Fix Omegle Error Server Was Unreachable for Too Long

Encountering the Omegle error "Server Was Unreachable for Too Long"? Here are some solutions to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Are you facing Omegle error server was unreachable for too long? This error makes it unstable to use the online chat website. If you are frustrated due to not able to use the platform to socialize with others in the internet, then do not worry! In this guide, we will help you to fix server was unreachable for too long error on Omegle in no time.

Fix Omegle Error Server Was Unreachable for Too Long

How to Fix Omegle Error Server Was Unreachable for Too Long

Omegle is a great way to connect to strangers across the world. However, you may face server issues on it including the Omegle error server was unreachable for too long. If you are struggling with the same, then read our guide till the end to fix this error.

Quick Answer

Try to troubleshoot browser issue by following the steps below:

1. Clear browsing cache data and cookies.

2. Open Omegle in Private tab.

3. Add the cookies for Omegle.

Why Omegle Error Server Was Unreachable For Too Long?

You can encounter some issues from Omegle’s end or due to your device that can result in server unreachable problems. Let us explore the reasons behind this error in brief below:

  • Omegle server outage
  • Browser issues
  • IP address ban due to violation of Omegle’s Terms of Service
  • Weak or unstable internet connectivity
  • Corrupt browser cache
  • Data accumulation on the computer due to the Flash plugin

The server was unreachable error on Omegle can be fixed with the help of some useful troubleshooting methods that you can try in the order they are given below:

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Let us first try to fix the server issues in Omegle by trying out some common methods that are not only easy to attempt but are extremely helpful too.

1A. Wait for Server Uptime

Before you move on to attempting other methods, you must check out if Omegle is up or not. Usually, if Omegle servers are down due to maintenance or there are some technical issues, it can trigger the server error. So, visit the Downdetector site to check the server status of Omegle and in case it is down, wait for its server uptime and try to use it again after some time.

Wait for Server Uptime

1B. Use Another Browser

If the Omegle server was unreachable for too long on the browser you are using, then you can try using another browser for accessing the site. This is because due to browser incompetency or interference, Omegle might stop working which you can fix by opening another browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Mozilla Firefox website

1C. Use Another Device

Using another device to use Omegle can also be of great help in fixing the server error. As you know by now that IP address plays an important role in accessing Omegle. If your IP address gets blocked due to a violation of Omegle’s Terms of Service, it will stop you from visiting the site. In this case, changing the device will help you change the IP address. So, if you were trying to use Omegle on your laptop, launch the site on your PC, mobile, or tablet now to fix the server was unreachable error.

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1D. Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issues

You can also fix the unreachable server issue on Omegle by connecting to a different Wi-Fi or network for better internet strength and connectivity. If connecting to a different network does not solve the issue, try to fix internet issues with the help of our guide on Troubleshoot Internet Connection Problems in Windows 10.

Run the troubleshooter for Network adapters.

Method 2: Clear Browser Cache

Another alternative to fix the Omegle error server was unreachable for too long is by clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. This will help you get rid of the corrupt cache and cookies of the browser that might be interfering while connecting to Omegle. To clear Chrome cache, you can check our thorough guide on How to Clear Cache and Cookies in Google Chrome.

Clear Chrome Cache

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Method 3: Use VPN Server

VPN also known as Virtual Private Network is a service that can change or hide your IP address to make private browsing possible. If you are in an Omegle-restricted zone or your IP address has been banned by the site, you can use a VPN to conceal your identity and access Omegle. There are several free VPN services available on the internet that you can use. However, you should note that using a VPN is illegal in a few regions so make sure you are aware of that. Also, using a VPN can be tricky, so make sure to consult your network provider before doing so. Check our guide on the best VPNs for Windows.


Method 4: Use Incognito Mode

You can also opt for incognito mode or private browsing to fix the server was unreachable for too long error. It is another simple way to bypass IP address restrictions. To know more about how to use incognito mode in the Google Chrome browser, refer to our guide on How to Enable Incognito Mode in Chrome.

Use Incognito Mode. Fix Omegle Error Server Was Unreachable for Too Long

Method 5: Delete Flash Browsing Data

Omegle is a platform that powers its chatrooms with the help of Flash technology. Therefore, some users might face server unreachable issues due to misconfigurations. By deleting flash browsing data on your device, you can get rid of this error. So, follow the steps given below to delete flash browsing data:

1. First, close any open browser on your device.

2. Next, launch Adobe Flash Player.

3. Access Flash Player Settings Manager in it and open the Storage tab.

webite storage settings panel Adobe Flash Player

4. Then, click on the Delete All… button to erase all browsing data from your device.

5. Finally, relaunch the browser and access Omegle to see if the server error has been resolved.

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Method 6: Add Cookies for Omegle

Finally, you can try adding cookies for Omegle on the browser you are using to avoid the Omegle error server was unreachable for too long. You can add cookies for Omegle on any device including a laptop, desktop, or smartphone. Perform the following steps on Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome and click on the three dots at the top to launch its Settings.

Select Settings. Fix Omegle Error Server Was Unreachable for Too Long

2. Now, select the Privacy and security tab from the left-hand pane.

Select Privacy and security. Fix Omegle Error Server Was Unreachable for Too Long

3. Next, click on Site settings.

Click on Site settings

4. Then, click on Cookies and site data.

Click on Cookies and site data

5. Now, scroll down to Customized behaviors and click on Add beside Sites that can always use cookies.

Click on Add

6. Then, enter the web address in the blank box.

7. Next, check the box for Including third-party cookies on this site.

8. Finally, click on Add to add Omegle to the list.

click on Add. Fix Omegle Error Server Was Unreachable for Too Long

9. Once done, relaunch Google Chrome and open Omegle, and check if the server error has been fixed.


This brings us to the end of our guide on the Omegle error server was unreachable for too long. We hope that the methods provided in the guide helped you in fixing the server error easily. You can leave your queries and suggestions with us in the comments section below.

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