Fix The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available

YouTube is undeniably a very famous platform to stream and view videos from all over the world. With videos of every kind, be it songs, movies, cooking, funny, educational, you name it and YouTube has everything for you. It has been used by billions of people around the world and undoubtedly serves as the single most favored application for videos. Just like any other digital platform where you can get your hands on online content, YouTube also faces technical problems or restriction issues when it comes to playing videos on the app. One such issue is the uploader has not made this video available in your country error. It can certainly be annoying when you are trying to watch your favorite video on YouTube and if you are dealing with the same difficulty on the platform for some time and want relief from it then our perfect guide is here to help you out. With easy and perfect fixes, you can now stream desired videos in one go without having to face any errors.

Fix The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available

How to Fix The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available in Your Country

If you are struggling to watch a particular video on YouTube and have not been able to due to its unavailability then it can be due to a few reasons mentioned below:

  • The first reason that can lead to the uploader has not made this video available in your country problem is obvious and that is geographical location issues. It is possible that the video uploader has limited the video to a particular geographical location and thus, you being not in the same location is barring you from viewing that video.
  • Another most influential reason behind this problem is restrictions on video. It is possible that your YouTube blocks some videos due to government legal policy or license rights.
  • One of the other reasons behind video unavailability can also be restrictions in a particular country. If the video that you are trying to view is banned in a specific country’s IP address, you will not be able to watch it.

How Can I Watch Videos Not Available in My Country

Even though there are reasons that restrict you from watching certain videos in your country, there are a few methods that can overcome these causes and help you watch your favorite videos with ease. So, without further delay, let us start with these methods right away:

Method 1: Use Proxy Server

The first method is extremely helpful and also one of the most opted in order to download a video in case the uploader has not made this video available issue arises on your device. Proxy is a server application that hides your real IP address and changes with another country’s IP address. Proxy helps in maintaining the privacy and, in this case, helps in removing country-specific limitations.

1. Launch your browser and open a proxy server, in this case, open


2. Now, enter the video URL on the home page of the proxy site.

Once you get a new URL, you will be able to watch the video which was restricted.

Method 2: Use Browser Extension

The browser extension helps in accessing the blocked sites. These extensions can be downloaded on the browser and help in changing the IP address of different listed countries that allow users to watch YouTube videos that are restricted for your country.

1. Download extension (e.g. Hola) to change your browser IP address. Click on Add to Chrome to install the extension.

Note: We have used Google Chrome as an example. You can use a different web browser.

Download Hola

2. Once it is installed, click on the Hola logo and open the YouTube video that you want to watch.

3. Next, click on the Hola extension icon.

4. Navigate to the following URL in the search bar.

go to in hola ip address changer extension tool

5. Also, make sure to select the Country in which you want to use the IP address.

6. Once the Country is set, reload the YouTube page.

Now, you will be able to watch the restricted video and uploader has not made this video available in your country issue will be resolved.

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Method 3: Use VPN

Virtual Private Network, also known as VPN, is a great way to cover your IP address. VPN helps in bypassing the restrictions for YouTube videos by hiding your IP address. Also, VPN provides good security while you are trying to surf the net. All in all, using VPN is a great private network that you can use to access the public network.

1. Download DroidVPN on your system.

Download DroidVPN. Fix The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available

2. Install the product on your system to launch it.

3. Set up a country in VPN.

4. Now, download YouTube content that you could not access earlier.

Method 4: Download Blocked YouTube Video

Another fix for how can I watch videos not available in my country is to download the restricted YouTube video that you cannot access. This is another one of the easiest methods to fix the restriction issue. There are multiple websites that help you to download YouTube videos that you can watch offline. You can check out the steps given below to download YouTube video on your system to fix the uploader has not made this video available error.

1. Open YouTube and go to blocked video page.

Open YouTube

2. Copy the URL of the video on YouTube that you are trying to access.

3. Now, replace http://www. in the URL with ss and press enter.

edit url. Fix The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available

4. It will redirect you to where you will get the download link for the video.

savefrom net

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Method 5: Bypass YouTube Region Filtering

Bypassing YouTube region filtering is another way that can be effective in resolving the uploader has not made this video available in your country problem. You can give the bypass method a try by following the steps below:

1. Open YouTube and copy the video URL that you are trying to access.

2. Replace watch?v= with v/.

edit url. Fix The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available

Attempting this method can fix not being able to watch the video and lets you watch it on your browser.

Method 6: Use Google Translate

The last method that can help you out with watching a blocked video in your country is Google translate. If you haven’t already used this method then you should because with the help of Google translate you can watch the video of your choice in a different language and then translate the result.

1. Search for the video you are trying to access in a different language.

2. Use Google Translate to get an explanation of a search query in another language.

Open Google Translate

3. Choose to view the site in your preferred language by clicking on Translate this page.

These steps will help you in loading links from Google translate by bypassing the country restrictions and therefore making it accessible for you to watch the video.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What does it mean by video not available?

Ans. If you are trying to watch a video on YouTube and it is restricted for some reason it can be due to video prohibition in your country due to legal reasons or it may have been blocked on the device that you are trying to play it on.

Q2. How can I watch a video that is unavailable?

Ans. You can try different methods stated above to watch a video that is unavailable for you to watch. Other than that, you can also try restarting YouTube, your device, your browser, or even your router.

Q3. Why does my YouTube keep saying video is unavailable on my device?

Ans. If you are repeatedly seeing a video unavailable error on your device while browsing videos on YouTube, there must be a problem with your JavaScript files or Flash programs. If JavaScript is disabled on your device, you won’t be able to watch YouTube videos.

Q4. How can I fix this video is not available on your current location error?

Ans. If a certain video is not available in your current location, then you must check your preferred server location and see if the desired content is available for your current location. Connect to the server to allow the video to stream from your location.

Q5. Can I watch a restricted video on YouTube?

Ans. To watch a restricted video on YouTube, you need to appeal to Community Guidelines and submit your reason to watch the restricted video.


We hope that we were able to clear up all your doubts about the uploader has not made this video available in your country issue and you were able to fix it using the methods given above. If yes, then let us know which one of the methods helped you thoroughly in achieving that. For more queries and to give your valuable suggestions, leave a comment below.

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