How to Add Caption on Tiktok: Beginner’s Guide

Often it’s the caption that serves as the voice for your video and makes it more impactful. It complements your video and entertains, informs, and inspires your viewers.

While the possibilities are endless, do you want to learn how to add closed captions on TikTok? Don’t worry, our guide has got your back. 

Let’s take an advantage to showcase your creativity on the short-form video content platform.

how to add caption on tiktok

How to Add Caption on Tiktok

Closed captions provide a written representation of the spoken words or audio content in a video. You can use different font styles and patterns for captions, which can further improve your content aesthetically. 

Watch your videos come to life on TikTok, follow the methods mentioned below:

Method 1: Use the Text Tool During Recording

You can manually add text to your video while recording. Here’s how:

1. Open TikTok and start recording a new video.

2. While recording, tap the Text button on the right side of the screen.

3. Type your desired caption in the text box. You can customize the text as per your choice.

4. Tap on Done when you’re satisfied with your caption.

Tap the done when you're satisfied with your caption.

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Method 2: Add Captions After Recording

If you’ve already recorded the video, TikTok still lets you add captions during the editing process.

1. Record your video as usual and tap on Done after recording.

2. On the editing screen, tap Text on the right side of the screen, and customize your caption as per your choice.

Note: You can also add multiple captions by tapping Text again and repeating the process.

3. When you’ve added all captions, tap on Done at the top-right corner.

Tap done

Method 3: Enable Auto-Captions

TikTok uses speech recognition technology to transcribe spoken words into text and auto-generate captions. Here’s how to use it:

1. Record your video as usual and then on the editing page, tap Captions in the tool bar on the right side of the screen.

tap Captions on the right side of the screen

TikTok will automatically generate captions based on the audio in your video.

2. Review the same and edit them if necessary, by tapping on the pencil icon.

3. Tap Save when you’re satisfied and then post it.

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How to Add Captions on Tiktok After Posting

Captions can be a great reason for the videos going viral. They give the video a sense of content and creativity that attracts more audience.

Initially, the option to add the caption after posting was unavailable on TikTok. But after the recent updates, you can do the same. Refer to our guide on How to Edit TikTok Caption After Posting.

Why Can’t I Add captions on TikTok?

Some reasons why you might be unable to add captions to your TikTok video are:

  • After recording your video, you’ll be taken to a preview screen before officially posting. Tap the Next button to access the editing window where you can add captions, music, effects, and other elements.
  • Occasional app glitches can happen. Restart the device and then the app to fix them.
  • Outdated versions might have bugs or missing features, including caption editing. Update the app and see if that helps.
  • Your video doesn’t have any audio (e.g., music or recorded sound), which is why the Add caption option might be hidden. 

Why Do You Need Captions on TikTok?

Here are some key reasons why captions are important on TikTok, explained simply:

  • Many users scroll through TikTok with the sound off. Captions grab their attention, explain the video, and make them more likely to watch and engage.
  • Captions translate the video’s content into text, which is accessible to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speak different languages.
  • Captions act like mini-descriptions, helping people find your video when they search for related terms. Think of them like keywords for TikTok’s search engine.
  • As captions can be funny, informative, or creative, they make the content more enjoyable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What types of TikTok captions are there?

Ans: TikTok captions can be short, descriptive, question-type, seasonal, and many more.

Q2: How do you move captions on TikTok?

Ans: Unfortunately, when you enable automatic captions, these will appear fixed on the screen. However, manually added captions can be dragged across the screen easily.

Q3: Can you edit or add hashtags on TikTok after posting?

Ans: Yes, with the new TikTok update, users can now edit their Hashtags on TikTok.

Q4: Do captions affect the TikTok algorithm and the visibility of my videos?

Ans: Yes, captions can have an impact on the TikTok algorithm and the visibility of your videos. 

‍Captions can grab attention, add humor, and even help your content go viral on TikTok and we hope our guide helped you easily add them to your videos.

If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section and stay tuned to TechCult for more informative guides.

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