Before Purchase

1. Press the Xbox button given on the console.

2. Go to Profile & System.

3. Select Settings.

4. Go to Account.

5. Select Payment & Billing.

6. Select Add Payment Method.

7. Add your payment details whatever is applicable.

enter card expiry date |

Keep reading to learn how to cancel Xbox pre order.

Method 2: Add Payment Method while Transacting

1. Press the Xbox button given on the console.

2. Go to the Xbox guide.

3. Select Store from the guide.

4. Select Search and write the name of the game in the search box.

5. Select the correct Game title and Edition.

6. Select PRE-ORDER.

Select PRE-ORDER | How to Cancel Xbox Pre Order

7. Then add Payment Details.

8. Review your order and Confirm.

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What Happens When You Pre-Order Game on Xbox?

When you preorder a game on Xbox, you pay for a game that is not released yet. It does not mean that you will get the game early, but whenever the game is released, you will get access to it instantly. Pre-orders help companies like Microsoft create hype for an upcoming product and increase its sales. If a new product is launching with a limited number of units, pre-order is a great way to reserve the new product and use it as soon as it launches.

Can I Cancel an Xbox One Pre Order?

Yes, you can cancel the Xbox pre order. After placing the pre-order, you may change your mind about the purchase and want to cancel it. But you need to remember that the cancellation window on Pre-orders is only valid up to 10 days before the game launches. If you miss this window, you cannot cancel the pre order, you can request a refund also if applicable.

How to Cancel Xbox Pre Order?

You can cancel Xbox pre order within the cancellation window. This window lasts up to 10 days before the game’s official release date. If you miss this window, you cannot cancel the preorder but can request a refund. If you are eligible to cancel Xbox pre order. Let us see how you can do that by yourself.

1. Visit the official website of Xbox on any browser.

2. Click on the Sign in icon from the top right corner to get into your account with the account credentials.

Click on the Sign in icon at the top right corner |

3. Click on the profile icon > My Microsoft account as shown.

Click on the profile pic icon - My Microsoft account

4. Click on the Payment & billing > Order history option.

5. Locate your desired pre order from the list.

6. Click on Cancel item.

Click on Cancel item | How to Cancel Xbox Pre Order

7. Mark the Game title checkbox and select the Cancel item option.

8. Confirm the cancellation from the confirmation email.

Note: If the item is not eligible for cancellation, you will see the Cancel item button greyed out.

How Do I Cancel an Online Order on Xbox?

To cancel an online order on Xbox you have to visit the Xbox order history. You can access the Xbox order history from both the console and the website. Before going forward, make sure your purchase is eligible for cancellation. If not, you can ask for a refund. If your purchase is eligible for cancellation, follow the steps mentioned above to cancel an online order on Xbox.

How to Cancel a Pending Order on Microsoft?

As of now, there is no existing way from which you can cancel a pending order on Microsoft. Sometimes due to some technical issues when you place an order money from your end gets deducted but doesn’t get received by Microsoft. In that case, your purchase shows pending. You cannot cancel such a purchase. In most cases, you will get a refund in 3-5 days yet if it is taking longer than this, you can request a refund.


So, we hope you have understood how to cancel Xbox pre order with the detailed steps to your aid. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.

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