Top 10 Ways to Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

In this busy world, you cannot always stay connected to your cell phone and might even turn off your mobile for a while. Yet, calls and messages will keep pouring in. If enabled, these will be waiting for you in your voicemail inbox. However, when it doesn’t work as it should, you are left to wonder why is their voicemail not working. If you are also struggling with this problem on Samsung Galaxy phone, this guide will help you fix the same.

Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Visual Voicemail Not Working

Here are some reasons that contribute to it:

  • Voicemail app does not have proper permissions to run in the background.
  • Your cellular data might be turned off or background data is disabled.
  • Your device does not have enough space to store recorded voice mails.
  • The Android operating system is not updated to its latest version.

Note: Smartphones don’t have the same Settings options, and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Hence, ensure the correct settings before changing any. The said steps were performed on the Redmi phone.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Solutions

Following are a few basic methods to fix the problem.

1. Reboot Android – If you wonder why is visual voicemail not working, you must Restart or Reboot Your Android Phone to fix it.

tap the Reboot option

2. Troubleshoot Network Connection – Firstly, make sure Wi-Fi or Mobile data is enabled.

1. Tap the Settings icon on the Home Screen.

2. Now, tap the SIM cards & mobile networks option as shown.

tap the SIM cards mobile networks option

3. Then, toggle on the Mobile data option.

make sure the Mobile data option is turned on

If you want to use a roaming network when you are out of your geographic location, tap Advanced settings as depicted.

Note: The international data roaming service may cost you extra.

tap Advanced settings

5. Now, tap International roaming and select Always as shown.

6. Now, tap on Data roaming.

tap on Data roaming. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

7. Next, tap Turn on if you are prompted.

tap Turn on to confirm the prompt

Now, check if you were able to fix voicemail stopped working on Samsung 5 today.

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3. Run Malware Scan – If there are any malicious files or bugs in your device you will face Samsung Galaxy 5 voicemail issue. So, uninstall recently installed or suspicious apps and check if you have fixed the problem. You can also try installing an antivirus app and running a malware scan to ensure your device is safe or not. Read our guide 10 Best Free Antivirus Software for Android to get an idea about which app to choose.

1. Open the Play Store and search for any antivirus software as depicted.

Install Antivirus App

2. Then, tap the Install button.

3. Wait for the installation to be completed and tap Open to launch the app.

Note: The steps to scan your Android device may vary depending on the software you use. Here, Avast Antivirus is taken as an example. Follow the steps according to your software.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions within the app and choose either Advanced protection (needs subscription) or Basic protection (free).

choose either Advanced protection or Basic protection

5. Then, tap START SCAN.

tap START SCAN. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

6. In the next prompt, Allow the permission prompt to scan your files within the device.

only your apps and settings will be scanned and not your corrupt files

7. Wait until the app scans your device completely and once done, resolve the risks found by following the on-screen instructions.

tap on enable

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4. Free-up Space – When you do not have adequate space on your Android, you will face why is visual voicemail not working problem. Follow the instructions in our guide How to Free up internal Storage on Android Phone to free up storage.

tap Clean now. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

5. Update Android OS – Follow and implement the steps here to Check for Updates on your Samsung Phone.

Update Android

Method 2: Enable Background Data

Despite turning on mobile data, you must turn on background data usage to ensure your phone makes use of an internet connection even in data saver mode. Follow as instructed to fix Samsung Galaxy 5 voicemail issue.

1. Go to the Settings app.

2. Then, tap on Apps.

tap on Apps. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

3. Then, tap on Manage apps followed by the voicemail app.

4. Then, tap on Restricted data usage.

tap on Restricted data usage. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

5. Now, unselect both Wi-Fi and Mobile data (SIM 1) and Mobile data (SIM 2) if applicable.

restrict data usage

6. Finally, tap OK.

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Method 3: Modify Voicemail Settings

Ensuring the voicemail settings are correct is another simple hack to fix the discussed issue. Here are a few instructions to re-enable your voicemail settings.

1. Open the Phone app and tap the three-dotted icon at the top right corner of the screen.

2. Then, tap the Settings option.

3. Now, under GENERAL settings, tap on Voicemail.

under GENERAL settings tap on Voicemail. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

4. Next, tap the SIM number which you need to re-enable the Voicemail settings.

5. Then, tap on Notifications.

tap on Notifications

6. Finally, check if the Show notifications option is toggled on.

check if the Show notifications option is toggled on. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

Method 4: Clear Voicemail App Cache & Data

When you come across the voicemail app stopped working issue, you must clear the cache and data of the app.

1. Navigate to the Home Screen and tap the Settings icon.

Go to your home screen and tap the Settings app

2. Then, tap on Apps.

tap on Apps. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

3. Now, tap on Manage apps > Voicemail app.

tap on Manage apps and then WhatsApp

4. Next, tap on Storage.

tap on Storage. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

5. Then, tap Clear data and then, Clear cache as shown.

clear cache

6. Please tap Clear all data when you want to delete all the Voicemail app data.

Finally, check if you can fix Samsung Galaxy 5 voicemail issue.

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Method 5: Update Carrier’s Voicemail App

You can choose to use carrier-issued voicemail service apps installed on your device. However, when not updated, you have to update them to their latest version.

1. Navigate to your Home Screen and tap Play Store.

Go to your Home Screen and tap Play Store. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

2. Now, search voicemail app (differs from carrier to carrier network) in the search field.

3A. If you see an update available, tap the Update option as shown.

3B. If you see the app is already updated, skip to the next troubleshooting methods.

4. Wait until your app gets updated and check if you have fixed voicemail not working issue on Samsung Galaxy 5 is fixed now or not.

Method 6: Request New Voicemail Settings from Your Carrier

You can receive the voicemail settings on your device in an SMS message from your carrier. Many carriers support this ability to request the settings with a message from your own mobile phone. All you have to do is to request new voicemail settings to your carrier to set up new voicemail settings. If you are using a visual voicemail service where you can view, listen, save or delete the voicemail messages, this service will cost you extra depending upon the carrier you are subscribeed to.

Follow our guide 3 Ways to Set Up Voicemail on Android to set up these new voicemail changes.

Tap on the Voicemail number option and enter the voicemail number. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

Method 7: Dial Carrier Voicemail Inbox

Every mobile network will have an individual voicemail number through which you can manually call them to access your voicemail inbox. This will help you check if the inbox is active and functioning correctly. Also, see if voicemail inbox is full and thus, not working.

  • When your voicemail application or notifications do not work properly, call your carrier to check important voice messages manually.
  • Additionally, contact them to recticy issues from their end instead.

Method 8: Use Third-Party Voicemail App

You can install a third-party voicemail app on your device only when your network carrier supports it. Some of these apps are visual voicemail and voxist.

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Method 9: Reinstall Voicemail App

If none of the methods have helped you fix Samsung Galaxy 5 voicemail not working issue, then this means, there is something wrong with the app. One solution you can try is to reinstall the app. If your app is corrupt, uninstalling and reinstalling it will be very helpful. This process will clear all the voicemail app media.

1. Go to Play Store as you did earlier and search the voicemail app.

2. Now, tap Uninstall as shown.

tap Uninstall. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

3. Wait until the app is completely uninstalled from your Android. Then, again search for the voicemail app and tap Install.

4. Once, your app has been installed on your device, tap Open as depicted.

tap Open

5. Finally, restore your data (if you want to) and check if you can solve your query on why is visual voicemail not working issue is fixed now or not.

Method 10: Factory Reset Android

Reset your Android to its factory version only if none of the above methods have helped you.

Note: This process will delete all the data of your Android and restore the devices to their factory settings. Hence, you are advised to  Back Up Your Android Phone Data.

To factory reset your mobile, read and implement the steps in our guide How To Hard Reset Any Android Device.

Reset SmartPhone. Fix Samsung Galaxy 5 Voicemail Not Working

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We hope that this guide was helpful and that you have learned to fix Samsung Galaxy 5 voicemail issue on your device. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Let us know which topic you want us to explore next.

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