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How Do I Cancel Instant Checkmate.com

Regardless of your reason for discontinuing your use of Instant Checkmate, canceling your subscription could potentially save you money.

Are you tired of paying for a subscription to Instant Checkmate but not using its services? Navigating the website, learning the details, and canceling the subscription may seem like a daunting task. But we’ll make it easy in this article, by guiding you through the specifics of canceling Instant Checkmate.com. 

How do i cancel Instant Checkmate.com

How Do I Cancel Instant Checkmate.com

Instant Checkmate is an online background check service for users to gain information about anyone, including records, contact details, and social media profiles. Despite the fact that it is reliable and efficient, terminating the subscription could be beneficial if you are no longer using the service. To do so, you can follow our guide.

Quick Answer

You can perform these steps to cancel the membership:

1. Log in to your Instant Checkmate account.

2. Move to the Accounts tab and then click on Membership Settings.

3. Click on Cancel Subscription.


Is It Hard to Cancel Instant Checkmate?

No, canceling your Instant Checkmate.com account is a relatively simple process that can be done in just a few steps. However, some users have reported difficulty canceling their subscriptions, so it’s important to be aware of the potential pitfalls.

  • One of the most common issues is the lack of clarity in the cancellation process. Some users have reported being redirected to a phone number or email address when they try to cancel online.
  • Users have also complained that their cancellation requests were not processed, leading to unexpected charges on their credit cards

Method 1: By Manually Submitting

1. Log in to your Instant Checkmate account using your username and password.

Log in to your Instant Checkmate account using your username and password.

2. Click on the Membership Settings in the Accounts tab.

3. Under active subscription, click on the Cancel Subscription button.

Now you have to wait until the cancellation request is confirmed by their team. If you need to provide any required information, follow the instructions accordingly.

Method 2: Contact Customer Care

You can contact their customer support as well at (877) 564-3003 and ask for the canceling your Instant Checkmate.com membership.

Except for holidays, their service is active from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 4 pm PT.

Note: To verify your information, you’ll need the full name and email address that is registered on Instant Checkmate. Make sure to request a confirmation email to have for your records.

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Method 3: Through Email

1. From your registered email send a membership cancellation request to webcancellations@instantcheckmate.com.

2. When sending the email, be sure to include your full name, mobile number, and email address that is registered on Instant Checkmate.

Email to webcancellations@instantcheckmate.com for cancelling account Subscription | How do I cancel Instant checkmate.com

3. The support team will verify your information and send you a confirmation email within 24 to 48 hours to inform you that your subscription has been canceled.

Note: You should cancel your Instant Checkmate.com subscription at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle.

What is the Cost of Instant Checkmate.com?

Instant Checkmate offers a variety of subscription plans to fit your needs and budget. The Phone Reports plan at $5.99 per month and provides unlimited access to phone reports and basic background checks. This is a great option if you only need information such as the owner’s name, photos, address, social media profiles, and so on. 

In case you require advanced functionalities, they provide a premium Person Reports plan commencing at $28.09 per month for a three-month subscription package. Besides the basic plan, this scheme encompasses advanced background checks, location reports, court records, and additional services. It could be an ideal choice for people seeking comprehensive information for personal or occupational purposes. 

There is also a 5-day trial offer for $1.00

Note: Make sure to opt for canceling before the trial period gets over if you do not want to continue using the service of Instant Checkmate.com to avoid auto charges.

For more details, check the pricing details on the official website.

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Does Instant Checkmate Inform People That You Looked Them?

No, they do not inform individuals that you’ve looked them up via notification, email, or so. Any search made on Instant Checkmate remains anonymous.

Does Instant Checkmate Have an App?

Yes, Instant Checkmate does have a mobile app that’s available for iOS and Android devices. With the app, you’ll be able to access all of the same features as the desktop version of the service, including public records, background checks, and more. 

We hope that with the provided information you were able to cancel your Instant Checkmate.com subscription and get rid of eliminate any unnecessary expenses. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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