What Does ASL Mean on Omegle?

What Does ASL Mean on Omegle

There are many social media apps and platforms available to communicate with others around the world. One of the well-known platforms is Omegle. Every social networking platform has its very own terminologies. We might know a few abbreviations such as ASAP, IDK, LOL, and ROFL. If you have come across ASL and wonder what does ASL mean on Omegle, then this article will help you understand Omegle and its noteworthy features. So, keep reading!

What Does ASL Mean on Omegle

What Does ASL Mean on Omegle?

Omegle will help you find and interact with a person of the same interests as you. This site also allows you to make video calls with other people. To use the site, you must be above 13 years of age while people under 18 will be under parental control.

  • Omegle does not require you to provide your personal information to use it. You will be connected to a one-to-one chat with a person once you log in to the Omegle.
  • You can link your Facebook account to Omegle, but this will not fetch your personal information.
  • You can avoid any abusive or controversial chats by selecting the required chat mode from the available three types.

To know the answer to what does ASL mean on Omegle, read the points listed below:

  • ASL is an abbreviation used in digital communications and expanded as Age, Sex and Location. This means that it is a short-handed way to know your age, sex, and location.
  • Sometimes, you might also find another person asking ASLO. The O in this abbreviation expands as sexual orientation.

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Other Abbreviations on Omegle

Apart from ASL Omegle, a few other abbreviations are used on Omegle. These abbreviations are used on Omegle because the users’ information is not shared & kept private.

  • SMH: Shaking my head
  • OFC: Of course
  • IRL: In real life
  • BRB: Back right back.
  • M: Male
  • F: Female
  • CYA: See you
  • ATM: At the moment
  • AFK: Away from keyboard
  • WB: Welcome back
  • NVM: Nevermind
  • AFAIK: As far as I know
  • JK: Just kidding

Chat Modes in Omegle

Omegle offers three types of chat modes: monitored, unmonitored, and spy modes.

  • All explicit content will be filtered by applying monitored mode to the chat.
  • If you apply unmonitored mode, then there is no filtering for explicit content.
  • Upon applying spy mode, other users can view your chat and query regarding a conversation.

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Reasons to Use Omegle?

Being a popular site, it offers the following advantages:

  • Like other social networking sites, Omegle is free to use.
  • Omegle facilitates video call features to communicate.
  • It enables you to use the site in anonymity. The site does not require any personal information to login and use the app.
  • You can connect with people across the globe. People with the same interest from different countries or cities are paired to chat.

How to Use Omegle Safely?

Now that you know what does ASL mean on Omegle, let us know how to use Omegle safely.

  • It is always advised to use VPN while logging into Omegle. This will help you to prevent your IP address and location from being tracked.
  • The most important thing to remember while using Omegle is to avoid sharing any personal information. Sharing personal details might become bait for the data breach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to contact the support team of Omegle?

Ans. Unfortunately, there is no support team on Omegle to contact regarding any breach or report any explicit content. Instead, you can report an abuser or inappropriate user. This will ban that user from using this site.

Q2. How to download Omegle on Android and iOS mobiles?

Ans. Omegle is not available as a mobile app to download on Android and iOS mobiles. You have to use the browser to log in to Omegle. There are several apps in Google Play Store and Apple Store posing as Omegle, but they are not official apps.

Q3. What are the alternatives to Omegle?

Ans. You can use Chatroulette, Chatrandom, and Tinychat as alternatives to Omegle.


We hope that this article gave you a sneak peek into Omegle chat rooms and the abbreviations used here including ASL. You now know what does ASL mean on Omegle. This website is a great place to connect with people without disclosing your identity but still, caution is definitely warranted. Let us know your suggestions and feedback on this article in the comment section below.

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