Fix Instagram Music Not Showing All Songs: Limited Music Library Issue

Over time, Instagram has not only become a go-to platform to share posts or communicate with your loved ones but also a means to share your favorite songs. But lately, users have reported that the music library is not showing all songs on Instagram.

Are you also on the receiving end of this annoying problem? Relax, whether it’s the enchanting vibes of Agora Hills or the beats of Say Yes to Heaven, we’ve got the solution to ensure your tunes hit the right notes!

Fix Instagram Music Not Showing All Songs: Limited Music Library Issue

Fix Instagram Music Not Showing All Songs

Adding music to your stories makes them fun and engaging. But your library now showing all songs might kill the mood to even post anything.

Quick Answer

To fix Instagram music not showing all songs, you can post from a different device or web version. You can try updating the app to the latest version. Also, you can re-login to your account and ensure stable internet connection.

Follow these methods below to get all songs back on Instagram:

Method 1: Upload Directly from Spotify/Apple Music/Soundcloud

If Instagram is not showing a particular song on your search list, you can directly share it from any music app. You can also post a Spotify song on your Instagram story.

Tap on Stories

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Method 2: Switch to Personal/Professional Account

Sometimes, the Instagram music search option is limited to account types. You can change account settings to fix this issue.

Due to copyright concerns over ads, Instagram prevents professional or creator accounts from including music in their stories. This can mean your account won’t show all songs as a personal account does. So, you can make your Instagram account private.

Likewise, some features that professional Instagram accounts have might not be available to personal accounts. Follow these steps to switch to a professional account:

1. Go to Settings and privacy from your Instagram profile.

2. Swipe down and select Account type and tools under For professionals.

3. Tap on Switch to professional account.

Tap on Switch to professional account

4. Select Continue.

Your account will turn into a professional account.

Method 3: Clear App Cache

Excess storage of data over time can cause some feature glitches on the Instagram app. Clearing the cache can solve your problem. Follow our guide on How to Clear Instagram Cache on Android and iOS to do the same.

Method 4: Use VPN

If the Instagram music search option is not working on your device, it may not be accessible in your country. You may be able to get around the restriction by using a VPN.

1. Uninstall Instagram from your device.

2. Download a VPN on your Android or iOS device. We have used NordVPN.

3. Open the app and sign up. Connect to a server by selecting an area from the map like the US.

Select an area from the map like the US

4. Download the Instagram app from the Play Store or App Store.

Now, more songs will be available on your music search.

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Method 5: Contact Instagram Support

If none of the methods are working out for you, contact the Instagram Help Centre. You can directly report your issue from your profile. Follow these steps:

1. Tap on Settings and privacy and select Help.

Swipe down and select Help.

2. Choose Report a problem > Report problem.

3. Explain the issue in detail and tap on Send.

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Why do I have Limited Music on Instagram Reels?

You might have limited music on Instagram Reels due to location restrictions or app glitches. If a song is not available anymore, you can try saving it for future use. Follow these steps to save an audio on Instagram:

1. Open a reel of your choice and tap on the song at the bottom of the reel.

2. Tap on the save icon.

Tap on the save icon

3. Go to your Saved page and tap on Audio.

This way you will be able to access saved audio.

Why Can’t I Find Certain Popular Songs on Instagram Music and Weird Music Only?

Some of these tracks might not be available where you live. Consequently, you are unable to upload music to your Instagram story if it is unavailable in your region.

Another reason why Instagram might not show every song that is accessible is if the specific song has been removed from Instagram’s library for copyright violations or other reasons by the publisher. Other reasons are:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Outdated app
  • Instagram server downtime
  • Technical glitch

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If none of the methods worked, uninstall the app and reinstall it to fix the issue. With these fixes, you don’t have to worry about your music library not showing all songs on Instagram. Now you can post your songs over stories or reels and make entertaining content. If you have any queries or suggestions, do not hesitate to reach out to us in the comment section.

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