What Does Other Snapchatters 1 More Mean?

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Snapchat currently has around 300 million people from around the world. If you’re one of them too, you might be familiar with different filters, lenses, and many cool features offered by the app. But turns out there are a lot of interesting features and even words on Snapchat, beyond just maintaining streaks and applying amusing filters. Have you ever encountered Other Snapchatters 1 More and been confused by what does it mean? Do not fret! Today, we’ll solve the riddle of its meaning! 

What Does Other Snapchatters 1 More Mean?

What Does Other Snapchatters 1 More Mean?

Whenever a story is posted on Snapchat, it is expected to be seen only by friends. However, you may find a list of story viewers under the heading Other Snapchatters +1 more. It means the users who viewed your story are not followed by you. The difference between Other Snapchatters and + 1 more is that the former’s username is displayed whereas those in the + 1 more category cannot be identified. Some reasons are explained below: 

  • Blocked by Viewer: The viewer who has blocked you from watching your story will show up on your list of story viewers as Other Snapchatters. It only appears if the person had blocked you after seeing your story.
  • Friends You Have Not Added: According to Snapchat, the users who viewed your story but were not added as a friend can also come under this category.
  • Unfriended by User: When you’re removed from someone’s friend list, the person will appear under Other Snapchatters.

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What is Other Snapchatters Meaning?

If you check your story viewers list and see Other Snapchatters, the meaning to it is someone or even multiple users who are not followed by you have seen your story. This can also indicate that your account is public. If you’re not willing for random people to check out your story, you can change it from the privacy settings of the app.

How to See Other Snapchatters Who Viewed the Story When It Shows 1 More

There is no solid way to check who viewed your Snapchat story when it shows +1 more because you have been blocked by the person falling under this category. However, if you’re unblocked by them later, then you can see their names under your story viewers. Follow the steps below to see other Snapchatters:

1. Open Snapchat and tap on the profile icon in the top left corner.

click on the profile icon | other snapchatters 1 more

2. Tap on My Story and from the list of viewers. Look for the names under other Snapchatters to check who are not your friends. 

click on my story | other snapchatters 1 more

3. Tap on their names and view their profiles.

click on their profile to view

You might be able to see any additional users through this method.

How to Remove Other Snapchatters

To get rid of Other Snapchatters from Snapchat, you need to change your privacy settings to Friends Only. This will prevent other users from viewing your story. Follow the steps below to change your story settings to private: 

1. Open Snapchat and tap on the profile icon in the top left corner.

2. Tap on the settings icon in the top-right corner.

Tap on the settings icon | other snapchatters 1 more

3. Under PRIVACY CONTROLS, tap on View My Story.

Under PRIVACY CONTROLS, click View My Story

4. Tap on Friends Only to stop anyone else from viewing your story.

Note: You can also choose Custom and select users to block them from viewing your story.

Click on Friends Only or Custom

That’s it! You will now have full control over who can watch your stories.

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It’s possible to not know a lot about Snapchat if you’ve just started using it but with time; you will definitely get there! We hope our guide on what is Other Snapchatters 1 More meaning helped you. Keep reading our blogs for more updated information and leave your queries below.

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