Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error

Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error

Zoom is a great video conferencing app that is multipurpose and reliable. You can use it to attend online classes or conduct professional business meetings. It is easily available on Android and iOS platforms. However, there is also a slight possibility that you may run into Zoom account disabled error. Luckily, this article covers everything such as how to the resolve the aforementioned error as well as Zoom sign in error.

Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error

How to Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error

Zoom makes conducting online meetings a piece of cake. You do not need much technical knowledge as the app is pretty beginner friendly. Simply enter the meeting code to join a meeting or host the meeting yourself and only allow selected candidates, everything is up to you. Below we have mentioned the only method through which you can fix the said error.

Quick Answer

The best solution to the Zoom account disabled error is to request an appeal for review to Zoom team. You can visit the official appeals page on Zoom to submit your request.

Method 1: Request Appeal

Zoom may disable your account without warning if it goes against the acceptable terms of service and user guidelines. This is to ensure maximum safety and security of users on the platform as well as to adhere to strict guidelines. In this case, you can request an appeal to Zoom and fix Zoom account disabled error.

request an appeal zoom. Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error

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How to Fix Zoom Failed to Sign in Error Code

The sign in error on Zoom is another frustrating thing that Zoom users have to bear. This can be caused due to a number of reasons such as:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Zoom server downtime
  • Zoom account logged in into multiple devices
  • Outdated Zoom app

Method 1: Troubleshoot Internet Connection

Apps like Zoom require constant good speed internet connection to run smoothly. This ensures that the impeccable audio and video quality of the app remains intact. Therefore, in its absence, you can face certain errors which may result in in log in issues. Luckily, here are a few things you can try to resolve the error.

1A: Try Another Network

As mentioned earlier, the said error code on Zoom can be a result of unstable or poor internet connection. Accordingly, the first thing you should try is to connect to a different internet connection.

1. Click on the WiFi icon at the bottom.

Click on the WiFi icon

2. Choose the preferred WiFi option.

3. Click on Connect.

Click on Connect. Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error

1B: Run Network Troubleshooter

Your Windows laptop may run into certain internet connection related errors from time to time. It is not only frustrating but also time consuming and makes the whole experience troublesome. Luckily, you can run network troubleshooter by following our in-depth guide on How to Troubleshoot Network Connectivity Problems on Windows 10.

Run the troubleshooter for Network adapters

1C: Contact Internet Service Provider

Another thing you can try to resolve the said Zoom error code is contacting your internet service provider. This way you can discover any persisting network issues in your area and ask the experts to get rid of it.

Method 2: Wait for Server Uptime

Apps and websites can encounter server-related issues every once in a while. These issues can be intentional such as for maintenance or unintentional such as overload server. To check whether this is the culprit in your case, you can visit the official Zoom Service Status website. If the website states that there is something wrong, then wait for a few hours and try again later to fix the sign in error on Zoom.

zoom service status

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Method 3: Restart Device

When you restart your laptop, it will temporarily shut down the entire computer system and turn it on again. Doing so also clears up cache and RAM and may resolve minor issues. To restart your Windows laptop and fix Zoom failed to sign in error code, all you have to do is:

1. Press the Windows key.

2. Click on Power.

click on the Power icon

3. Choose Restart option to reboot the PC.

Restart PC

Once the laptop turns off and on, launch Zoom and check if the issue has been resolved. If not, then move on to the next troubleshooting method.

Method 4: Update Zoom App

When you update an app on your laptop, it gets fully loaded with new interesting features and also resolves any temporary issue. This method can also potentially fix Zoom account disabled error.

1. Launch Zoom on your laptop.

2. Click on your profile picture at the top right corner.

Click on your profile picture. Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error

3. Choose Check for Updates from the drop-down menu.

Choose Check for Updates

If there are no new updates available, then it means that your Zoom app is already up-to-date. However, if an update is available, then download it and check if this solved the said error.

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Method 5: Reset Zoom Email Address

As mentioned earlier, Zoom sign in error can arise due to issues associated with the current email address. You can easily change it by following these steps:

1. Go to Zoom web portal and sign in.

2. Click on Profile in the navigation menu.

Click on Profile

3. Next, click on Edit next to Sign-In Email.

click on Edit next to Sign-In Email. Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error

4. Now enter the following:

  • New Email Address
  • Enter your password to change your sign-in email address.

Note: For profiles which are associated with Facebook, Google, or Apple sign-ins, the new email address must match the email address associated with these accounts.

enter the following

5. Click on Save Changes.

6. Go to your old account Gmail and open the confirmation mail. Click on Confirm.

Click on Confirm. Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error

7. Now select Send Now on the Zoom web portal.

select Send Now

8. Next, go to the Gmail of your new email address and choose Confirm Change.

go to the Gmail of your new email address and choose Confirm Change. Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error

9. Finally, confirm your choice by clicking on Confirm this Change.

Click on confirm this Change

Once you complete the process, Zoom will ask you to enter a new password. Now sign in to your Zoom account again and check if the issue has been resolved.

Method 6: Reinstall Zoom

If updating Zoom was ineffective, you can also try reinstalling the app and fix sign in error on Zoom. The steps for the same are mentioned below.

1. Press Windows + I keys simultaneously to open Settings.

2. Click on Apps.

Open Apps. Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error

3. Search and select Zoom from the list of apps.

4. Click on Uninstall.

Click on Zoom and select Uninstall

5. Now go to Zoom Download Center and click on Download.

Zoom download page. Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error

6. Install the app on your Desktop and log in using your credentials.

the installation was successful

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Method 7: Contact Zoom Help Centre

If all the above-mentioned methods did not solve Zoom failed to sign in error code, then you can Submit a request to Zoom. This way you can get expert solutions to all your queries. All you have to do is share a few details such as the type of operating system you are using, meeting ID, and so on.

contact zoom help centre. Fix Zoom Account Disabled Error


We hope this article helped you in resolving Zoom account disabled error as well sign in error. Please share your valuable feedback and reviews in the comments. Also let us know what you would like to read next on our website as we keep coming up with interesting stuff.

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