Does Facebook Pixel Track All Traffic?

Facebook pixel, now Meta pixel, is a great tool to collect data and help you measure traffic and build audiences for your ad campaigns. It is almost similar to an analytics tool that allows you to understand your target audience. The Facebook pixel track gives you accurate data by tracking and measuring daily traffic. It is ideal for those who run their ad campaign through Facebook and target the audience on Facebook. So, if you are one of those who have questions like whether does Facebook pixel track all traffic, this article is for you. Read on until the end to learn more!

Does Facebook Pixel Track All Traffic?

Does Facebook Pixel Track All Traffic?

You will get to know if does Facebook pixel track all traffic further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Does Facebook Pixel Store Data?

Yes, Facebook pixel or Meta pixel stores data and provides important information related to an ad campaign. It gives you complete data and an idea of how and what people do after clicking on your ad. The Facebook pixel is ideal for those who want to understand how Facebook users interact with FB ad campaigns.

Meta pixel

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Can Facebook Pixel Track Multiple Websites?

Yes, the Facebook pixel tracks multiple websites that are run by one organization. It tracks all hits to your website and gives you accurate data to know your audience. Also, with the data, you can retarget your audience on every website.

What Events does Facebook Pixel Track?

The following are the events tracked by the Facebook pixel:

  • Page View
  • Add to cart
  • Initiate checkout
  • Purchase

How Long does Facebook Pixel Data Last?

The Facebook pixel can save your data for only 180 days, after which it will be automatically erased. It is clearly written in the terms and policy that it lasts only for 180 days, after which you have to renew it.

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Do I Need a Facebook Pixel If I Don’t Have a Website?

No, you must have a website in order to use the Facebook/Meta pixel; the Meta pixel cannot function without a website. This is quite simple; there is no use for the Facebook pixel if you do not have a website.

Will Facebook Pixel Disappear?

No, the Facebook pixel is not going away, but their analytic features will be phased out soon. So as of now, the chances are that the pixel may also get eliminated, but there is no confirmation as such.

Does Facebook Pixel Violate Privacy?

Yes, Facebook pixel do violate privacy as they cause a data breach or privacy issues on the website. It uses some tools that are against the privacy policy because it collects user personal data, which violates privacy.


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