How to Add Pokétwo Bot to Discord

Infuse Discord servers with interactive Pokémon adventures using this bot.

Pokétwo stands out as the leading Discord bot to experience the Pokémon gameplay on servers. With this bot, you can catch virtual Pokémons, and collect as well as trade them within your server. It adds fun, engagement, and community building to your server. Let’s explore how to add and use the Pokétwo Discord bot to keep your server lively.

How to Add Pokétwo Bot to Discord

How to Add Pokétwo Bot to Discord

Pokétwo, a beloved Discord bot, brings the essence of the popular Pokémon games to your Discord community. This interactive bot lets users catch, trade, and battle Pokémon with fellow server members. It offers captivating RPG-style gameplay, collection mechanics, and multiplayer interaction, making it a top choice for both Pokémon enthusiasts and gamers.

Here are three key aspects of the Pokétwo bot:

1. Catch Pokémon: Use Pokétwo to catch wild Pokémon using the !p catch command, followed by the Pokémon’s name. There is a cooldown for each catch attempt, which adds a strategy element to the game.

2. Trade Pokémon: With the help of the bot, you can trade Pokémon with your friends. The !p trade command is used to trade Pokémon for each other. Both parties need to agree on the trade for it to go through.

3. Battle Friends: When you have a bunch of powerful Pokemon, you can team up with your pals to see who’s got the best moves and tactics. Team up with other players and see how your Pokémon’s stats stack up in strategic battles.

Installing Pokétwo on your Discord is super easy. Just make sure you have the right permissions so you can add bots. Here’s how to install Pokétwo:

1. Visit the Pokétwo Bot official website on your phone browser.

2. Tap on Invite Pokétwo.

Tap Invite poketwo button

3. Enter your Discord account credentials and Log in to your account.

4. Select the desired server where you want to add this bot.

select a server

5. Tap on Continue.

Tap continue

6. Review the permissions and tap on Authorise to go on adding the Pokétwo bot to your Discord server.

tap Authorize

7. Solve the captcha to get the authorized message confirming that Pokétwo has been added to your server.

welcome message

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How to Use the Pokétwo Bot on Discord?

Now that you’ve got the Pokétwo bot up and running on your Discord, let’s talk about how to get the most out of it:

1. Open the Discord app on your phone.

Note: Make sure you are logged into your account.

2. Tap on the desired server from the left pane where you added the Pokétwo bot.

Note: You will see Pokétwo on your text channel,

3. Now, tap on the Pokétwo icon from the leftmost pane.

tap Poketwo icon

4. Type and send the command @Pokétwo start to joining the game.

Type @Pokétwo start

5. Once you’ve done that, pick your Pokémon starter by sending the @Pokétwo pick <Pokémon> command in your Discord server where the Pokétwo bot is added.

6. To view the list of commands and their descriptions, use the help provided by @Pokétwo help.

type @Pokétwo help

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Pokétwo Bot Commands

The following are the commands for this bot

Bot Commands Action
@Pokétwo catch <pokémon> This will capture the given Pokémon
@Pokétwo evolve <pokémon> It is used when you wish to upgrade your Pokémon if it meets your needs
@Pokétwo nickname <nickname> It is used when you want to nickname your Pokémon
@Pokétwo select <pokémon> This method is used to assign an active Pokémon to an input number
@Pokétwo release <pokémon number> It is used whenever you want to send out a particular Pokémon
@Pokétwo moveset <pokémon> It shows all the moves that are available for the specific Pokémon
p!start Enters you into the game
p!pick (pokemon) Select your starter
p!shinyhunt (pokemon) Target a certain pokemon for a shiny
p!evolve (pokemon) Evolve your pokemon
p!nickname (nickname) Set a nickname for the current pokemon
p!order (number|level|iv|pokedex) Orders your p!pokemon list in the manner selected


See all your caught (and uncaught) pokemon
p!release (Pokemon number) Releases a Pokemon permanently
p!releaseall (search terms) Mass release pokemon
p!unmega Revert a Mega Evolution to its original form
p!shop To see the Mega Stone shop
p!battle (@user) | p!duel (@user) Battle another trainer with your pokémon!
p!battle add (pokemon #) Add Pokemon to battle
p!battle cancel Cancel a battle
p!learn (move name) Learn moves for your pokémon to use in battle
p!moveinfo (move name) View information about a certain move
p!moves (pokemon) View current moveset and available moves for your active Pokemon
p!moveset (pokemon) View all moves for your pokémon and how to get them
p!balance View your current balance of PokeTwo Credits
p!togglebalance Don’t show your balance on shop pages
p!shop (page=x) View the Pokétwo item shop, starting at (x) page
p!buy [args…] Purchase an item from the shop
p!dropitem <pokemon> Drop a pokémon’s held item
p!moveitem <from pokemon #> <to pokemon #> Move a pokémon’s held item
p!open [type] [amt=1] Open mystery boxes received from voting
p!redeem [species] Use a redeem to receive a pokémon of your choice
p!redeemspawn [species] Use a redeem to spawn a pokémon of your choice
p!stopincense Stop your Incense timer
p!trade (@username) Start the trading interface with a specific user
p!favorite | p!fav Adds or removes your current Pokemon from PokeTwo’s favorites list


Check current event information, if any
p!auction Pokemon auctions
p!embedcolor Change embed colors
p!n | p!b | p!next | p!back Next/last page when viewing a multiple page item like p!help or your pokemon list
p!daily | p!vote Get the vote link or check your voting streak and rewards
p!time Current time of day
p!open (normal|great|ultra) (amount) Opens lootboxes
p!silence Silences your personal level up warnings
p!healschema (@user) Fix database schema if broken
p!invite View the invite link for the bot
p!ping View the bot latency
p!profile View your profile
p!stats View statistics about the bot itself like server count
p!reindex Reindexes your pokemon in case of an error
p!market add (pokemon) (price) List a pokémon on the marketplace


p!market search (arguments) Search pokémon from the marketplace
p!market buy <id> Buy a pokémon on the marketplace after finding it’s ID with Search
p!market info <id> Confirm a specific listed Pokemon’s details
p!market remove (id) Remove your pokémon from sale
p!redirect (#channel) Redirects all Pokemon spawns into the channel passed
p!redirect reset Disables redirecting of spawns
p!prefix (prefix) Sets the server prefix
p!location Set your timezone for day/night related things
p!silence Silence your level up messages
p!serversilence Silence level ups server-wide
p!configuration Checks various settings that can be set via the above command

With the help of this article, we expect you have understood how to add the Pokétwo bot to Discord. You have now learned all the commands to enjoy hours of fun playing the Pokémon game with your friends. Feel free to leave your questions and suggestions in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to explore our website for helpful guides!

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