How Do I Transfer My CODM Account to Another Facebook Account

Effortlessly migrate your game progress to a new Facebook account.

Your Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) account holds your game progress and achievements. However, if you consider transferring your CODM account to another Facebook account, you should be well informed about this process. Let’s understand how to change your CODM Facebook account to retain your game data and be ready for new adventures.

How Do I Transfer My CODM Account to Another Facebook Account

How Do I Transfer My CODM Account to Another Facebook Account

You can perform these steps to change your Facebook account linked to Call of Duty Mobile to another FB account:

Note: Make sure the new Facebook account you want to connect to your Call of Duty Mobile account isn’t already linked to another Call of Duty Mobile account before transferring your account. Until the other account is unlinked, you won’t be able to move your account if it is.

1. Open the Facebook app on your iOS or Android device.

Note: Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account.

2. Tap on the hamburger icon from the top right side of your Feed screen.

3. Tap on Settings & privacy > Settings.

Tap on Settings.

4. Swipe down and tap on Apps and websites from the Permissions section.

Tap on Apps and Websites.

5. Tap on Call of Duty: Mobile > Remove.

6. Then, tap on Remove from the confirmation popup.

7. Now, launch the Call of Duty Mobile game app on your phone.

8. Tap on your profile name > Account from the drop-down menu.

9. Then, select Facebook as your account registration choice.

10. Now, enter the other Facebook account credentials and tap on Log in.

Go to the new Facebook account and log in.

It is how to change your CODM Facebook account.

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Can You Link Accounts in COD Mobile?

Yes, in COD Mobile, you have the option to link your accounts. This allows you to connect your Call of Duty Mobile identity with a Call of Duty account, Facebook account, or Apple ID account.

What Does Linking Call of Duty Accounts Do?

You can view your profile and playing progress on different platforms by connecting your COD account to Call of Duty Mobile. You can also tell your peers and other game participants about your advancements and accomplishments.

You can access additional benefits when you connect your accounts, including:

  • Crossplay: You can play with pals who are playing Call of Duty on various systems, like a PC or a console.
  • Rewards: Playing Call of Duty video games across various devices will win you rewards.
  • Group membership: You can establish or join a group with people from other platforms.
  • Player profile: You can examine the profiles of other users as well as your own, which include stats, accomplishments, and load-outs.

What Happens When You Link Your COD Mobile Account?

When your Call of Duty Mobile account is connected to another account, like your Call of Duty account, Facebook account, or Apple ID account:

  • Details and accomplishments are synced between various devices: When you connect your accounts, all of the data associated with your game progress, including scores, awards, load-outs, and other information, is synced across all your devices. It indicates that you can continue from where you left off on a different device.
  • Access to exclusive rewards: By connecting your accounts, you might gain access to exclusive prizes like skins, weaponry, and other in-game goods.
  • Connect with other players: Connect with other players by linking your accounts. By linking your accounts, you can communicate with other players who are logged into the same network or have linked profiles. It can be advantageous for making acquaintances, forming clans, and participating in activities.
  • Account is more secure: Adding a link to your account gives it an additional degree of protection. This helps prevent illegal entry by making it more challenging for others to access your account.

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With this newfound insight on how to transfer your CODM account to another Facebook account, you can keep playing on the new account as earlier. Share your thoughts on this change in the comments, and stay tuned for more updates!

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