Fix Instagram Story Music Search Not Working

From sharing snippets of a vacation to adding aesthetic food pictures, we post Instagram stories to show beautiful moments. To elevate your stories, you can add music allowing you to post songs over your pictures and videos.

However, users have experienced Instagram music search not working on their personal or business accounts. So, how can you fix this issue? Follow these simple solutions!

fix instagram music search not working personal account

Fix Instagram Story Music Search Not Working

Music search malfunctioning can be such a buzzkill. Imagine finding the perfect song to go over your stories, only for it to not be available when searching. But don’t worry, our quick fixes are here to save the day.

Quick Answer

If the Instagram music search not working, ensure that you are using a personal account because most songs are unavailable on a business or creator account. Also, you can relogin to your account and try different songs as a few songs are unavailable due to licensing restrictions.

Method 1: Update Instagram App

Sometimes, the Instagram music search option might disappear due to an outdated version. So, you can update the latest version from the Play Store or App Store.

Method 2: Clear App Cache

Excess storage of data over time on the Instagram app can cause some features to stop working altogether. So, you can clear the cache to run your app smoothly.

Method 3: Use VPN

At first, the Instagram music feature was only accessible in a few nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. However, it was eventually expanded to include the majority of countries worldwide.

If the Instagram music search option is not working on your personal account, it may not be accessible in your country. You may be able to get around the restriction by using a VPN. Follow the steps below:

1. Uninstall Instagram from your device and download a VPN of your choice. We have used NordVPN.

2. Open the app and sign up.

3. Connect to a server by selecting an area from the map like the US.

Select an area from the map like the US

4. Download Instagram again while your server is active.

Now more songs will be available on your music search. You can read our guide on Top 10 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android to make a better choice.

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Method 4: Contact Instagram Support

If none of the methods are working out for you, contact the Instagram Help Centre. You can directly report your issue from your profile.

Swipe down and select Help.

How to Add Music on Instagram Story

Follow the steps mentioned below to add any music to your Instagram Story:

1. Open your Instagram and upload any picture or video on your story.

2. Tap on the sticker icon and select Music.

Note: You can also swipe up on your image to get these options.

Select Music

3. Tap on Search Music and type the song name.

4. Select the song you have searched to add it to your story.

5. Swipe which part of the song you wish to use and tap on Done.

Your song will be added to the story.

Why is Instagram Music Not Matching My Search?

There can be various reasons why Instagram music is not matching your searched song.

  • The song is not available in your region.
  • Your account settings are restricting the music library.
  • There might be an app glitch.
  • You might be using an outdated device or app.

Follow the methods mentioned above to easily fix these issues.

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If these methods don’t work, reinstall the app as the last resort. After following these methods, you do not have to worry about the music search feature not working on your personal or business account on Instagram. Add your favorite song over any story and share new tunes with the world. Keep visiting TechCult for the latest tech know-how!

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