How to Add and Use Arcane bot on Discord

Make user experience easy and smooth on Discord with Arcane bot

On Discord servers, we can set certain roles and situations but these with ordinary bots have limitations. So how do we achieve a 24/7 process of these functions all the while users automatically take part on your server? The answer is Arcane. This bot does the work for you. In this article, we will set up and use the arcane bot on Discord and we will also be sharing bot commands so you can make the most out of the bot.

How to Add and Use Arcane bot on Discord

How to Add and Use Arcane Bot

Arcane Bot is one of the most used multi-purpose Discord bots, it can not only make your experience on server smooth but also provides various benefits to you. 

It is easy to add an Arcane bot to your server, follow the below steps to set up Arcane Bot:

1. First, visit the official Arcane Bot website

2. Click on the Add to Discord button.

Click on Add to Discord button | use arcane bot discord

3. You will be redirected to Discord.

Note: Login with your credentials if asked

4. Select your desired server and click on the Continue button.

Select your desired server and click on the Continue button

5. Finally, click on Authorize to finish adding the bot to your server.

click on Authorize | use arcane bot discord

6. Tick on I am human and complete the captcha verification.

tick on i am human

Arcane bot has been added and is ready to use.

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How to Set Up Arcane Bot

After adding the Arcane bot, you can start using it. Before using the bot you will need Arcane bot commands. Refer to our headings to learn more commands.

1. You can go to your server where you have added Arcane bot.

3. Here we used /avatar to view the profile image of a user

Here we used /avatar to view the profile image of a user | use arcane bot discord

Note: The above command is used on arcane bot and retrieved the avatar of another bot for reference.

That’s it! You bot will be all set up.

What is Arcane Bot?

Arcane bot is one of the best levelling bots which also does multi-purposed tasks. It offers a feature for automatic leveling and moderation. This leveling system rates users based on their activity on Discord. This, in turn, can allot points and rank them higher relative to their roles. While users can enjoy high ranks, this can elect them to moderation levels and other responsible positions.

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Arcane Bot Command List

To use use Arcane bot on Discord, you need to know several commands to make it work. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of all commands that will come handy. 

General Commands

Commands Function
/avatar View a user’s avatar.
/dashboard This will get a link to your server’s dashboard.
/help This will get links from multiple resources. For e.g. The page, support server etc.
/invite This will get a link that invites the arcane to another server
/premium This will let you view perks for getting premium
/roleinfo This will provide info on current role in the server
/serverinfo Get a general overview of your server.
/stats View statistics on Arcane such as discord servers, users, commands, and other various statistics
/support This will provide you with arcane support server
/userinfo Get information on a user. This will provide roles and other basic information on a user.
/vote Get a link to vote for Arcane. By voting you can receive a 10% experience boost for 12 hours

Levelling Commands

Commands Function
/boosters View all of the XP booster roles in the server
/color Set your color for the level command.
/leaderboard Get a link to your server-leveling leaderboard
/level This will let you check your friend’s level or XP
/rewards This will display all the rewards for the level which are configured by a moderator
/xp This will manually set a user to a specific XP or level

Moderation Commands to Use Arcane bot on Discord

Commands Function
/ban This will ban a discord member from your server temporarily or permanently
/history View a members moderation history. Shows warnings, mutes, kicks, and bans
/kick Kick a member from your discord server.
/lock Lock a channel in your server.
/mute This will mute a member from your server temporarily or permanently
/purge This will clear hundreds of messages from a channel in your server. This is one of Arcane’s most advanced commands and has many search paramaters.
/reason Update a reason on a moderation log case
/slowmode Edit the slow-mode value for a channel.
/user-ids Parses inputed text for *possible* user IDS.
/unban This will unban a member from your discord server.
/unlock Unlock a channel in your server.
/unmute This will unmute a previously muted member on your server
/warn Issue a warning to a member in your discord server

Features of Arcane Bot

Arcane bot provides exclusive features for a moderator, take a look at these to learn more:

  • The important and very useful feature of Arcane bot is its auto-moderation feature, the only thing you need to do is to set rules as you would do for normal moderation in a server. After that, watch the bot auto-moderate the server according to your rules.
  • Do you have a need for more commands? Arcane lets you create custom commands, giving you even more control than the normal commands.
  • By default, Arcane logs the user’s activity such as the time they log in and out of your server. What’s more, it also logs all the messages of the users on the server, this can give you a thought that Arcane is tracking what is going on the server.
  • Have YouTube users on your server? Use Arcane on Discord to allow you to send notifications about your videos through Discord directly allowing you to raise views and subscribers. 
  • Want to moderate a voice channel? Arcane comes with powerful voice leveling which allows it to listen in on users. It can filter out users who are seeking to get more XP by going afk (away from keyboard) or by setting mute, deaf, or idling.
  • Arcane provides every server with free and unlimited usage of role rewards and leaderboards. Customize roles to earn more XP and more configuration features.

Arcane Bot Dashboard

Users have the ability to set reaction roles for themselves which gives Discord a more modern and unique feeling on your server. You can set reaction roles which will then appear on the dashboard and use Arcane bot on Discord.

Arcane Bot In Welcoming Active Community

Arcane bot has many auto-moderation commands and there are commands you can also create to fulfill your server’s moderation. This allows for a more active and healthy community.

  • Arcane bot not only moderates your server but has many protocols to filter out users; users that are filtered due to inactivity on your server, promoting a toxic environment by harassing other users, promoting other servers, etc. Arcane can lead to a more friendly and healthy environment.
  • Reaction roles can create a rewarding environment and also provide a reward to each user that can keep users engaged in various gaming bots on Discord.
  • Adding arcane to one of your servers can let you feel free from managing the server on a daily basis.
  • Arcane promotes and rewards reliable good active users on your server and levels them depending on their usage of your server, This in turn can help create a toxic free, active environment on your server.
  • Whenever you are online you can provide moderation and create rules for your server. When you are offline, Arcane operates on its protocols and also operates on the rules you set which technically leads to 24/7 management of your server.

We hope you were able to set Arcane bot on your server using our article How to add and use Arcane bot on Discord. Keep reading articles like these to gain more info on discord bots on our website, don’t forget to leave your comments in the box given below. Thanks for reading!

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