How Do I Generate AI Chat Wallpaper on Snapchat

Snap AI creativity to flex the chat mood as desired!

After integrating My AI into Snapchat, the platform has taken a step further to improve the experience of premium subscribers. Now, with a simple prompt, you can effortlessly create personalized wallpapers using the power of AI. That’s right – all you have to do is jot down your idea and integrated AI in the app will take care of the rest. Eager to know how you can generate AI chat wallpaper and profile background using prompts on Snapchat. We’ll guide you in this blog.

How to generate AI Chat wallpaper on Snapchat

How Do I Generate AI Chat Wallpaper on Snapchat

AI chat wallpapers add one more cool customization feature to Snapchat as it creates and lets you set a background in the chat thread as per your likeability. However, currently, the feature is exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers. 

1. Open Snapchat, navigate to the targeted chat for whom you want to change the background and open the profile.

2. Tap Wallpaper under Our chat.

3. You can choose any of the pre-made wallpapers or tap the Generate from any prompt… input bar and type a prompt. 

Note: You can also tap on the Dice icon to choose any random prompt.

You can choose any of the pre-made wallpapers or tap the Generate from any prompt... input bar and type a prompt

4. Tap Search to start generating wallpaper based on the prompt, and select a wallpaper you like from the results.

5. Preview the wallpaper. You can decide if you want the image to be blurred or not and then tap on Confirm to change it.

You and your friend will be able to see the new wallpaper in the chat thread.

How Do I Generate AI Profile Backgrounds on Snapchat

Generating AI profile backgrounds on Snapchat is a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your profile.

1. Open Snapchat and tap on your Bitmoji avatar at the top left corner to navigate to your profile page.

2. Tap on your Bitmoji and choose Pose & Background.

Tap on your Bitmoji and choose Pose & Background

3. In the Generate from any prompt.. input bar, type in your prompt to get a unique background wallpaper for your profile.

4. Pick your favorite background from the results, tap Set Background, and then on Save.

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What are Some Additional Tips for Writing Snapchat AI Background Prompts?

  • Be Descriptive With Your Prompts: The better you describe your prompt, the better the result will be. For instance, instead of a simple beach, try something like – a sunset on an empty beach with palm trees.
  • Be Creative: There’s nobody to judge your thinking and creativity, so feel free to experiment with your prompts and style. You might be surprised by the results you never imagined.
  • Add Emojis To Your Prompts: In case you are not aware of it, you can also use emojis and it can be a great way to add extra details to your prompts.
  • Refine Your Prompt: If you’re not initially satisfied with the results it generates, try refining your prompt to make it more specific and see the magic happen.

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How Does AI Camera Mode Work With Snapchat+?

As a Snapchat+ subscriber, you can also create AI snaps using Snapchat Camera with AI mode. Here’s how:

1. Open Snapchat and switch to the Camera section.

2. Tap the AI button in the toolbar.

Tap the AI button in the toolbar
Picture Credits: Snapchat Newsroom

3. Select a prompt from the available ones or write in the text box, and tap Done.

4. Give it around 20 seconds to generate the snap. Once it’s ready, tap Next and share your AI-generated snap with friends.

That’s it, now start creating snaps using AI Camera mode and share your creative snaps with friends. Have fun snapping!

We hope our guide helped you generate AI chat wallpapers and profile backgrounds on Snapchat. If you’ve any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments section. Stay connected with TechCult for more updates on Snapchat and tech guides.

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