How Much Does Barnes and Noble Membership Cost?

Avid readers always look for various platforms for a wide selection of reading materials, and eventually, they end up discovering Barnes and Noble. With their online and offline stores, bookworms can easily browse and get their hands on the extensive printed and e-reading materials. And the upgraded experience can be further benefitted with Barnes and Noble membership at an affordable cost. Let’s explore what is it and how you can get their membership card to avail discounts and offers.

How Much Does Barnes and Noble Membership Cost?

How Much Does Barnes and Noble Membership Cost?

With this article, we’ll get into the discussion on the benefits of Barnes and Noble membership for online and offline users.

Is Barnes and Noble Membership Worth It?

There are many benefits of a Barnes and Noble membership. But it is worth it or not entirely depends on your relationship with Barnes and Noble. The membership offers discounts on books, merchandise, and their cafe. You will also be eligible for special gift cards for your birthday month.

But is it worth it for you or not? It depends on several factors. Let us look at them:

  • What kind of a reader you are?: The main products of Barnes and Noble include paperbacks, ebooks, and audiobooks. So if you are a regular reader, it makes sense to buy the membership. If not, you can pass it.
  • Are you into their merchandise?: You will get a discount on their merchandise with this membership.
  • Do you visit their cafe?: If you are a regular visitor of their offline store and like to read the books in their cafe, then having their membership can help you save money.

Barnes and Noble official website

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Do You Get a Card With Barnes and Noble Membership?

Yes, users get a card with a Barnes and Noble membership with a yearly membership. And the card takes 7-10 days to reach you.

What are the Benefits of a Barnes and Noble Membership?

The benefits of a Barnes and Noble membership not just include vast selections of books but also includes discounts at their cafes and on their merchandise. So even if you are not a voracious reader, you can look into the benefits of this membership.

  • Exclusive offers: For exclusive offers in the physical stores and on their online store, you do not have to wait for some special sale. If you are a member, you will get special benefits throughout the year.
  • Free delivery: The members will get delivery of most of their products without any extra charge.
  • In-store 40% off on hardcovers: If you consider yourself an old soul, getting the hardcover in your hands and feeling it while reading must be non-negotiable for you. For such members, Barnes and Noble provide 40% off on the best-selling hardcovers. This offer is valid in their offline stores only.
  • In-store 10% off: No matter what you purchase, you will get a 10% off with some exclusions
  • Early access: When any sale or special event is going to happen, the members will get early access to it.
  • Birthday offer: In your birthday month, you will get a special and exclusive offer. The details will be sent to you in your email in that specific month.

Barnes and Noble membership

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How Much is Barnes and Noble Membership Cost?

The Barnes and Noble membership annual cost is $25. When you join the members’ program, you will be eligible for various discounts, early access opportunities, and free delivery. As this is an annual membership, you will get all the benefits throughout the year. You can renew it manually at the end of the one-year duration, or you can opt-in for the auto-renew.

How Much is a Barnes and Noble Membership Renewal?

The Barnes and Noble membership renewal cost is the same as the membership cost, i.e., $25. It is an annual membership; thus one year after the date of purchase, it expires. After the expiry, you will have to manually renew the membership until you have not opted for auto-renewal. In the case of auto-renewal before 30 days of expiration, the money gets deducted from your account.

What is Barnes and Noble Membership Number?

When you purchase a Barnes and Noble membership for exclusive benefits, you will get the benefits for both offline and online stores. But buying the membership alone does not ensure the benefits. For this, you have to link the membership number to your online account to get the benefits of the online store. This is the number you get when you purchase a membership.

Note: If you have misplaced this number, you can recover it by using their customer service at 00 1 201-559-3882.

How to Get Barnes and Noble Membership Card?

If you want to avail benefits of B&N membership, you have to purchase the membership from their official website. Let us see how you can do it.

1. Visit the Barnes and Noble membership page on your browser.

2. Then, click on MY ACCOUNT from the top right corner and select the Create an Account option.

click on MY ACCOUNT from the top right corner and select the Create an Account option

3. Enter the asked details and click on Create Account.

4. After creating the account, click on MEMBERSHIP from the top.

click on MEMBERSHIP from the top

5. Scroll down and click on Join Premium.

Scroll down and click on Join Premium

6. Enter the details in the PAYMENT DETAILS and BILLING ADDRESS fields.

PAYMENT DETAILS and BILLING ADDRESS | Barnes and Noble membership cost

7. Then, click on Save & Continue to save the entered details.

8. Mark the I agree checkbox and click Sign Up to complete the payment and enroll in the B&N Premium membership.

Save & Continue - I agree checkbox - Sign Up

You will receive your B&N membership card in 7-10 days.


We hope you have grasped how much the Barnes and Noble membership cost. If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop them in the comments section below for us to know. Your feedback and queries are valuable, and we encourage you to share what you want to learn about in our next article.

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