Fix Monitor randomly turns OFF and ON

Fix Monitor randomly turns OFF and ON: If you are facing this issue where monitor randomly turns off and on by itself then your computer needs serious troubleshooting in order to specify the cause of this issue. Anyway, users are also reporting that their monitor turns off randomly while they were using their PC and the screen doesn’t turn on, no matter what they do. The main problem with this issue is that users PC is still running but they can’t see what’s on the screen because their monitor is turned off.

Fix Monitor randomly turns OFF and ON

When the computer goes to sleep it generally give you some type of warning, for example, the PC says it’s going into power saving mode or there is no input signal, in any case, if you are seeing any of these warning messages then you are facing the above issue. There are 5 main cause which seems to cause this error which are:

  • Faulty GPU (Graphic Processing Unit)
  • Incompatible or corrupted GPU Drivers
  • Faulty PSU (Power Supply Unit)
  • Overheating
  • Loose cable

Now in order to troubleshoot the issue and fix the monitor randoms shut off, you need to follow the below-listed steps which will guide you on how to Fix Monitor randomly turns OFF and ON issues. So without wasting any time let’s see how the above issues which lead to the monitor turn off problem can be fixed.

Note: Make sure you are not overclocking your PC as it can also cause this issue. Also, check if there is power saving or some other settings for the monitor that is enabled in BIOS which can cause this issue.

Fix Monitor randomly turns OFF and ON

Faulty GPU (Graphic Processing Unit)

Chances are the GPU installed on your system might be faulty, so one way to check this is to remove the dedicated graphic card and leave the system with only integrated one and see if the issue is resolved or not. If the issue is resolved then your GPU is faulty and you need to replace it with a new one but before that, you could try cleaning your graphic card and again place it in the motherboard to see it’s working or not.

Incompatible or corrupted GPU Drivers

Most of the issues in monitor regarding display turning on or off, or monitor going to sleep, etc are caused mostly because of incompatible or outdated drivers of graphic card, so in order to see if it’s the case here, you need to download and install the latest graphic card drivers from your manufacturer’s website. If you can’t login to Windows as your computer screen turn off instantaneously after power up then you could try booting your Windows into safe mode and see if you are able to Fix Monitor randomly turns OFF and ON issue.

Faulty PSU (Power Supply Unit)

If you have a loose connection to your Power Supply Unit (PSU) then it can cause monitor randomly turns off and on issues on your computer and in order to verify this open your PC and see if there is a proper connection to your Power supply. Make sure the PSU fans are working and also make sure to clean your PSU in order to ensure it runs unhindered without any problems.

Monitor Overheating

One of the reasons for monitor randomly turning off is because of monitor overheating. If you have an old monitor then the excessive dust build up blocks the vents of the monitor which doesn’t allow the heat to escape ultimately causing overheating which would turn off your monitor in order to prevent damage to the inside circuits.

If the monitor is overheating then unplug your monitor and let it cool down for few minutes then again try to use it, the best way to fix this issue would be clean your monitor vents with a vacuum cleaner (With low settings or you could damage your monitor inside circuits).

As the monitor gets old you face another issue which is the aging capacitors also loses its power to charge properly. So if you are facing frequent monitor turns off and on issues then this is because the capacitors inside the monitor circuits are not being able to retain the charge long enough to transfer it to the other components. In order to Fix Monitor randomly turns OFF and ON issue you need to decrease your monitor brightness which will draw less power and you would be at least able to use your computer.

Loose Cable

Sometimes the silly things seem to cause big problems and the same could be said about this issue. So you should look for the cable which connects the monitor to your PC and vice-versa to look for loose connection and even if it’s not loose make sure to unplug it & then again plug it back properly. In addition to this also make sure your graphic card is properly seated in its location and also check the connection to Power Supply Unit. Also, try another cable because sometimes cable can also be faulty and it’s best to verify that this is not the case here.

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That’s it you have successfully Fix Monitor randomly turns OFF and ON issue but if you still have any questions regarding this guide then feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.

8 thoughts on “Fix Monitor randomly turns OFF and ON”

  1. Avatar photo
    Anthony Fortier

    I have dual ASUS 22″ monitors bought used about 2 months ago. They are paired to an ASUS cooler master given to me buy my mother almost a year ago. Up until now I have had no issues with picture or performance. I recently moved. After setting back up 1 of the monitors will not run for more than 2 minutes without going black. Connections in the back are tight. I’ve tried switching input cables, still the same monitor turned off. I then switched power cables with the same result. I honestly don’t know much about computers, but am working towards my drafting degree. I need to know if this is a fixable issue, or if it would be cheaper/easier to just replace the monitor.

  2. Hello,
    My PC Specs:
    Xeon E2 1650 v0
    AMD Rx560 4GB
    8 gb ram

    My display Dell U2413 Is turn off Automatically after 30 or 50 minutes while Gaming and pc still running but when my display Turned off i’m unplug both cables from Displlay (HDMI and Power cable) then after waiting for 30 or 40 seconds i again Plugged cables (First power Cable and then hdmi cable) and my display on but After 30 or 50 minutes this problem again occur Even i checked Cpu and GPU temps And temps are Good i Thing while Gaming
    (CPU Temps is 70 to 80 and GPU temps is 65 to 75 while GAMING) and games is smoothely running so Please tell me a solution


  3. From what you are describing your display’s problem would seem to be overheating-related. It would seem as though it took between 30 to 50 minutes to overheat.
    It is most likely your monitor has stacked dirt and dust over time thus preventing air from properly flowing and cooling down your monitor’s components.
    Opening your monitor and cleaning/removing any dust inside it should either put an end to the problem or at least having it happen less often.
    I hope this helps

  4. Hello, I noticed just the other day that when playing a game or just doing work on my PC the computer screen will go black for 1-2 seconds then immediately return. My PC is a HP about 2 years old and my monitor is a AOC approximately 4 or 5 years old. I can give you the specs. PC model 3TPO1-0157c , LCD Monitor is AOC E2752vw Model # 270LM00004. The black outs occur every 5 minutes at times, and at other times every 1/2 hour or hour per occurrence. What would you say is the most likely culprit as well as other possible causes. Thank you, Tom.

    1. I’m experiencing the same problem right now and i don’t know what to do anymore i can’t narrow down the problem since i don’t have spare parts to test out components which can be a possible issue.

    2. I have this exact problem with one of my monitors. It is a 24″ ASUS. sometimes it doesn’t do it for days, other times it does it a couple times in a minute. My other monitor [hooked up to dual screen] does not have this issue.

  5. I have problems with my monitor, my laptop screen is broken but I can’t afford a new laptop or a new screen. That’s why I’m using a monitor as my 2nd screen, but the thing is that it’s hard to connect my monitor to my laptop because it turns on and off. I used my sibling’s laptop to connect the monitor but it worked just fine…

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