Fix One AirPod Louder Than The Other

Is right AirPod louder than left? Do you get differential volume in Apple AirPods? If the answer to these questions is Yes, then read below to fix one AirPod louder than the other issue. No matter how costly or branded the device is, it is always prone to some minor errors and glitches. The differential volume setting on AirPods or AirPods volume too low being some of them. But don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Fix One AirPod Louder Than The Other

How to Fix One AirPod Louder Than The Other

AirPods all over the world provides the same, high-quality audio experience, no matter the geographical location. Following reasons could trigger right AirPod quieter than left or right AirPod louder than the left problem:

  • Accumulation of Dust – When AirPods are used for a significant amount of time, they tend to gather dust and dirt leading to alteration between the two volume levels.
  • Connectivity Issues – Another reason why one AirPod is louder than the other is the corrupt connection between AirPods and your device. This can be easily fixed by resetting the device settings.
  • Regular wear & tear – Differential volume may also be because of the wear and tear of AirPods.
  • Improper Settings – Interestingly, you can easily troubleshoot the problem by altering device settings to which the AirPods are connected.

In the following section, we will discuss a few methods that you can try to fix one AirPod louder than the other issue.

Method 1: Clean Your AirPods

You should ensure that your wireless set of AirPods, earbuds and wireless case are squeaky clean.

  • The best tool to clean your AirPods is by using a good-quality microfiber cloth. Not only is it easy to use, but it also cleans the device without damaging it.
  • You can also use a fine bristle brush to clean the narrow spaces between the wireless case.
  • Use a rounded cotton Q tip to clean the earbud’s tail gently.

Note: You should never use any type of liquid, especially water, to clean the wireless case as well as the earbuds. Doing so might potentially damage your device permanently.

Method 2: Check Audio Volume Settings

Certain settings on your device may alter the volume in one of your AirPods. Follow the given steps to check and rectify these:

1. Tap the Settings menu on your device and select Accessibility.

Tap the Settings menu on your device and select Accessibility

2. Under the Hearing section, you see a scale which states L and R which stand for left and right ear respectively.

3. Set the slider in the center to ensure equal volume audio on both the AirPods.

Disable Mono audio | Fix If One AirPod Is Louder Than the Other

4. Alternately, if you want to increase the volume in the left ear, move the slider towards R and vice-versa.

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Method 3: Disable Sound Check

Additionally, you can also check the Sound Volume feature to attain better AirPods volume control. This tool equates the volume of all songs that are played on your device that means if one song was recorded & played in a lower pitch, the rest of the songs will also play similarly. Here’s how to fix one AirPod louder than the other by disabling it:

1. In the Settings menu, select Music, as shown.

In the Settings menu, select Music, as shown.

2. From the menu that is now displayed, toggle off the switch marked Sound Check.

Toggle off the switch marked Sound Check under Music

Method 4: Reset Device Settings

Sometimes, the issue occurs due to the device with which these Bluetooth earbuds are connected. Therefore, you can try resetting the settings of your iPhone or iPad, or even Mac, to resolve the right AirPod louder or quieter than the left problem. Follow the given steps to reset your iPhone:

1. Tap on the Settings menu of your phone and select General.

2. Tap the option titled Reset.

3. From the menu that is now displayed, select Reset All Settings which is the first option.

Click on Reset and then go for the Erase All Content and Settings option

Once you confirm the selection, your iOS device will be reset to factory conditions.

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Method 5: Reset Your AirPods

Resetting the AirPods is a great way to refresh its settings. Therefore, it might also work in the case of one AirPod louder than the other volume issue. Follow the given steps to disconnect the AirPods and reset them:

1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap on Forget This Device, as highlighted.

Select Forget This Device under your AirPods.

2. Now, place both the earbuds inside the wireless case and close it.

Re-connecting your AirPods

3. Wait for about 30 seconds.

4. Press and hold the round Setup button given at the back of the case. You will notice that the LED will flash amber and then, white.

5. Close the lid to complete the reset process. After waiting for a few seconds, open the lid again.

6. Connect the AirPods to your device and enjoy listening to music.

Method 6: Pair AirPods with Another Device

Connect your AirPods to some other device such as your MacBook or iPad to rule out Bluetooth connectivity issues with your iPhone. If one AirPod louder than the other problem no longer persists, there might be an issue with the iPhone and not the AirPods. Factory reset of your iOS device should fix the same.

Method 7: Contact Apple Support

You can take your device to the nearest Apple Care if the problem continues to persist on all devices it is connected to. You will be required to carry your warranty cards during your visit for replacement or servicing. Else, contact Apple Support Team online.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I fix my AirPod balance?

There are several ways in which you can fix their AirPod balance like modifying Accessibility settings. Make sure that both the AirPods are fully charged and connecting properly with the device.

Q2. How do you fix a muffled AirPod?

The earbuds tend to get dirty when they accumulate ear wax, and as such, they might sound a little muffled. You can fix muffled AirPod by sucking gently on the biggest speaker on the earbuds and cleaning them regularly.

Q3. Why is one of my AirPods louder than the other?

One AirPod is louder than the other issue is due to differential functionality. The reasons and solutions have been explained in detail, in this guide.


We hope that this guide helped you fix one AirPod louder than the other issue. In case both your AirPods function normally now viz right AirPod louder or quieter than left doesn’t occur anymore, don’t forget to tell us in the comments below.

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